Since Friday, Biden’s approval rating has dropped three points as the Democrats continue pursuing ultra-leftist policy proposals, including mass amnesty and the Equality Act.

Per the Rasmussen Report released on Monday, Biden currently holds a 49 percent approval rating and a 49 percent disapproval rating.

Of the respondents, 32 percent “strongly approve” of the job Biden is doing, whereas 42 percent “strongly disapprove.” Consequently, Biden currently has “a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10.”

The latest data illuminates a drop by three points, given that Biden’s approval rating stood at 52 percent on Friday. Moreover, the number of respondents who “strongly disapprove” of his performance has increased by 2 percent since Friday; the number of respondents who “strongly approve” of his performance also decreased by 1 percent.

Publicity surrounding this dip emerges due to the Democrat-led Senate and House, both of which continue to push progressive, radical policies during Biden’s first several months in office, chief among them mass amnesty.

In the last week alone, the House passed both the “Farm Workforce Modernization Act” and the “Dream and Promise Act.”

In addition, per Breitbart News reports, the “Dream and Promise Act” is particularly beneficial for illegal immigrants, given that it is designed to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants supposedly brought to the United States when they were children by their parents, who are also illegal immigrants.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), these illegal immigrants will likely cost taxpayers upwards of $35B or more over the next ten years.

Psaki is fairly well known for her beyond absurd defenses of Biden, but the latest excuse for Biden’s immigration incompetence really takes the cake: Apparently, per Ms. Psaki, the crisis at the border is merely a “circumstance.”

She can say whatever she wants, but it won’t change the reality of what Biden has done. For a president so intent on “unity,” Biden sure has done quite the opposite with a number of his policies, with the present crisis on the border constituting one of the more egregiously terrible decisions.

Not only has Biden managed to endanger numerous Americans living near the U.S.-Mexico border with his outrageous policies, but he has also irked Central American leaders who are not terribly happy with Biden’s blatant encouragement of multiple caravans, as evidenced in a recent interview with the President of El Salvador.

Outside of angering Americans and Central American leaders, Biden is also providing quite the boon to human traffickers and other organized criminal activities, rapidly transforming criminals into multimillionaires, based upon recently released information.

Per various border control sources, organized crime groups are raking in upwards of $14M per day or more in February, courtesy of Biden’s “open arms” approach to illegal migrants.

It is unlikely that any other executive order in history has done so much to empower organized crime, which, ironically, will reinforce the crisis south of the border that is driving all the migrants towards the United States in the first place.
As noted by Chief Roy Villareal, the recently retired Tucson Border Patrol Chief, human trafficking is an extremely lucrative industry that will persist even in the strictest of times (i.e., back when the border was under the control of Trump).

Villareal also notes that this activity comes at an extreme cost to those who are being trafficked, particularly when they have to engage in criminal activities themselves in order for the traffickers to shuffle them across the border.

“Trafficking is a multibillion-dollar industry … A lot of these vulnerable populations use their life savings. Some are essentially indentured servants and they’re working off this debt for a long period of time. In other cases, some of these migrants are asked to transport narcotics or some form of crime to work off a different part of their debt.” [Source: Fox News]

So, in other words, Biden’s executive orders either:
a) Rob some of the most impoverished people in the world of their life savings, or
b) Encourage even more deadly drug trafficking when the same impoverished individuals also agree to serve as drug mules in exchange for journeying to the United States.

Good going, Biden. Real “progressive” indeed.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is also less than thrilled with Biden’s approach to immigration, observing that his continued refusal to deal with the crisis of his own creation further exploits the hundreds of thousands, if not more, of migrants storming towards the United States border now.

“The Biden Administration has been an abject failure when it comes to ensuring the safety of unaccompanied minors who cross our border … President Biden’s refusal to address the border crisis is not only enabling criminal actors like human traffickers and smugglers, but it is exposing innocent unaccompanied children to illness and potentially unsafe living conditions.” [Source: Fox News]

“Abject failure.” An excellent way to concisely summarize the extent of damage caused by Biden’s insanely irresponsible immigration policies, which have undoubtedly turned the United States into a massive international joke. After all, just imagine how many questionable actors from all over the world are making their way to Central America now, all to enter the United States under the guise of “refugee” status.

Of course, the ultimate yes man, otherwise known as DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, is on the constant defense for an increasingly indefensible situation, as evidenced by his most recent appearance on Fox News.

“We are encouraging families, not to send their children along the dangerous journey because so many do not make it safely. We are encouraging them not to do so. Yet, if they arrive at the border, we have a responsibility to allow them to make their claims under United States law.” [Source: Fox News]

Eh, how about not encouraging anyone at all, Mayorkas? Ever thought of that? Then again, Democrats need to build up a “base” of their own somehow, no matter how insanely immoral it is.

Needless to say, with Biden’s rather deliberately open borders, human traffickers effectively won the lottery the day that Biden was inaugurated into office.

Not to mention the fact that it is rather ironic that human traffickers are collectively raking in $14M per day while most Americans await a mere $1,400 stimulus check from the U.S. government …

Malcolm Nance, an MSNBC analyst, claimed that jokes regarding Biden’s tripping while climbing up into Air Force One could encourage a potential assassination attempt on Biden’s life.

Biden infamously tripped three times on camera while boarding Air Force One this past Friday. The White House cited the wind as the reason behind Biden’s fall.

Nonetheless, memes and Internet jokes quickly proliferated online afterwards.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of former President Trump, posted a joking video that depicted his father hitting a golf ball that struck Biden in the head, illustrating that “it wasn’t the wind” that knocked Biden down.

MSNBC then claimed that Trump Jr.’s tweet caused potential danger to Biden because it could serve as an inspiration for “bad actors” to cause injury the president.

For instance, Nance alleged that the video posted by Trump Jr. is “dangerous” because it “makes light of the potential of injury” to people during an appearance on Dean Obeidallah’s radio show.

Nance also stated that various firearms forums members may observe the video posted by Trump Jr. and subsequently contemplate utilizing their own “long-range shooting skills” in order to harm Biden.

Nance stated that he often monitors right-wing “extremists’ internal communications,” including their telegram channels, Parler tweets, chats, and other forms that they are “very prevalent on.”

Nance noted that these forums include gun forums, which he insists are “some seething hotbeds of violence,” or “potential violence,” and he added that many members had long range shooting skills. Nance also noted that forum members may start discussing whether or not to “use a .338 Lapua or whether they use .50 caliber BMG to get that shot.”

Nance also noted that Trump Jr’.s video is suggestive of murder jokes, even though it does not directly state or suggest murder.

“The point is … [the video] mainstreams the potential for danger,” Nance concluded.

Big Tech giants, namely Snapchat, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon Web Services, have all banned former President Donald J. Trump from their platforms. However, Jason Miller, a former senior campaign advisor for Trump, noted that Trump intends to return to social media imminently.

On Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” Miller remarked that Trump has ironically received more attention for his statements and press releases “than he ever did on Twitter before” due to being banned from social media. 

Miller also added that Trump’s statements may receive more favorable reception due to their length, which enables Trump to communicate his thoughts and beliefs in a “much more elegant” way than he could on Twitter. Furthermore, the length of Trump’s statements is also much “more presidential” relative to his prior tweets.

In addition, Miller also noted that Trump will return to social media, albeit on his own platform. The estimated time for Trump to launch his own social media platform is within the next two to three months.

Miller predicts that Trump’s platform “will be the hottest ticket in social media,” as it will completely “redefine the game.” Miller believes everyone will be watching and waiting to see exactly what Trump might do with the platform he ultimately creates.

Trump has held several meetings at Mar-a-Lago, and numerous companies have approached him, expressing interest in Trump’s social media ventures. However, Miller also stated that Trump seems to have his mind set on the exact direction that he wants.

Miller concluded by stating Trump’s platform is “going to be big,” likely drawing multiple millions of users to his new platform.

On Thursday, President Biden made another gaffe during a speech while providing updates on the vaccination progress across the United States, referring to the vice president as “President Harris.”

Biden began by stating, “When President Harris and I took …” He then paused momentarily before detailing the tour of a vaccination site in Arizona, which he had recently undertaken with Harris. Biden noted that watching the vaccines being distributed was akin to observing the administration of “a dose of hope.”

Biden also announced that his administration’s goal of having the 100 million vaccines administered within the first 100 days would be achieved. He also noted that 65 percent of individuals aged 65 and older have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine.

These gaffes are not uncommon. This past December, Biden referred to Harris as “president-elect,” which also occurred during a speech on COVID vaccines. At the time, Biden said that he took the vaccine to “instill public confidence,” and that “President-Elect Harris” had done the same.

The most recent comments have resulted in further discussion regarding Biden’s cognitive decline, particularly after a campaign in which Biden appeared tongue-tied.

Harris herself has even referred to herself as president, namely when she remarked upon “a Harris administration,” along with “Joe Biden as President of the United States” during a virtual discussion last fall.

Harris also added that her administration with Biden “will provide access to $100 billion in low-interest loans and investments from minority business owners.”

In July 2019, Biden also referred to Senator Corey Booker as the President of the United States. 

Ironically, this comment came when Biden had been debating Booker over his criminal justice plan, to which Booker replied, “I’m grateful that he endorsed my presidency already.”

Looks like the President of El Salvador, Nayibe Bukele, has far more of a clue than King Biden and Queen Kamala ever will, particularly given his rather scathing commentary on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Carlson, like many Americans, has become extraordinarily leery of the rather liberal, open borders (or is it really “no borders” at this point) “policies” held by the Harris-Biden administration, noting that they may irreparably change America as everyone knows it, particularly given the staggering growth in the United States population over the past thirty years.

“What’s happening on the border tonight will change our country forever. A lot of things won’t, but this will, and you should know that … Unlike other disasters, mass illegal immigration is permanent. No one ever really gets sent home. Over the past 30 years, the population of the United States has exploded by nearly 100 million people, mostly due to immigration. Were you even aware that happened?” [Source: Townhall]

Well then. 100 million in 30 years, and that was back when the government pretended to address the border with somewhat seriousness, the seriousness tending to vary by election cycle and political representation at the moment.

With Biden’s most liberal open borders policy ever, one can only imagine just how much the population could potentially swell under his rule, particularly if he continues trying to undermine states’ power.

Worst of all, it is not even possible to openly discuss the border even more without being attacked as a racist, a conservative, a “Trumper,” a “deplorable,” or any other number of vicious adjectives that the media feels just fine applying to people who dare to hold traditional American values near to them.

Which Carlson also rails against.

“You’re not supposed to say a word about it, as every year the United States gets more jammed with people, and at the same time more chaotic and less cohesive — as the open spaces shrink, as nature itself recedes in the face of yet another strip mall or apartment complex or fast food outlet to serve the new people …

This is becoming a crowded country, and crowded countries are ugly, unhappy countries. Why are we letting that happen? That’s a rhetorical question of course. No one asked us what we wanted. They just did it.” [Source: Townhall]

Exactly right, Carlson. Biden and Harris indeed just “did it.” And neither appear to show any concern whatsoever. On the contrary, Ms. Harris just may well be licking her lips at the prospect of expanding her envisioned fiefdom even further.

Even more ironically, Bukele, the President of El Salvador, has been very forthright in his views of Biden’s immigration policies. Furthermore, he also points out the ironic damage being caused to Central America by Biden’s policies, which doesn’t sound terribly “tolerant” and “inclusive.”

“If you don’t provide for your people, economic opportunities, if your economy is doing bad, if your security is doing bad, people are going to leave, and you’re going to go and try to find a rich country, right? They’re not going to leave for Guatemala. They want to go to the United States …

So, that makes this country dependent on immigration because you become a net exporter of people. You’re not exporting products or services, you’re exporting people. So, that makes your economy dependent on that, because those people send money back to their home countries, which is not a good economic formula … So it’s bad for the United States because immigration will go up and it’s bad for our country because people leaving the country will go up as well so it’s bad for both of us.” [Source: Townhall]

In other words, Democrats playing politics are not only destroying the United States, they are also destroying Central America, much to the dismay of Central American leaders such as Bukele.

Perhaps Biden and Harris should check out of their elitist bubble every now and then to realize that they’re hurting the very people that they claim their administration wants to save.

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense, recently sent a chilling warning to North Korea: American forces are prepared to “fight tonight” after the North Korean dictatorship criticized the military drills taking place in South Korea.

The South Korean and American militaries have once again started their springtime drills in South Korea, after the exercises had been paused in February 2020 due to COVID concerns.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Austin continued to discuss the American military’s objective to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, as well as the importance of “military readiness” in the event of a serious conflict.

Austin noted that the military has continued to make progress through the transition “of wartime Operational Control to a [Republic of Korea]-commanded, future Combined Forces Command.”

He noted that the transition would take time but he also believes that once the transition takes place, the overall alliance between South Korea and the United States will be strengthened.

American-led diplomacy that focuses on the nuclear weapons program in North Korea remains in a stalemate due to various disputes over sanctions. In addition, other experts are having a debate regarding whether or not the United States and its allies should aim for a detail that would curtail the nuclear activities in North Korea in exchange for loosening sanctions, which may help prevent its arsenal from growing.

Kim You Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, issued a warning to the United States to “refrain from causing a stink,” while simultaneously criticizing the border drills taking place between the United States and North Korea. 

According to KCNA, the state-run propaganda in North Korea, Kim Yo Jung announced that if the United States “wants to sleep in peace for coming four years, it had better refrain from causing a stink at its first step.”

Other experts warn that North Korea may become more volatile with its missile tests in order to increase its negotiation power. The Asian nation’s economy has continued hurting due to natural disasters from last year, as well as pandemic-related border closures, which have greatly reduced its exports.

Austin, Blinken, and their South Korean colleagues released a joint statement noting that North Korea’s continued ballistic missile issues remain “a priority for the alliance,” which reaffirmed their shared commitment to addressing these issues.

Ron DeSantis, the GOP governor of Florida, recently blasted critical race theory and vowed that none of the state’s classrooms will feature the highly controversial curriculum.

Per DeSantis, Florida classrooms have “no room … for things like critical race theory,” and that instructing Florida’s youth to hate the United States “is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money.”

Consequently, DeSantis vows that Florida will “expressly exclude” teaching this theory in the classroom.

Furthermore, DeSantis is also offering a $3,000 bonus for teachers in Florida, provided that they complete an educational program on civics that emphasizes “foundational concepts” over the critical race theory that has ballooned across national discussion.

Critical race theory has recently come to the stoplight after the 1619 Project, a production of the New York Times. This particular theory teaches students that racism and the founding of the United States are indelibly linked.

Earlier in the year, various government employees in San Diego, California, were forced to take part in critical race theory training. Part of this training included a lecture that declared only white people were racist.

Last fall, the CDC decided to move forward with critical race theory program, even though Trump passed an executive order for government agencies to stop using the theory for training purposes. 

Russell Vought, the former Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought, noted that Trump wanted to ensure that all government agencies cease using taxpayer funds for highly divisive, anti-American propaganda programs.

Vought noted that these programs “not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce.”

Oops he did it again … Kerry did it again that is. Which is make a public spectacle of himself in the skies.

Apparently, Kerry finally got the memo that traveling everywhere via private jet is not the most environmentally friendly way to travel. So, he instead decides to take a first-class American Airlines flight … while also declining to follow CDC guidance.

A passenger beside Kerry captured a picture of the “climate czar” reading a book while eschewing mask wearing, despite the federal mandate for all individuals aboard an aircraft to do so. Moreover, given the number of passengers that have been kicked out of the plane over alleged mask violations in recent times, Kerry’s elitism is even clearer.

As noted by the passenger themselves in a statement to Fox News.

“I salute our Very Special Presidential Envoy for Climate for not flying private, but instead flying first class commercial with the rest of us common folk … And while he can’t bring himself to follow his own party’s mask restrictions, we should cut him some slack.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, credit was given where credit was due: choosing commercial instead of private. However, apparently Kerry could not do so without violating some other basic guideline.

In his typical self-defense, Kerry insisted that the photo is the result of St. Patrick’s Day “malarkey” (yes, his own words). Oh, and his mask removal was “momentary.”

“Feels like there’s some St. Patrick’s day ‘malarkey’ afoot on Twitter … Let’s be clear: If I dropped my mask to one ear on a flight, it was momentary. I wear my mask because it saves lives and stops the spread. It’s what the science tells us to do.” [Source: Fox News]

How exactly does one “drop” the mask to one ear, unless they deliberately do so? On top of that, it appears that the word “momentary” is very much relative, given the duration of time that Kerry was without a mask.

Hilariously, Kerry’s commentary brings to mind some of his other self-defenses, including the incredibly absurd self-defense Kerry offered for taking a private jet to Iceland … to accept an environmental award.

When Kerry was challenged over this decision in the Icelandic press, it is safe to say Kerry was not exactly apologetic. On the contrary, he actually attempted to use moral justification for flying private jets.

“If you offset your carbon, it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle … I negotiated the Paris Accords for the United States. I’ve been involved in this fight for years. I negotiated with President Xi to bring President Xi to the table so we could get Paris.”
[Source: New York Post]

So, in other words, since Kerry presumably dumps a bunch of money into carbon credits, his own massive carbon emissions magically disappear. Plus, making the claim that a private jet is “the only choice” for “somebody like [him]?” Wow! Elitism, much?

Kerry proceeded to make things even worse by obliquely referencing his private jet usage, though all he did was draw more attention to the fact that he generally refuses to fly commercial.

“I believe the time it takes to get me somewhere, I can’t sail across the ocean. I have to fly to meet with people and get things done … But what I’m doing, almost full time, is working to win the battle of climate change and in the end if I offset and contribute my life to do this, I’m not going to be put on the defensive.” [Source: New York Post]

“Sail across the ocean?” Is Kerry for real? Who even sails across the ocean anymore?

And, for the record, Mr. Kerry, it appears you’re putting yourself on the defensive more than anything else, namely through your own absurd behaviors.

Perhaps the passenger who captured Mr. Kerry on video said it best:

“Being an elite hypocrite is hard work!” [Source: Fox News]

Is it ever. The only question is, which one of them “works” the hardest …

On Wednesday, 21 different states banded together to sue the Biden administration over its decision to stop constructing the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have transported oil from Canada and Montana to Texas refineries.

These states allege that Biden took advantage of executive action to undermine energy policies that oppose Biden’s green policies, despite the fact these polices were already passed by Congress.

The states’ lawsuit notes that Biden does not have the legal authority to “reshape the economy” when Congress is unwilling to do so. Furthermore, Congress has not delegated authority for Biden to do so. instead, the states assert that “Congress has not delegated such authority,” given that “it set specific rules regarding what actions the President can take about
Keystone XL and when. The President, together with various senior executive
officials, violated those rules.”

Due to Biden’s decision to cancel the pipeline, these states will see a signifiant loss in tax revenue. For instance, over the next year, an estimated $4 million in tax revenue will affect counties who would be housing construction workers building the pipeline. In addition, short-term revenues of $66 million will also not be realized across all the impacted states.

As the lawsuit notes, all the pipeline states, including their school districts and local communities, would have gained multiple millions of dollars in tax revenue from the operation and construction of the pipeline. Property taxes, for instance, during the first full year of the pipeline’s operations were projected to be roughly $55.6 million in just three states: Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

The individuals suffering the most from Biden’s decision to cancel the pipeline live in “poorer rural areas,” which desperately need additional revenue from taxes in order to fund various public and community services. 

The lawsuit was launched by Texas, and it was joined by Wyoming, South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Utah, West Virginia , Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Louisiana.

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