If you’re wondering how Biden feels about impeachment, wonder no further. As he’s now simultaneously broken his silence and his “unity” pledge.

In another softball interview with fake news media, when he was asked about his position on impeachment, Biden’s reply was sparse, yet disturbing.

“I think it has to happen.” [Source: Breitbart]

Regarding his deeply swamp infested Cabinet picks, Biden actually acknowledged that Impeachment 2.0 would have on his supposed legislation plans, though apparently if Impeachment 2.0 does not happen, “a worse effect” on his plans would occur.

And no, Biden did not elaborate how NOT having an impeachment trial could have “a worse effect” on his plans. Perhaps because his “plans”, all of which have likely been made for him by seriously dangerous, anti-American, anti-liberty types, have the ultimate end goal of disunity, rather than unity.

After all, if the end goal is really disunity, then an absence of Impeachment 2.0 would have “a worse effect” on the Democrats’ nefarious plans, all of which got started on Day 1 of Biden’s illegitimate tenure in office.

Not only is the Democrats’ aggressive takeover of the United States, and all its most treasured values, bad enough, but they have the gall to do so under the cloak of “unity”, which Biden apparently said no fewer than eight times in his inaugural address.

At one point, he even repeated the word twice in a row, as if simply repeating words makes them true.

“[T]o restore the soul and to secure the future of America – requires more than words. It requires that most elusive of things in a democracy: Unity. Unity.” [Source: Breitbart]

Nice sentiment, Mr. Biden. What would be even nicer is actual follow through from the rhetoric. You know how (the real President) Trump would make a promise, then actually follow through with it? You know how (the real President) Trump would say exactly how he believes, without having it airbrushed by innumerable aides in advance?

Alas, Biden, like most other swamp creatures, is addicted to rhetoric without follow through. As evidenced by yet another mindless repetition of “unity” during his militarized inaugural address, in which no one attended but American flags normally disdained by the Democrats (after all, American flags have no plans in their globalized agenda).

“This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the path forward … And, we must meet this moment as the United States of America. If we do that, I guarantee you, we will not fail.” [Source: Breitbart]

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well, at least Biden was obliquely honest, perhaps unintentionally so, in his final statement. He claims that with unity, “we will not fail.”

Since it is quite clear that the United States will not exactly be “united” in the wake of a completely unprecedented, Constitution-violating, indisputable witch hunt, otherwise known as Impeachment 2.0, then Biden is already admitting the alternative: that the United States will fail.

Under his leadership, certainly. Only took him 5 days to go from waxing poetically about unity to calling for an impeachment against a now-private citizen. Imagine what he’ll do 50 days from now, which of course brings to mind other horrors the Democrats may have in store.

Heck, he’s already announcing his interest in giving away billions to Central America (all of which will likely disappear into various despots’ pockets, thereby doing nothing about the caravans). Meanwhile, Americans continue waiting for a grand total of $600, after months of Pelosi deliberately thwarting Trump’s efforts to help Americans.

Watch the fervently anti-death penalty Democrats start calling for a public execution when it comes to Trump. Wouldn’t surprise any American Patriot in the least, though (at least at this point in time), the odds of that actually happening remain (hopefully) low.

However, since the Democrats were clearly willing to sacrifice entire American cities for months on end, allowing them to be terrorized for their “woke” causes (privately designed to destroy unity, of course), it is not that far of a stretch to imagine what horrors they may call for regarding Trump himself.

Heck, Biden and Kamala even bailed them out so they could wreak havoc anew the following night!

On a slightly brighter note, it appears that some Republican resistance against Impeachment 2.0 is actually growing, with the exception of the ultimate turncoat, Romney, who predictably revved up calls for Trump’s impeachment as well.

For instance, Minority Whip Steve Scalise attempted to redirect Biden’s and the fake news media’s attention back to the phony campaign promises that supposedly got Biden “elected” in the first place, including his feigned (i.e., pretend) support of American families.

“We need to turn the page and start focusing on helping hardworking families … People are struggling. We need to get our economy safely reopened. … That’s going to take us working together.” [Source: Breitbart]

Wishful thinking, Scalise, though nonetheless appreciated.

The sham of an impeachment trial is set to begin on February 8, and it is unlikely to result in anything aside from a massive public spectacle. In the best case scenario.

In fact, given the spectacle aspect, it would perhaps be even more prudent to focus on what’s going on behind the scenes while the fake news media (again) collects its pitiful bread and butter from bashing Trump (who knew ignorance could be so lucrative for the left?).

However, no matter how bad things may appear in the news, one thing is useful to keep in mind. Assuming big tech and other dark collaborators do not succeed in mostly destroying or the whole of recorded history, at least in digitized format (a la Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s 1984), one thing is for certain:

History will not look kindly upon Impeachment 2.0.

When Biden finally got around to actually focusing on Americans, after a flurry of executive orders that largely benefitted illegal immigrants, he did so in ways that are probably not desired. Namely by announcing more COVID relief while simultaneously killing jobs.

Talk about trying to breed government dependence from Day 1.

Biden may loudly proclaim he is bringing more COVID “relief”, though no amount of “relief” in the world will compensate for killing upwards of 1 million jobs or more.

Frank Macchiarola, who is the senior vice president of Policy, Economics, and Regulatory Affairs at the American Petroleum Institute (API) provided insight into Biden’s job killing agenda.

“I think the first four days of the Biden Administration have given a clear picture of what the next four years could look like … President Biden comes into office with a real economic headwind and a difficult labor market but at the same time he inherited an energy [landscape] that’s stronger because of America’s shale revolution …

We’ve produced lower household energy costs as a result of U.S. energy and less reliance on foreign energy sources.” [Source: Breitbart]

Unfortunately, Biden, along with all the other swamp critters, appears to have scant interest in America’s shale revolution, and he certainly doesn’t have any interest in “lower household energy costs” given that all he can dream about is how high taxes can be raised on the middle class for elite pet projects.

And, since leftists are known for their economic illiteracy, it is quite clear they would have no real appreciation of a “stronger” landscape (strengthened under Trump, of course).

“The president has a choice to make: He can maintain U.S. leadership and maintain and support our economic recovery with American energy or he can pursue policies that destroy jobs and at the same time increase energy imports …

The full scale ban of development on federal lands you can bet the impact could be up to a million jobs in the United States.” [Source: Breitbart]

“Increase energy imports.” We all know what that means …

Biden is not only directly killing American jobs, he is indirectly harming American workers by encouraging foreign dependence (again), which Trump worked very hard to eliminate.

Whereas Trump received Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his peace deals in the Middle East, Obama waged incompetent battle after battle (oftentimes without Congressional approval), including a deplorable attempt at a Benghazi coverup.

Plus, foreign dependence will undoubtedly increase prices of gasoline, further hammering a middle class that the Democrats are clearly intent on destroying.

Biden better watch how many jobs he is destroying, as someone should remind him that jobs are somewhat necessary for collecting tax, particularly jobs that are estimated to bring in a total of $2B in wages, per Macchiarola. Especially since Biden apparently wants American taxpayers to foot hotel bills for the “homeless” in San Francisco.

After all, Biden’s “plan” seems to be largely based upon—Raise taxes on Americans to give away even more to illegal immigrants, while also tacitly supporting groups that clearly disdain employment, aka BLM and Antifa.

And that’s just on the domestic front. Who knows what “work” Hunter might be up to in the meantime, now that he is making frequent public appearances. One can only imagine what “role” he may play behind the scenes, though it is quite clear that the fake news media will shower nothing short of praise and adulation upon him.

Just look at how the fake news media fawned all over Hunter for diverting an entire presidential motorcade for multiple minutes after Mass (yes, Mass) this past Sunday … for a personal bagel run.

Then again, you’re talking about the same fake news media that proclaimed that Biden is “the most religiously observant” President in history, as The New York Times did over the weekend.

“President Biden is perhaps the most religiously observant commander in chief in half a century. A different, more liberal Christianity grounds his life and his policies.” [Source: Twitter]

“Different.” Well, to be fair, that adjective likely is accurate. However, this rather saccharine tweet reveals the extent to which Biden can enjoy nearly unfettered adulation and praise, with no real criticism of his presidency whatsoever.

You know, kind of like President Xi in China. Hm …

Regardless, Biden’s Day 1 priorities have not inspired much confidence in “unity”, given that they appear to largely prioritize illegal immigration and transgender bathroom rights. When the American worker is even tangentially mentioned, it’s in the form of killing jobs, crushing U.S. industry, and fostering international dependence.

Oh, and apparently pursuing impeachment charges against Trump, who actually prioritized American jobs from Day 1.

Night and day difference … Now if only the nation can survive the next few years of darkness.

New GOP Representative Marjorie Greene has already demonstrated on one Trump’s classic traits: Following through on Day 1 promises.

Approximately one week ago, Rep Greene indicated that she would file articles of impeachment against Biden, in part due to his reprehensible conduct overseas.

“I would like to announce on behalf of the American people, we have to make sure that our leaders are held accountable … So on January 21 I will be filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden …

We cannot have a president of the United States that is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies.” [Source: RT]

Greene announced her intentions shortly after the Democrats indicated that they would pursue impeachment charges against Trump during his final day in office. Oh, wait. They’re STILL threatening to impeach Trump, apparently with assistance from Mitch McConnell. Scary times.

On a brighter note, Greene clearly illustrates that she is not willing to abide by swamp dynamics, which primarily consist of phoniness and lies. On the contrary, she proposed what many Americans are clearly willing to hear: A reckoning for Biden.

“President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the Presidency …

His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s Vice President is lengthy and disturbing. President Biden has demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to bail out his son, Hunter, and line his family’s pockets with case from corrupt foreign energy companies …

President Biden is even on tape admitting to a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government threatening to withhold $1,000,000,000 in foreign aid if they did not do his bidding. President Biden residing in the White House is a threat to national security and he must be immediately impeached.” [Source: The Blaze]

Greene is likely to add several more items to her laundry list, especially in the wake of all Biden’s rather aggressive executive orders on Day 1, which appear to address every leftist pet project while leaving Americans in the cold.

Of course, Biden had his own “Day 1” plans, which, in contrast to Ms. Greene’s, were decidedly not revealed until he illegitimately assumed office.

Then again, since Biden’s “Day 1” executive orders apparently focus on transgender bathroom and sports “rights,” not to mention amnesty for millions of illegal residents who have broken the law, well … maybe that’s why he didn’t announce his plans.

Then again, just in case the Democrats’ devious plans for elections were to have fallen through, Biden’s deliberate opaqueness about everything, including whether or not he intends to pack the Supreme Court, was the additional insurance to ensure a presidential election that came out in the favor of the leftists, rather than the Americans.

In fact, speaking of leftists, his plans for illegal aliens are particularly disturbing, as Biden is well aware that veritably buying millions of votes is one way to ensure that the Democrats are in power in perpetuity, even if it means destroying the entire fabric of the nation in order to do so.

However, given that Democrats had a jolly good time in Hawaii and elsewhere while everyone else suffered (and continues to suffer) in lockdowns, it is quite clear they’re rather unconcerned with Americans and more concerned with solidifying absolute, authoritarian power.

Which means counting illegal aliens as if they were Americans, outlined officially below:

“The Secretary [of Commerce] shall report the tabulation of total population by state that reflects the whole number of persons whose usual residence was in each state as of the designated census date in section 141(a) of title 13, United States Code, without regard to immigration status …

Executive Order 13880 of July 11, 2019 [Collecting Information About Citizenship Status in Connection With the Decennial Census], and the Presidential Memorandum of July 21, 2020 [Excluding Illegal Aliens From the Apportionment Base Following the 2020 Census], are hereby revoked.” [Source: Newsmax]

So, Biden has decided one of the best things to do to unite the country is add more people illegitimately to it. “Excluding illegal Aliens From The Apportionment Base” is now “hereby revoked.” So, in other words, an illegal alien now “counts” in the same way an American citizen does.

Half the time, one would almost wonder if the flurry of executive orders is to distract from continued backchanneling with (and massively profiting from) China, given how wealthy the Bidens have magically become after he was VP in the Obama administration. Not to mention other horrific foreign policy plans, including already disrespecting Israel.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride … but Rep. Greene, and others, offer a glimmer of hope. In a deeply festering swamp.

While yesterday was a somber day for many, it is heartening to learn about the love and support that Trump received upon his arrival to Mar-a-Lago yesterday, where throngs of supporters lined the street to support him and welcome him home.

Many held up encouraging signs, including “Welcome home, President Trump,” “We love you, President Trump”, and “Pres Trump won”.

On his part, Trump’s motorcade slowed down to a glacial pace so that he could respond back to his throngs of supporters, waving and engaging with Americans in the same way he has done ever since campaigning five years ago.

Several supporters also directly cited their love of President Trump for attending the “Welcome Home” celebration.

For instance, Daniel Rakus was full of glowing praise for Trump.

“We want to show him he’s not alone … He did a great job. We support him.” [Source: Breitbart]

Some supporters travelled from out of state to welcome Trump home, illustrating the extent to which Trump has impacted everyday Americans’ lives. Anita Bargas, who flew in from Texas, provided a simple answer for her journey.

“We just wanted to show him how much we appreciate him.” [Source: Fox News]

Supporter Iam Henendal also indicated that it was a great honor to celebrate Trump’s return, though it was also under somber circumstances, given that a pro-America president was just replaced by an anti-America president.

“For the most part, it’s just a somber but at the same time celebratory moment for us to welcome him back home.” [Source: Fox News]

While the supporters who fervently welcomed Trump home already know his immense worth and value as the leader of the free world, other people may eventually have their eyes opened (though the ultra-leftist, undereducated celebrities are probably a lost cause).

For instance, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, already remarked, “rescinding the Keystone XL border crossing permit would damage the Canada-US bilateral relationship.”

So, in other words, of all the countries in the world, the first country Biden has managed to upset is Canada. Nice going.

It would be preferable if he had taken a rather dogged stance against China from Day 1, but that could hurt his income streams of his precious progeny, Hunter (not to mention his own, which Hunter was sure to secure for “the big guy”, otherwise known as the unfortunate President Biden).

In addition, violent protests continued breaking out on the so-called “Day of Unity”, including a violent physical attack on the ICE building in Portland.

The Portland Police Bureau reported “protestors” carrying shields, fireworks, rocks, pepper ball guns, stun guns, and more, which warranted a response from the police department.

“We have observed property damage to the building … Anyone who is involved in criminal behavior including: vandalism and graffitting is subject to arrest or citation.” [Source: Fox News]

Then again, the attack on a federal structure really isn’t surprising. After all, it would go hand in hand for Biden’s apparently endless amnesty plans for illegal immigrants, which appear even grander in comparison to the scant attention he’s paid thus far to Americans (ironically the ones needed to fund all his protectionist policies for illegal immigration).

After all, Biden apparently decided the best thing to do on the “Day of Unity” was to release a tome about all the protections he planned to offer for illegal immigrants, with scant, if any, mention to Americans.

“The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 establishes a new system to responsibly manage and secure our border, keep our [migrant] families and [border] communities safe, and better manage migration across the Hemisphere.”
[Source: Breitbart]

Biden was also sure to play up racial divisions and tensions, remarking that he plans to “defeat” what he defines as “political extremism” and “white supremacy.”

“Now the rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.” [Source: Breitbart]

Yeah. And since virtually the entire Democrat party, barring the possible exception of Tulsi Gabbard, along with much of Hollywood, has long labeled Trump supporters as “white supremacists”, it is safe to say that Biden’s little dig will not go unnoticed.

Nor will his disgusting misuse of the word “unity” (unless, of course, he refers to unity against American Patriots).

Elsewhere on the “Day of Unity”, otherwise known as Biden’s sham of an inauguration (not to mention despicable abuse of the word “unity”), violent Antifa and BLM “protestors” set commuter buses on fire while screaming, “no cops, no prisons, total abolition”.

Charming. Biden’s America …

Bring back Trump!

In one of the gloomiest days of American history, Trump came through again with a powerful speech that reminded Americans of what had been achieved, as well as what could still be achieved in the future.

One of the most important elements of Trump’s speech includes the emphasis on hard work and sacrifice, foreign concepts to leftists but critically important values to Americans.

“I did not seek the easiest course, by far it was actually the most difficult … I took on the tough battles, the hardest fights, the most difficult choices, because that’s what you elected me to do …

The movement that we started is only just beginning … There’s never been anything like it. The belief that a nation must serve its citizens will not dwindle.” [Source: Fox News]

On the war and peace front, Trump also has experienced resounding success, from his myriad peace agreements to his avoidance of war, which addressed another issue that Americans had been displeased with for years: endless wars.

“I am especially proud to be the first president in decades who has started no new wars … Above all, we have reasserted that in America, the government answers to the people.” [Source: Fox News]

Exactly right, Mr. President. The government answers TO the people .. NOT the other way around. And, tragically, Biden has entirely new ideas in mind, starting with the outrageous 17 executive orders he intends to sign on his first day of “work”.

While Capitol Hill attracted international attention two weeks ago, the real damage to Capitol Hill commences today, with what appears to be appears to be the most militarized inauguration in American history.

Chuck Schumer had the nerve to make the outrageous declaration that the breach of Capitol Hill is equivalent to Pearl Harbor, and that January 6, 2021, would be a date that “will live in infamy”. Too bad that Pearl Harbor was a bit more consequential, to put it very mildly, but leftists can always be counted on to dismiss real sacrifice and hijack history, statues, schools, and pretty much everything else in the most melodramatic, and divisive, way possible.

However, the irony is that today, which appears to be the most militarized inauguration in American history, is likely to bring about far more “infamy”, especially with Biden’s dual devotion to communist China and illegal immigrants. Oh, and don’t forget the continuous travel bans of economy-boosting British and European tourists, which Biden has committed to continuing.

Curiously, Biden seems far more concerned about the possibility of Europeans carrying “the virus”, but he doesn’t seem concerned at all with the same possibility within the thousands upon thousands of migrants barreling towards the United States at the time of this writing, despite the fact that Mexico, through which these migrants will pass, has by far and away the highest COVID mortality rate in the world.

Safe to say that these migrants are not social distancing, wearing masks, or using hand sanitizer either. But they, of course, get a pass, just like the BLM and Antifa criminals that terrorized cities and caused the deaths of hundreds upon hundreds of people, with experts citing an “unprecedented” murder rate in 2020.

As long as they vote Democrat, they can do whatever they want.

However, just when it seems that the entire future of the United States seems relentlessly threatened by anti-America, pro-globalization, communist-friendly elite, Trump’s words, and more importantly, actions, will serve as a reminder of what can still be achieved.

“The movement that we started is only just beginning … There’s never been anything like it. The belief that a nation must serve its citizens will not dwindle.” [Source: Fox News]

Trump’s encouraging declaration, like many others, is not baseless.

In fact, rumors have already floated about Trump initiating his own political party, the Patriot Party, which will espouse the same principles that Trump did throughout his presidency. While such a move would undoubtedly enrage RINOs, as well as the swamp in general, it would be an amazing transformation in politics, if it is able to happen.

However, many individuals have indicated that they have become completely fed up with the two-party system over the years, as Gallup noted in 2015 (curiously, shortly before Trump was elected), and that number is likely even higher now. Thus, Trump’s potential Patriot Party very well may shake up DC to the degree that it needs to be shaken up, starting with Democrats and Republicans who are unapologetic inhabitants of the swamp.

Regardless, no matter what fake news media says now, history, and for that matter, many other nations, will remember Trump very differently than how he is unjustly portrayed today.

To the individuals in 2016 who unfortunately believe that Clinton was really “fighting for them”, it is quite clear from Clinton’s most recent, incredibly outrageous podcast that the only person she is ever interested in “fighting for” is herself and her own twisted aims.

After all, she couldn’t even be bothered to acknowledge her supporters before she lost the 2016 election fair and square, before the Democrats devised devious ways in which the election could be tampered with.

This absurdly pronounced self-interest was even more blatant during a rather chilling podcast with a guest, wherein she launched a series of outrageous claims and suggestions regarding Trump.

The kicker? Her “guest star” was Nancy Pelosi. What could possibly go wrong when Clinton and Pelosi sit down to have a chat?

As it turns out, quite a lot.

First and foremost, Pelosi and Clinton had the audacity to suggest that Trump and Putin jointly influenced the Capitol Hill breach.

Pelosi commenced the Putin discussion, conveniently distracting from her repeated failures.

“All roads lead to Putin … And these people, unbeknownst to them, maybe, are Putin puppets. They were doing Putin’s business when they did that at the incitement of an insurrection by the president of the United States.” [Source: Breitbart]

Clinton played right along, amplifying the support of Russia’s apparent invasion of Capitol Hill, given how Pelosi portrays it.

“I hope historically we will find out who he’s beholden to, who pulls his strings. I would love to see his phone records to see whether he was talking to Putin the day that the insurgents invaded our Capitol.” [Source: Breitbart]

Conveniently, Clinton seems to forget that BLM was busted alongside others who breached Capitol Hill, which is a an especially curious admission given her sickening praise for the movement of hatred and violence.

Not only is Clinton’s suggestion that Trump and Putin were mutually interested in a Capitol Hill breach completely outrageous, but her and Pelosi’s dual discussion of establishing a Capitol Hill “Truth Commission” borders on complete and total insanity.

Comparing 9/11 to Capitol Hill is beyond biased; it is downright sickening. First off, no comparison whatsoever can be drawn between 9/11

For that matter, Clinton better watch it when she starts ranting about truth commissions. After all, if she thinks Capitol Hill is worthy of a “Truth Commission”, then such a commission is long overdue for her Benghazi fiasco.

Who could forget her infamous “What difference, at this point, does it make?” remark about uncovering the truth behind Americans’ deaths in Libya. Well, clearly it made quite a bit of difference to Clinton, particularly given her actions taken after Benghazi.

Yet this is the same political snake that wants a “Truth Commission” for Capitol Hill. Right.

In fact, Clinton not only discouraged any sort of investigation, she deleted thousands of e-mails and instigated a massive Russian bogeyman to distract from her own actions, a bogeyman she has literally beaten to death by this point, and one she will probably keep beating to death as long as any platform gives her air time (Of course, Clinton never fears being blocked from any platform).

In sharp contrast to the bloody legacy of Obama and Clinton, Trump spent far more time making peace than dreaming up various wars in which to entangle, and ultimately strangle, the United States. Fortunately, Mike Pence, who has provided stalwart support to Trump, recently reminded the public

“I’m proud to say, with just a few days left in this administration, this this is the first administration in decades not to get America into a new war.” [Source: Breitbart]

Thank you, Mike Pence. History will concur with you.

Meanwhile, deliberately divisive fake news keeps insisting that Trump supporters need to be “deprogrammed.”

From what, exactly? Deprogramming from progress and peace?

Would certainly explain the tens of thousands of National Guard members surrounding the White House now, despite repeated reports from the intel community asserting that no support is available for a conservative siege of the Capitol.

Thus, all the insistence on “deprogramming” really does make one wonder …

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is singing a much different tune about the presence of National Guard troops in the nation’s capitol ahead of Inauguration Day.

What are the details?
Despite previously criticizing President Trump for deploying the reserve force during last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, in recent days Speaker Pelosi used the opportunity to thank troops stationed in Washington, D.C. for protecting “democracy” after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“Even during this dark time in the history of America, we find reasons for hope,” she wrote on Twitter last Wednesday after meeting with the group. “It was my privilege today to personally thank members of the National Guard who are working protect our nation’s Capitol. Thank you for your commitment to our American democracy.”

Pelosi reportedly helped distribute meals for some of the service members stationed in Washington to guard against any potential riots surrounding the Inauguration.

During the photo op, Pelosi even presented the service members with “challenge coins” embossed with her signature.

What’s the background?
However, the speaker hasn’t always been so keen on a military presence in Washington.

In June, as riots broke out across the country and in the nation’s capital following the death of George Floyd, Pelosi criticized Trump’s use of National Guard troops to protect both federal property and people in the D.C. community against violence.

“We are concerned about the increased militarization and lack of clarity that may increase chaos. I am writing to request a full list of the agencies involved and clarifications of the roles and responsibilities of the troops and federal law enforcement resources operating in the city,” Pelosi sharply wrote in a notice to the president.

“Congress and the American people need to know who is in charge, what is the chain of command, what is the mission, and by what authority is the National Guard from other states operating in the capital,” she added.

Pelosi would later come under fire for bizarrely disrespecting the federal troops sent to various U.S. cities to quell Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence, calling them “stormtroopers.”

Anything else?

There are now more than 20,000 National Guard troops in Washington to prevent a repeat of the events of Jan. 6, especially as the FBI warned that “armed protests” are being planned across the country and in the nation’s capital ahead of Jan. 20.

Those stationed on Capitol Hill have been granted the authority to use lethal force to protect the Capitol as well as members of Congress and their staff.

Author: Phil Shiver

Source: The Blaze: Pelosi praises National Guard presence in DC after denouncing it during BLM riots last year

Well, if Biden is to be given credit for anything, it’s for apparently not even bothering the fact that he will issue a flurry of executive orders on his first day of office, which are bound by two commonalities:

1) They undermine all the good Trump has done.
2) They directly threaten national security, civil liberties, or both.

So much for the “unity” that presumably serves as the theme of Biden’s inauguration. More like “Disunity & Division”.

From an international standpoint, Biden is already joyously embracing the destruction of Trump’s America-protecting border and immigration policies, which is rather evident from the 9,000+ strong migrant caravan barreling towards the United States now, just in time for an inauguration focusing on “unity”. Too bad Guatemala seems more determined to block them than the President of the United States.

And, unsurprisingly, the likely Soros-funded Pueblo Sin Fronteras organization (hint:
“sin fronteras” means “without borders”), is already praising the Biden administration.

“We recognize the importance of the incoming Government of the United States having shown a strong commitment to migrants and asylum seekers, which presents an opportunity for the governments of Mexico and Central America to develop policies and a migration management that respect and promote the human rights of the population in mobility,’ said a statement from Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a migrants right group. We will advocate that the Biden government honors its commitments.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

“… that the Biden government honors its commitments.” Wow.

Last time anyone checked, isn’t Biden supposed to honor his commitments to Americans? Or are Americans only relevant when it comes to casting ballots (sooner rather than later, even that may no longer be relevant, given the terrifying success of the 2020 steal).

Imagine Americans storming up to Canada and demanding that ultra-leftist Trudeau honor “commitments” to Americans. Only in leftist land …

Oh, and let’s not forget about Biden’s apparent desire to resume talks with Iran again, specifically the Nuclear Agreement, which might be problematic for the historic peace deals Trump set up throughout the region (not to mention alienate Israel, the United States’ most important ally in the region).

Then again, since Biden apparently intends to amplify the worst elements of the Obama presidency, it would be no surprise at all if a series of wars, rather than peace agreements, ensues.

However, Biden has also ensured that he’s paying equal attention to how to upend the domestic front, starting with his promise to destroy jobs on his first day in office (during a pandemic the Democrats constantly harp about, mind you). In rather sickening virtue signaling to the ultra-leftists, Biden proudly proclaimed he would be cancelling the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office, already demonstrating a clear bent in favor of the leftist.

And, as further evidence of his leftist-pleasing agenda, Bernie Sanders was one of the first to slavishly adore Biden’s decision (assuming Biden himself even made the decision, or if a mysterious handler did, perhaps one of his many big tech advisors).

“The Keystone Pipeline is & always has been a disaster. I’m delighted that Joe Biden will cancel the Keystone permit on his first day in office. With all of the major crises facing America, we must never lose sight of the most existential threat facing our planet: climate change.” [Source: Breitbart]

Well, of course Sanders would consider the Keystone Pipeline project to be “a disaster”. After all, any project that encourages gainful employment over government dependence by Sanders’ “standards” would be a disaster, as it would upset his fervent dreams of the Communist State of America.

The singular use of “state” is deliberate, given how gung ho the left is to destroy the electoral college, as well as any semblance of state autonomy. The disrespect for state autonomy is even clearer when considering yet another executive order that Biden is mulling over, and, surprise, surprise, this executive order pertains to masks.

“Our legal team thinks I can do that based upon the degree to which there’s a crisis in those states, and how bad things are for the country, and if we don’t do it, what happens … The question is whether I have the legal authority as president to sign an executive order. We think we do.” [Source: ABC News]

Great, Biden. Does your “legal team” consider the supposed autonomy that individual states have to govern their citizens as well? Since masks have not been formalized into federal law, wouldn’t arbitrarily commanding states’ governors to tell their citizens what to wear (or not to wear) just might start teetering on the edge of authoritarianism?

Frighteningly, insufficient space exists to fully detail all Biden’s highly likely decisions he will take on his first day in office, but, very unfortunately, those executive orders are likely to be the first of many.

Perhaps most disturbing observation of all is taken directly from Biden’s website, which makes it rather obvious that he will not only pursue the same America-destroying path as Obama, but that he will also do so on a much grander scale as needed.

“On day one, Biden will sign a series of new executive orders with unprecedented reach that go well beyond the Obama‐​Biden Administration platform and put us on the right track.” [Source: The CATO Institute]


So, in other words, Americans can expect an Obama on steroids, or, more accurately, a direct attack on civil liberties, a deliberate division between various groups of people, and, of course, a devious international effort to enrich a select few while placing the rest of the nation in serious jeopardy (cough, China-colluding Hunter, cough).

One can only hope that the leftists face a reckoning in 2022 … if free, transparent elections can still function under their “leadership”, that is.

Since Democrats are so intent on an even more ridiculous impeachment scam than the first (which is quite the “achievement”, given how baseless Impeachment 1.0 was), it looks like they just might learn the consequences of impeaching on a whim the hard way.

Especially when the GOP can initiate impeachment proceedings against the Democrats themselves, and, unlike Impeachment 1.0 and Impeachment 2.0 regarding Trump, the GOP actually has a little thing called evidence for their potential impeachment Biden, which will commence shortly after the sham (or shame?) of the Harris-Biden inauguration.

That is correct: GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has already openly opposed Liz Cheney’s absurd siding with the leftists, has announced her intention to lead an impeachment effort against Biden immediately after his inauguration, citing his rather questionable relationships with China and Ukraine as top reasons for the impeachment.

“We have to make sure that our leaders are held accountable, we cannot have a president of the United States that is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments … Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies ….

So on January 21, I will be filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden.” [Source: Breitbart]

Greene has much more of a point than the Democrats do, especially since Hunter Biden couldn’t be bothered to pick up a laptop loaded with all kinds of incriminating evidence, so incriminating that even intelligence agencies had to admit that none of it was Russian disinformation (no matter how many reporters Biden calls a “one horse pony” over this issue, it will not change the fact that all the material begins and ends with his illustrious offspring).

After all, if the Democrats are so concerned about “imminent violence” incited by Trump, then they should be really concerned about imminent invasions of other nations, particularly since the reigning ideology that governs China, authoritarian communism, is already being played out across various leftist states now. Though all the authoritarian tactics in California, New York, and others are due to “protecting public health”, of course.

Authoritarians always have an ethical-sounding excuse for egregious violations of civil liberties.

And, since the Democrats are so intent on starting Biden’s presidency with an impeachment trial, Biden himself may as well join in the fun. After all, he didn’t have to answer a single question regarding Hunter’s activities anyway, courtesy of big tech deliberately suffocating them all.

Meanwhile, other high-profile Republicans who have not gone completely Darth Vader on the party (cough, Cheney, cough) continue to highlight the complete senselessness of the impeachment proceedings now, including Lindsey Graham, who questioned why Obama wasn’t impeached by the same “logic” used by Democrats now.

“We’ll play this out … We impeach the president today without any evidence. It’s just sheer hatred. If this becomes the norm, be careful what you wish for today. Under this theory, the radical left — if you can impeach a president after they’re out of office, why don’t we impeach George Washington? He owned slaves. Where does this stop? So, to my Republican colleagues, let’s stand firm for the idea — whether you like Donald Trump or not, he’s not above the law…

Should we impeach Barack Obama because, for 24 hours, he never lifted a finger to help those people under siege in Benghazi? Where does this stop?” [Source: Breitbart]

Exactly, Mr. Graham. Trump is not above the law, no matter how much the fake news media tries to pain him out as such.

On the contrary, other characters in the Democrat Party, notably Biden Sr. and his son Hunter, well trained under the tutelage of Obama, appear to be well above the law. Which is precisely why Greene’s proposed impeachment is infinitely more logical than any action taken against Trump.

In addition, Greene’s proposed plan might make Mr. Schumer rethink his glee about attempting to punish Trump after he has left office. In a recent statement, Mr. Schumer clearly gloated about the fact that Trump may face trial even after leaving the White House, even if the trial does not begin in the final days of his presidency.

“A Senate trial can begin immediately, with agreement from the current Senate Majority Leader to reconvene the Senate for an emergency session, or it will begin after January 19th. But make no mistake, there will be an impeachment trial in the United States Senate.” [Source: Fox News]

Interesting commentary, Mr. Schumer.

And, to use your forceful wording, “make no mistake”, there will be a reckoning for traitors against the nation, especially those who empower foreign enemies at the expense of not only American security, but also the precious freedoms that make the United States the most exceptional nation in the world.

Well, Ms. Pelosi predictably followed through on her threats after Mike Pence refused to invoke the 25th Amendment against President Trump.

In fact, she followed through so quickly that one might wonder why she hasn’t dedicated similar passion towards cleaning up her cesspool of a city and bringing Americans much-needed relief. But, then all one has to do is remember that Pelosi is the personification of the swamp, which would explain why she has limited dedication to representing the American people.

And this limited dedication is now on full display with the House aggressively pursuing impeachment against Trump for a second time, as it threatened to do if Pence did not invoke the 25th Amendment.

Needless to say, Impeachment 2.0 has to rank near the top of the most virulent symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), which has swept across the fake news media and its globalist puppet master ever since Americans took back control of their government in 2016.

In fact, the TDS is so bad that the impeachment will not even be fast-tracked, per Mitch McConnell, who is widely rumored to be supportive of impeachment proceedings. Drawn out impeachment proceedings, at that.

McConnell already voted to not fast track impeachment, which means that Biden’s first months of “leadership” will be marred by an Impeachment 2.0 scam.

And his inauguration theme is “unity.”

Apparently, some other extreme leftists aren’t satisfied with Impeachment 2.0, they apparently want Trump remembered in the same way that the most sadistic terrorists on the planet are.

Democrat “Representative” Eric Swalwell, who primarily excels at representing the illustrious communism of California (and sleeping with Chinese spies), presented a rather dramatic analogy that illuminates the degree to which TDS can afflict the left.

“Well, Osama bin Laden did not enter U.S. soil on September 11, but it was widely acknowledged he was responsible for inspiring the attack on our country. The president, with his words, using the words ‘Fight,’ with the speakers that he assembled that day, who called for ‘trial by combat’ and said we have to ‘take names and kick ass,’ that is hate speech that inspired and radicalized people to storm the Capitol …

When you read the indictments from the U.S. Attorney’s office of people who have been arrested, in their FBI interviews, they cite that they were called there by the president. They were there in the Capitol because the president told them to do so. We must hold the president accountable for his inciting words.” [Source: Breitbart]

Needless to say, Swalwell’s claims are beyond hyperbolic, as well as downright dangerous. Especially since bin Laden was taken out by Navy Seals, and more than one on the left has openly advocated for Trump’s (and his supporters’) deaths.

Exhibit A: “Comedian” David Cross, who apparently finds unity offensive, given that his response to unity was as follows:

“F— that. I want blood.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

How eloquent. Democrat-led education “wins” again in terms of just how simpleminded it can make its leftist lemmings.

On top of the fact that Swalwell’s claims fall even flatter given all the violence advocated by the left, in particular sadistic violence against law enforcement officers and anyone remotely associated with law and order, Trump’s own commentaries underscore the total falsehoods being perpetuated by Swalwell and the rest of the left.

“In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be no violence, no lawbreaking and no vandalism of any kind. That is not what I stand for …

I call on all Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank You.” [Source: News Max]

In addition, Trump also delivered a speech from the Oval Office, where he reaffirmed the real mission of MAGA and the real values that Patriots should abide by.

“‘Making America Great Again’ has always been about defending the rule of law … Supporting the men and women of law enforcement, and upholding our nation’s most sacred traditions and values …

Mob violence goes against everything believe in and everything our movement stands for. No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. No true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great American flag. No true supporter of mine could ever harass their fellow Americans. If you do any of these things, you are not supporting our movement, you are attacking it and you are attacking our country. We cannot tolerate it.” [Source: News Max]

So, Swalwell and Cheney, where is this “violence” that Trump is actively inciting? Seems he’s saying (and, more importantly, doing) the exact opposite, from supporting law enforcement at home to brokering peace deals in the Middle East.

No matter what the fake news says, they will never be able to undo what Trump does, which is continuously fight for the United States, both domestically and abroad.

History will not look kindly upon traitors like Ms. Cheney, who openly advocated for bloody wars in the Middle East, but it will look kindly upon patriots like Trump, who brokered peace deals that would have been considered unprecedented just a few years ago (again, due to Obama’s own bloody wars in the Middle East, which have been called out by various organizations, including Human Rights Watch).

And, just when everything seems incredibly gloomy, a recent poll reveals that two-thirds of Republican voters are prepared to back Trump in 2024.

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