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Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs called attention to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing people who “always” or “often” wear face masks showed symptoms of the coronavirus more than people who “never” or “rarely” wear masks.

“‘Follow the science’ on masks, we are told,” Biggs tweeted Sunday, accompanied by a screenshot of CDC data from July.

Biggs referenced a CDC report titled, “Community and Close Contact Exposures Associated with COVID-19 Among Symptomatic Adults ≥18 Years in 11 Outpatient Health Care Facilities,” which was conducted between July 1-29 and based on data from 11 healthcare facilities.

He highlighted a portion of the report that showed 108 people who said they “always” wore face masks 14 days before the onset of the coronavirus. The same graph revealed that six people who “never” wore masks showed symptoms of the virus, 11 people who “sometimes” wore masks showed symptoms, and 22 who “often” wore masks showed symptoms.

He also retweeted data expert Justin Hart, who called attention to the same report.

“So the CDC just reported that 70% of those who came down with #COvId19 symptoms had been wearing a mask. We know the masks don’t protect you… but at some point you have to wonder if they are PART of the problem,” Hart tweeted.

However, the study noted that adults with confirmed cases of COVID-19 were twice as likely as those who were symptomatic but with negative COVID-19 tests to eat out at a restaurant 14 days prior to becoming ill. Unlike other indoor activities like shopping, “masks cannot be effectively worn while eating and drinking,” according to the study.

Biggs has previously been critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the White House coronavirus task force, calling for it to be disbanded in July.

“As our economy is restored, it is imperative that President Trump is not undermined in his mission to return our economy to greatness. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx continue to contradict many of President Trump’s stated goals and actions for returning to normalcy as we know more about the COVID-19 outbreak. This is causing panic that compromises our economic recovery. We can protect our most vulnerable from the COVID-19 outbreak while still protecting lives and livelihoods of the rest of the population. It’s time for the COVID-19 task force to be disbanded so that President Trump’s message is not mitigated or distorted,” he wrote.

At the end of September, Biggs called on Fauci to “stay in your lane” regarding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reopening his state.

“Fauci, an unelected federal bureaucrat, is opining on the science-based, common sense actions from @GovRonDeSantis, Florida’s duly elected top executive,” he tweeted. “Stay in your lane, Fauci. Governor DeSantis didn’t ask for your opinion, nor is it welcome.”

The Arizona Republican also tweeted Sunday of the need to send students back to in-person classes because they are not at high risk of contracting the virus.

“The science and data have been clear from the start of the COVID-19 outbreak: young people are much less at risk than older populations to suffer greatly from this virus,” he tweeted, accompanied by a link to an Atlantic piece titled, “Schools Aren’t Super-Spreaders.”

“And yet, government and health officials across the nation, including many in Arizona, have disregarded the science and data in keeping our schools closed to in-person instruction,” he continued. “Why are we still playing politics with our children’s futures?”

“And yet, government and health officials across the nation, including many in Arizona, have disregarded the science and data in keeping our schools closed to in-person instruction,” he continued. “Why are we still playing politics with our children’s futures?”

Author: Emma Colton

Source: Washington Examiner: Andy Biggs rips mask narrative after CDC report shows 85% of symptomatic people ‘often’ or ‘always’ wore masks

Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris asked supporters in June to donate to Minnesota rioters who were arrested, in a tweet now earning her criticism after condemning rioters’ violence this weekend.

“If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” Harris tweeted on June 1, just days after the Memorial Day death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Over the weekend, Harris and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden condemned the violence seen in recent days, specifically in Portland, Oregon, where one person was shot dead Saturday night.

“I join @JoeBiden in condemning this violence. This can not — and must not — be who we are. Americans deserve a president who will heal our country and bring people together — not fan the flames of hate and division,” she tweeted Sunday.

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton resurrected Harris’s June tweet Sunday, slamming it as a flip-flop on her support of rioters who have caused destruction in multiple major cities across the country.

“Kamala Harris helped violent rioters in Minnesota get out of jail to do more damage,” Cotton tweeted. “Don’t believe her when she says she ‘condemns the violence’ — look at her record, not her words.”

Donald Trump Jr. also took issue with her June tweet.

“Remember: Joe Biden called them ‘peaceful protesters.’ Kamala Harris raised money to bail violent rioters out of jail. And they both continue to oppose @realDonaldTrump’s plan to send in the National Guard to finally end these violent riots once and for all,” Trump Jr. tweeted Monday morning.

“As vice president, Joe Biden oversaw cuts to police funding, and now as a candidate, he says he wants to redirect funding away from police. His staff mocked police as worse than ‘pigs,’ called for defunding the police, and now, we know his campaign and Kamala Harris helped bail out violent criminals, rapists, and would-be cop killers. Biden is incapable of bringing our country together because he has been taken over by the radical Left. Biden and Harris are actively putting Americans’ lives at risk by making our streets more dangerous, cops’ jobs more difficult, and families less safe,” Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

Others have also echoed the sentiments of Cotton and Trump Jr.

Support for Black Lives Matter protests has been slipping in recent months, according to a poll out of Wisconsin.

Forty-eight percent of Wisconsin residents support Black Lives Matter protests and 48% disapprove, according to a Marquette Law School poll conducted between Aug. 8 and Aug. 9. Earlier this summer, Marquette found 61% of residents approved of the movement’s protests from June 14 to June 18, with 36% disapproving.

Biden’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Author: Emma Colton

Source: Washington Examiner: Kamala Harris ripped for flip-flopping on rioters after she asked for donations to bail them out of jail

The co-owner of a trucking company defended the decision to not send drivers into cities that are moving to defund police departments, citing safety as a top concern.

“Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they’re on the road,” JKC Trucking co-owner Mike Kucharski said on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, adding that “everybody wants to steal” the cargo his drivers transport.

“Defunding the police is not the solution. We all have to work together with critical thinking and find a solution. The problem, you know, during this time of crisis, the government has been behind the steering wheel. It’s time for small businesses to take back the steering wheel — take back the steering wheel — and make the right decisions, to sit down with the politicians. I welcome the politicians to sit down with us so we can educate them on what is best for the economy and small businesses. Last time I checked, small businesses were the backbone of America,” he added in a message to fellow drivers.

JKC issued a press release in July titled “Trucking Exec Warns Cities Defunding Police … ‘You’re Going To Run Out Of Food,” which outlines Kucharski’s decision to prioritize drivers’ safety over making deliveries.

“No load or cargo is worth my driver’s life or safety,” he said, according to the press release. “JKC supports our drivers and police is the critical part of protecting our drivers on the road.”

In June, trucking news outlet CDLife conducted a poll based on 1,283 responses from truck drivers if they would have issues delivering to a city that made cuts to police departments.

A total of 79% say they would refuse loads to cities with disbanded or defunded police departments, according to the poll.

Kucharski added during his Fox News appearance that he’s also worried about insurance coverage if drivers do go into cities without a police presence.

“Another issue that I am seeing in the future is that I have cargo insurance, liability insurance, physical damage insurance, and I am very curious how when I renew my contracts at the end of the year if there is going to be language — if I am going to even have coverage going into these places,” Kucharski said.

“Right now, I have coverage going all over domestically. It’s going to be something like you have to get special coverage for Canada or Mexico, or you might have to buy special riders for this on top of everything,” he added.

Author: Emma Colton

Source: Washington Examiner: Trucking company co-owner on why he won’t send drivers to cities pushing to defund police departments

A Wisconsin man was charged with a hate crime for allegedly intentionally driving into a motorcyclist he believed was white.

Daniel Navarro, 27, was charged last week with first-degree intentional homicide, a hate crime, and use of a dangerous weapon after a crash that resulted in the death of Phillip Thiessen, 55.

Thiessen was found dead on a road over the Fourth of July weekend, following reports of a head-on crash between a pickup truck and a motorcycle. He was a former police officer in Fairfax, Virginia, and had served in the Marine Corps.

“Given the current social climate, the information shared today will undoubtedly lead to future conversation and discussion within our community,” said Fond du Lac County Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt.

Navarro told the police that he has often faced racism due to his Mexican heritage and said that “all the people that caused him these problems in his life are Caucasian or white,” according to Waldschmidt.

“[He] said that if President Donald Trump and white people are going to create the world we are living in, he has no choice and that people are going to have to die,” Waldschmidt said.

Navarro allegedly saw that Thiessen was driving a Harley-Davidson and told police officials that he believes only white people drive such motorcycles and that they are typically “white racists.”

“He chose a motorcycle instead of a car, because he wanted the driver to die, and not just be injured or paralyzed,” Waldschmidt said.

A judge set Navarro’s bail at $1 million and is expected back at court on July 17. He faces life in prison if convicted of all charges. The crash is still reportedly under investigation.

The incident comes as civil unrest, peaceful protests, and riots have spread across the country against police brutality and systemic racism following the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day in police custody.

Author: Emma Colton, Social Media Manager

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘He wanted the driver to die’: Man charged with hate crime for driving into white motorcyclist

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