Biden’s America is rapidly disintegrated to one of its most divided states in decades, and it appears that the ultra-woke, elitist universities are absolutely thrilled at the prospect of becoming even more disunited themselves.

After all, these institutions were well known for coddling students after the “horror” of Trump’s win in 2016, with several of the snowflakes excused from exams, if not classes altogether, to deal with the apparent traumas of representative government and corresponding elections.

On top of that, these dastardly universities are also well-known for promoting various absurd theories, from “White Privilege” to virtually any other divisive concept that one can think of.

Thus, determining the most leftist of leftist universities can be a real challenge it comes to the most leftist of leftist universities, considering how far all of them have been lurching for quite some time.

However, Columbia University just may have topped them all with its rather startling announcement about upcoming graduation ceremonies. Namely, the segregated ceremonies. That is correct: segregated.

Included amongst the variously segregated ceremonies? Apparently, Columbia has decided to offer the following services in the following order, spanning from April 25 to April 30: “Native Graduation,” “Lavender Graduation (LGBTQIA+ community,” “Asian Graduation,” “FLI Graduation (First-generation and/or low income community)”, “LatinX Graduation,” and “Black Graduation.”

Needless to say, this plan is asinine enough, especially since multiple students may not fit neatly into the customized graduation boxes that Columbia University has predesigned for them. For instance, what if a student identifies as “LatinX” and “Black” due to mixed race parents? What about Asians who also identify as “FLI?” Are these students entitled to two ceremonies?

Moreover, given the noted absence of “White Graduation,” are all the whites apparently being segregated into the “main” graduation ceremony, as if to create some perverse “White Privilege” entirely of the university’s making?

Don’t expect any honesty from Columbia University, which provided a rather uninspiring response for its segregated ceremonies.

“Complementing our school- and University-wide ceremonies, these events provide a more intimate setting for students and guests to gather, incorporate meaningful cultural traditions and celebrate the specific contributions and achievements of their communities.” [Source: The Blaze]

Ah. So what most people would call “segregated,” Columbia University calls “intimate.”

Some of this stuff just simply cannot even be made up anymore, given that the leftists’ ever divisive imaginations will continually dream up more and more nonsense.

Anything to divide.

The greatest irony upon ironies, of course, is that many American universities have become so fixated on being more woke than their peers that they have declined to realize, or, more accurately, acknowledge, the very real national security threats seeping throughout college campuses now.

China has been quietly peddling its influence as universities have become louder and louder on the leftist front, and it is safe to say that China has no personal interest in segregated graduation ceremonies or any other nonsense activities that a university may be engaged with.

In addition, universities also employ many Chinese nationals, some of whom have already been caught for lying on their applications about ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Most recently, for instance, a Stanford university professor was recently caught for concealing ties to the Chinese government, though that same professor had clearly been involved in a top-tier school for some time.

John Brown, who is the executive assistant director of the FBI’s National Security Branch, commented on the rather apparent exploitation of American universities after the Stanford incident.

“[This] announcement shows the extreme lengths to which the Chinese government has gone to infiltrate and exploit America’s benevolence.”
[Source: Palo Alto]

So, in other words, universities turn a blind eye to literal national security risks, all while creating great internal division on their own, from “free speech zones” to apparently segregated graduation ceremonies.

One can only hope that these universities eventually lose their luster and prestige, especially since it seems that the only types of skills “graduates” are developing are social justice warrior skills … Which means very few skills overall.

Stay tuned to see if other universities elect to follow Columbia’s woke lead …

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