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Fox News contributor and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Alveda King pushed back against those who are labeling President Trump as a racist and a white supremacist, arguing there is a danger in misusing the terms.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, King responded to many of the 2020 Democratic candidates who have been quick to call the president a “racist” and accuse him of inciting violence with his rhetoric.

“President Trump is not a racist,” King said. “I’ve had the experience of going head to head with genuine racists.”

King said she would like to challenge the president’s accusers on whether they have “ever met a real racist.”

“President Trump has said ‘we all bleed the same,’ he’s very clear on that and he has done so much for all Americans including African-Americans,” she explained.

Many 2020 Democratic candidates have upped their rhetoric on the president following the horrific mass shootings that took 31 lives this past weekend.

In an interview with MSNBC, Beto O’Rourke called Trump a white supremacist on Wednesday as both men were in El Paso to honor the victims and visit those injured in the attack.

After noting he had previously called Trump a racist, the host asked O’Rourke if he believed the president was a white supremacist.

“He is. He has made that very clear,” O’Rourke answered. “He dehumanized those who do not look and pray like the majority of people here. He said I wish we had more immigrants from Nordic countries because those from Haiti bring AIDS, those from Africa are s—hole nations.”

King called on people on both sides to come together to “look for solutions.”

“What President Trump and First Lady Melania did was to go down and look for solutions. We have to overcome evil with good. When people call each other racist, we are one blood. One human race, different ethnicities –we’re not color blind, we can see, but that is for the purpose of appreciating each other and we have to do that,” said King.

Responding to Oprah Winfrey’s remark that the country must “return to our core moral center,” King said she found the left’s calls for morals hypocritical.

“A lot of those calling Trump a racist and white supremacist, most of them support killing in a very brutal way called abortion. The youngest, the weakest the most beautiful of us killing them in the womb. How immoral is that,” she concluded.

Author: Fox News Staff

Source: Fox News: Dr. Alveda King pushes back on Beto, others on left: ‘President Trump is not a racist’

Former NFL player Jack Brewer said he personally asked President Trump weeks ago to bring attention to the issues of Baltimore and call out Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., for his failure to address the poverty and crime that have overtaken his city.

“I had a chance to meet with President Trump, and I told him please call out Elijah Cummings and Baltimore. I asked him to do that three weeks ago and he did it,” said Brewer, a former NFL linebacker from 2002 to 2006.

Appearing on Fox Nation‘s “Deep Dive,” Brewer said he reached out to the president following a recent trip to Baltimore, where he came away devastated by what he saw.

“I’m seeing these kids that don’t have any core, no culture within them. They don’t have anyone teaching them or training them,” Brewer explained.

Brewer, who went on to a successful business career after his playing days, blames the politicians in Baltimore for focusing only on “issues that help them raise money,” instead of the issues plaguing the “poor black kids whose parents are not donating to their PACs and funds.”

Brewer called out Cummings directly for being “front and center” when it’s politically convenient and questioned his lack of action in his own city.

Referencing the two horrific mass shootings this past weekend that took 31 lives, he questioned why the 51 people shot in Baltimore and Chicago the same weekend went unnoticed.

“We look and see all the hype over El Paso, my heart goes out to them, my heart goes out to Dayton, Ohio. But the same weekend, 51 people were shot between Chicago and Baltimore and no one says anything and these are the same lives.”

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Author: Fox News Staff

Source: Fox News: Former NFL player Jack Brewer on Trump-Cummings feud: ‘I asked Trump’ to call him out

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