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This time, it was personal.

Tom Homan, the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has a hard-nosed, no-nonsense manner when it comes to illegal immigration that will never make him popular to the modern Democratic Party.

But his tangle on Wednesday with Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was one for the books.

The clash started when Wasserman Schultz, a former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, decided to attack Homan’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee’s subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

“I think it’s important to really make sure that the jingoistic, bigoted testimony of Mr. Homan is called out as nearly completely untrue, as being an outrage, and as a former official directing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, he should know better,” she said.

Then Wasserman Schultz, after delivering her remarks in deliberately insulting terms, refused to give Homan a chance to respond and instead went on to question other witnesses, according to Fox News.

It wasn’t until Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio had his turn at questioning witnesses that Homan got a chance to hit back at Wasserman Schultz’s insinuations.

And it was just as stark.

“If I can respond to the earlier remark from Wasserman Schultz,” he said.

“I’ve forgotten more about this issue than you’ll ever know. So if you say my testimony is inaccurate, it’s wrong. Everything I said here is accurate. Bottom line.

“If you want to go toe to toe, I’m here. I’m here on my own time to speak to the American people about what’s false and what’s fact.”

Check out a Fox News video of the fireworks here:

Wednesday’s hearing was to consider the Trump administration’s new policy that stopped deferring deportation of individuals because of medical hardships, according to a Fox preview of the event Wednesday morning.

After Homan got his chance to respond to Wasserman Schultz, the congresswoman delivered a mixed message of her own, claiming she was more than ready to tangle with Homan, but she apparently had other priorities.

“I’m happy to go toe to toe with you Mr. Homan,” Wasserman Schultz said. “I’m happy to do that any day.”

“Then you gotta let me respond to your question rather than dropping a bomb and running away,” Homan retorted.

Wasserman Schultz’s explanation?

“It was my time,” she said.

Sure, it was her time — and if a congressional Democrat chooses to use her time to abuse a career public servant as “jingoistic” and “bigoted,” it’s her privilege.

If she wants to dismiss an expert’s opinion about illegal immigration as being “nearly completely untrue,” it’s her right.

But the fact that she wouldn’t use that time to grant him the courtesy of an actual response should tell Americans everything they need to know about the Democratic Party of 2019.

This time it was personal.

And to repurpose a popular phrase these days: Their time is up.

Author: Joe Saunders

Source: Western Journal: Ex-ICE Director Homan Hammers Wasserman Schultz at Hearing: ‘I’ve Forgotten More About This Issue Than You’ll Ever Know’

This is one combination American politics could do without.

The last time Barack Obama and Eric Holder teamed up, it was as president and attorney general, presiding over years of scandals that the establishment media made a concentrated effort to ignore.

Now, they’ve reportedly joined forces to turn their attention to one of the most basic elements of American democracy — what could go wrong?

In a Twitter post on Monday, the former president went public with his new priority, an effort with Holder called “Redistricting U” that aims to build cadres of activists focused on how congressional district lines are drawn.

According to Fox News, “Redistricting U” was formed in February, when Obama merged the Organizing for Action organization with Holder’s National Redistricting Action Fund.

It’s part of a larger, Holder-run campaign called “All on the Line,” a group whose website claims to fight “rigged electoral maps drawn with surgical precision by politicians to preserve their party’s political power and silence the will of the people.”

Naturally, the Democratic spin is that the party is only interested in fair play, ensuring that congressional districts are drawn without partisan interests in mind.

But former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who learned a thing or two about vicious Democratic politics at the state level during eight tumultuous years in office (including a failed effort to oust him in a recall vote), called out Holder in a Twitter post last week.

Seriously, no one American who was sentient during the Obama administration could believe that the rabidly partisan now-ex-president would be doing anything other than trying to build up the Democratic Party.

(Possibly, he’s trying to atone for the fact that his presidency was a disaster for any Democrat not named Barack Obama — as the party lost more than 1,000 elected seats from 2009 to 2017, Fox reported near the end of the Obama administration.)

Whatever the case, many Americans responding to Obama’s Twitter post had clearly seen enough of the 44th president while he was in the White House — or making news more recently buying spectacular property on Martha’s Vineyard.

They didn’t want to see him back now.

It would be impossible to tell from the fawning media coverage (if there is justice, future historians will mark the Obama presidency as a truly low point in what used to be journalism in the United States), but Obama and Holder’s time in power was a plagued by scandals, from “Fast & Furious” to spying on the media to abusing American taxpayers trying to exercise their rights to political activism.

The United States was lucky to get through it with its Constitution intact. (The midterm election of 2010 that brought Republicans to power in the House might have been the only thing that saved it.)

A new Obama-Holder combination now is one thing American politics can do without.

Author: Joe Saunders

Source: Western Journal: Obama, Eric Holder Join Forces in New ‘All on the Line’ Initiative for Democrat Power

Correction: An earlier version of this article included incorrect times for the president’s arrival in and departure from El Paso.

On the eve of President Donald Trump’s visit to El Paso, the sparks were already flying.

With the president planning to arrive in the Texas town Wednesday evening, he was involved in a social media clash with former Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, the El Paso native and Democratic presidential hopeful.

And the conflict was very, very public.

Trump is visiting El Paso in the wake of the Saturday mass shooting by a maniac that left a total of 22 people dead. Liberals wasted no time attempting to tie Trump and his supporters to the killing spree — the mainstream media has been filled with little else since the news broke Saturday.

(The mass killing in Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday, by a man who apparently supported leftist causes and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren for the presidency, hasn’t gotten nearly the same attention.)

O’Rourke has been one of the most vocal of a vocal band of Democrats who have disgracefully attacked Trump for the killings.

On CNN on Monday, the former congressman called Trump a “white nationalist,” implicitly blaming him for the killing of Americans on American soil.

“He’s not tolerating racism, he’s promoting racism,” O’Rourke said. “He’s not tolerating violence. He’s inciting racism and violence in this country.”

In a tweet shortly before midnight Tuesday, Trump came out firing back.

“Beto (phony name to indicate Hispanic heritage) O’Rourke, who is embarrassed by my last visit to the Great State of Texas, where I trounced him, and is now even more embarrassed by polling at 1 percent in the Democrat Primary, should respect the victims & law enforcement – & be quiet!” he wrote on Twitter.

O’Rourke has stumbled badly in the early stages of the Democratic primary fight. He’s averaging 3 percent in the latest polls, according to RealClearPolitics.

Pretty clearly hoping to get some bounce out of his personal clash with the president, O’Rourke shot back on Twitter.

O’Rourke and his handlers probably thought that made him sound manly, an El Paso native taking on the man in the Oval Office — and not, say, a callow politician trying to take advantage of a tragedy to boost his political prospects.

But the last time the two were in direct competition in El Paso, it didn’t go well for O’Rourke. In February, a Trump rally swamped an O’Rourke campaign event being held nearby.

Trump is scheduled to land at 1:45 p.m. local time (3:45 Eastern) and to leave at 4:20 p.m. (6:20 Eastern), according to the White House calendar.

How this plays out will likely determine whether O’Rourke is around for many more Democratic primary debates.

Author: Joe Saunders

Source: Western Journal: Trump Blasts Back at Beto O’Rourke Ahead of Trip to El Paso

When President Donald Trump honored 9/11 first responders and their families on Monday, it was a move even some Democrats supported — but liberals still found a way to attack him.

In a sometimes-moving ceremony at White House, the president signed a bill that would make sure that a federal program to benefit victims of the 9/11 attacks would be permanently funded.

It was a duty the government owed, Trump said — particularly to the police officers and firefighters who responded to the 2001 terrorist attacks and their aftermath.

“You lift up our communities, and you remind us all what it means to stay united as ‘one nation under God,’” the president said, addressing the first responders.

“For your entire lives,” he said, “you have done far beyond your duty to us, and today, we strive to fulfill our sacred duty to you.

“We love you, we honor you and we thank you.”

Normal Americans would just accept a president’s words on an occasion like this, say a silent prayer of thanks that good stuff can still get done, and move on with their lives.

But liberals evidently aren’t normal Americans. Trump-hating trolls took to social media to highlight one part of his speech, claiming Trump was trying to take credit for the actions of the very people he was honoring.

“I was down there also, but I’m not considering myself a first responder,” the president said. “But I was down there. I spent a lot of time down there with you.”

The careful listener will note that Trump said flat out that he doesn’t consider himself a first responder, and he didn’t elaborate on what any of that involved. But that didn’t stop liberal websites such as Mediaite and Raw Story from breaking out with stories criticizing Trump for the statement.

Naturally, MSNBC’s Joy Reid was among the mob.

“Trump was not ‘down there’ during 9/11 with first responders, and the only role he played was bragging on TV that he now had the biggest building in NY once the towers fell,” she tweeted.

The sad part of the hypercriticism is this is one issue where even Trump haters would seem to agree with the president.

Jon Stewart, the former host of “The Daily Show,” is an inveterate liberal who spent the Obama years acting as a propagandist for the Democratic administration — and he lobbied strongly for the 9/11 fund.

Even Democratic presidential candidate and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York issued a statement thanking all the bill’s supporters and Trump for signing it, according to NBC News.

“I am grateful to every single person who helped pass this bill and to President Trump for signing it quickly into law,” she was quoted as saying.

The bill passed in the Senate last week by a vote of 97-2, according to NBC.

It passed the House early in July by a vote of 402-12, NBC reported.

In other words, support for it was so bipartisan it was almost unanimous, prominent liberals backed it, and Trump’s signing ceremony was attended by some of the same survivors of the terrorist attack who are going to benefit from it.

But Trump-haters still found a way to attack the president for it.

Author: Joe Saunders

Source: Western Journal: Trump Signs Bill To Make Sure 9/11 Victims Fund Never Runs Dry; Left Still Attacks Him

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