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During an eye-popping moment at last week’s ABC town hall event with Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee said he believed that children as young as 8-years-old should be allowed to change genders if that would “make their life easier.”

Biden was answering a question from the mother of two, one 10-year-old girl and one eight-year-old transgender girl. That mother, Mieke Haeck, was later revealed to be the wife of prominent Pennsylvania Democrat politician Ezra Nanes, who was defeated in a bid for the state senate in 2018.

Haeck’s question suggested to Biden that she was concerned about her transgender child’s future under a Donald Trump administration.

“The Trump administration has attacked the rights of transgender people, banning them from military service, weakening non-discrimination protections, and even removing the word transgender from some government websites,” Haeck said. “How will you, as president, reverse this dangerous and discriminatory agenda and ensure that the lives and rights of LGBTQ people are protected under U.S. law?”

Instead of reading the nation and identifying the notion of sex changes for children as appalling, like most Americans, Biden read the question as a set-up and attempted to hit the tee ball over the fence. Instead, he veered into an alarming segue about how children should not be stopped from choosing their own gender, regardless of their biological sex, and with no mention of potential psychological impact.

I reported on his stunning answer last week:

This is a time where parents are looking for leadership on the issue of transgenderism, how it is talked about, and where it is inappropriate. Viewers found no such leader in Joe Biden last night.

Biden’s response to the question, like most of his answers on Thursday evening, was long-winded and included unprovable personal anecdotes he has repeated ad nauseam throughout his campaign. But within this particular few moments of recycled and often pandering talking points, Biden managed to say something chilling.

“The idea that an eight-year-old child or a ten-year-old child decides, ‘you know, I want to be transgender, that’s what I think I’d like to be, it would make my life a lot easier,’ there should be zero discrimination,” he said.

Now, The American Principles Project (APP) is rightfully exposing Biden’s answer, which was barely covered by the media, in a new ad meant to draw attention to his support of radical ideology, and potential emotional abuse of children.

“Sex changes for kids?” the ad asks. “Most Americans say that’s going way too far. But not Joe Biden. Should eight-year-olds really be subjected to dangerous, life-altering medical procedures, puberty-blocking drugs, transgender surgeries cause permanent damage to children. If Joe Biden is willing to endorse sex changes for second-graders, what won’t he support? Vote against Joe Biden. A pawn of the extreme Left.”

The APP is a conservative think tank and political action committee that speaks out on behalf of traditional, biblical values embraced by the framers of the United States. In their own words:

When our Founders put this country together, they clearly articulated the essence of human dignity: that all are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

At APP, we believe these principles are central to what makes the American experiment so unique. We also believe that human dignity has often been overlooked in present-day policy debates

Many studies also show that children who undergo hormone-blocking therapy or sex-change surgery suffer significant psychological damage in subsequent years. Experts also note that children, particularly young children, develop and grow with a natural curiosity about the opposite sex which is sometimes misinterpreted as a desire to be the other sex. The Daily Wire reported on this essay from prominent psychologist Dr. Debra Soh:

For a young child whose gender dysphoria would have desisted without intervention, these procedures amount to a needlessly challenging process to undergo—and that’s without considering the implications of choosing to transition back. Even a social transition back to one’s original gender role can be an emotionally difficult experience for children.

Waiting until a child has reached cognitive maturity before making these sorts of decisions would make the most sense. But this is an unpopular stance, and scientists and clinicians who support it are vilified, not because science—which should be our guiding beacon—disproves it, but because it has been deemed insensitive and at odds with the current ideology.

Author: Ellie Bufkin

Source: Townhall: New Ad Torches Biden for Supporting Notion That Children Can Choose Their Own Gender

As the countdown clock to Election Day reminds us that only 40 days remain until Americans head to the polls to decide who should lead our country, one man got very personal and passionate in a video posted to his YouTube account.

During a recent shift as a delivery driver for a restaurant supplies, Gary Lamb spoke candidly about his past, his struggles, and his hope for the future of the country and for his family. Lamb addressed his message to commentator Tim Pool, who is popular on YouTube for his provocative conversations about a variety of political topics. Pool has said he supports Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

“I have struggled my entire life,” Lamb said. “I’ve struggled to be on the straight and narrow. I’ve struggled to do the right thing. I’ve struggled to do it properly.”

“I could have been a drug dealer,” he said. “I chose not to.” Lamb then listed the many things that have gone awry in his personal life that led him to consider crime and even suicide.

He described his life as a delivery driver who also works for Amazon Flex and that he’d spent his whole life working hard jobs in order to keep his head above water. But to him, that hard work was all worth it when he finally got his credit rebuilt.

“That’s how I live my life,” he said, saying he gets just $120 per day for delivering hundreds of pounds of restaurant supplies. “This is work for me, this is work. This is what I’ve got to do.” He said it took a decade for him to rebuild his destroyed credit by working hard, something he said was all worth it.

“10 years to get where I’m at today,” Lamb said. “I’m almost 40 years old,” he continued, “all I can say is I got good credit.”

“I don’t have no money in the bank and that’s because of COVID because I was doing pretty good,” he said. But his turn in fortune after years of scraping by didn’t happen by chance, he said.

“I realize that was because of Trump,” he said. “The reason I was doing pretty good last year was because of Trump.”

“I was stuck,” he said after losing his job with Uber last year because of damage to his car that he couldn’t afford to fix. “They wouldn’t help me, nobody else would help me, unemployment wouldn’t help me. I was stuck. And I was able to dig myself out and still hold onto my credit.”

“It was a blessing,” he said. “To me, Trump is a freaking God-send. To me, Trump is a second chance.”

Lamb said that the opportuny he has had to build back his own life has given him the confidence to take on the world.

“For the first … time in my life, I actually see a way out,” he said. “Something i’ve never seen before. I see a way out. Just that little bit of hope is enough for me to have a fire in my belly powerful [enough] to freaking charge the … world man.”

“But if Biden gets into office, man, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said. “There is a silent majority out there man. I talk to them every day.”

Lamb thanked Pool several times for “unlocking” him and opening his eyes to the truth. He said that he hoped Pool’s message reached many other people in the same situation as him, in trying to decide between the path of hard work and self-reliance and a life of crime.

“This is what I’m fighting for,” he said. “Just to be able to take care of my family. I’m fighting for my family, I’m voting for my family, and I’m voting for Black people like me trying to do the same damn thing. There are Black people out here who don’t want to turn to crime. They don’t want to do bad things. They don’t want to do horrible things. I’m one of those men.”

Author: Ellie Bufkin

Source: Town Hall: ‘I’m Voting for My Family’: Truck Driver Delivers Powerful Message of Success Under Trump

A new poll released Monday from Gallup showed that the four days of virtual speeches and minimal fanfare produced by the Democratic National Convention did little to shore up support for the party of Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris.

In fact, despite the glowing reviews from corporate media of the DNC and its speakers, the Gallup poll showed that Americans claiming to be Democrats or affiliated with the party dropped by two points since the same poll was conducted in June. Enthusiasm for the Republican Party, however, increased by three points, shrinking the Democratic advantage by a stunning five points as the presidential election draws ever closer.

The new poll follows a trend in national polling that has shown a dramatic narrowing of the gap between the Democrats’ nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, after months of numbers reflecting Biden as the clear leader. Rasmussen reported on Monday that recent polling also showed the nation’s approval of the president was on the rise, sharing that 51 percent of respondents approved of the job he was doing.

The favorable shifting in polling for the president comes amid months of unrest that has included widespread calls from the far-left to defund and abolish police departments, abolish ICE, and abolish prisons across the country.

Over four days of the Democratic convention, no party representative, currently working in public office or otherwise, even mentioned the widespread violence that has stemmed from Black Lives Matter protests in cities across the nation. As the RNC kicks off on Monday, the president and many other speakers have vowed to condemn the violence, destruction, and criminal activity associated with groups that have shaken several cities every night since the end of May.

Democrats also failed to mention the soaring rates in violent crime and homicides that have been recorded in most urban centers of America. Those crimes have disproportionately affected Black communities, which Democrats claim to care about deeply.

While polling results include a margin of error and can change on a daily basis, the trend shows a waning of enthusiasm for 77-year-old Joe Biden, who has rarely left his own basement while campaigning. The diminished enthusiasm for the Democratic Party also matches the stunningly low excitement for the Biden-Harris campaign ticket.

Both Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Mitt Romney in 2012 drummed up more enthusiasm for their failed presidential bids than Biden and Harris have been able to muster thus far in 2020.

Democrats have also traditionally held a polling lead in party affiliation, according to historic results from Gallup. Even in years that Republicans have claimed victory in the presidential contests, including in 2016, Democrats have claimed more party affiliation than the GOP. In 2000, When George W. claimed victory over Al Gore, Democrat-affiliates held an 11-point advantage over their conservative counterparts.

As the RNC goes forward over the next few days, the president and other party members have promised to speak clearly about issues that polled Americans have said they care the most about. The GOP and the Trump administration released a 49-bullet-point plan for 2020, which included a promise to “return to normal” in 2021.

Author: Ellie Bufkin

Source: Town Hall: More DNC Woes: New Poll Shows Major Drop in Democratic Party Affiliation

As the media continue to grapple with the definition of “peaceful” in their coverage of protests, riots, and destruction across U.S. cities, some Americans have taken the time to speak out in defense of actual officers of the peace. But their efforts are much harder to find in headline news.

One such event, Back The Blue, took place this weekend in Rockford, Illinois, about 90 miles west of Chicago. More than 500 people gathered on Saturday to voice their concerns over the national rhetoric against policemen and women. Steps from the Winnebego County Criminal Justice Center, voices chanted “back the blue,” and “we love the blue” as speakers gave praise to law enforcement.

The emcee of the planned event, conservative radio host Michael Koolidge of The Michael Koolidge Show on WROK, said the Back The Blue rally wasn’t about posturing as opposition to the anti-police movement trying to drown them out less than a block away; it was about sharing a message of love.

“Our rally was about love, unity, and peace, and local law enforcement keeps the peace, and that is who and what we support – good police officers not just in our community but across the country,” Koolidge told Townhall. “The fact that over 500 people came out to support this cause during a time when various protests for other causes throughout the country have resulted in a lot of violence, destruction, and mayhem, says a lot, I think. People want to stand for something positive and most importantly unifying, and that’s definitely what our rally was about.”

In addition to hundreds of signs hoisted by the rally-goers with encouragement for law enforcement, messages of patriotism, American flags, and Thin Blue Line flags waved proudly. The event concluded with the 500-strong crowd singing God Bless America and our national anthem, drowning out the jeers of anti-police protesters behind them.

While Back the Blue gathered peacefully to bolster a deflated police force on Saturday, counter-protesters were not easily dissuaded from their months-long battle against the police. Members of antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other radical leftists hurled obscenities at the large crowd, but their cutting words of division were easily drowned out by the much larger pro-police, pro-peace rally, Koolidge said.

Proving their intentions were beyond just a counter-protest, the approximately 75 people who gathered to silence Back the Blue lingered after the rally dispersed, only to get into physical altercations with officers later on. Six were arrested on Saturday following at least 11 arrests for disturbance of the peace on Friday night, according to local law enforcement.

Koolidge, who noted the turnout was much larger than he imagined, felt spiritually bolstered by the experience and hoped to see many similar demonstrations in the coming days.

“My hope is that people who support the promotion of peace, love, and unity, stand up for this ideal. Police morale is at an all-time low right now,” the emcee told Townhall. “They need to know that the vast majority of Americans support them. And I just want to point out that this isn’t about being ‘anti’ anything in particular or responding to any other movement or cause. It is entirely its own message, and that is this: We support all good police officers. We Back The Blue.”

Author: Ellie Bufkin

Source: Town Hall: ‘Back the Blue’ Rally In Illinois Draws Hundreds as Police Shut Down Violent Counter Protesters

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been toasting his own victory over the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic in recent days, but many people argue the Democrat should actually be ashamed.

Cuomo has touted the state’s falling infection rate numbers and throttled mortality rate as evidence that he handled the pandemic with aplomb, even offering his “expertise” in other states dealing with spikes in cases. Last week, Cuomo unveiled a whimsical poster illustrating just how well the state handled the pandemic. He then offered that poster, complete with cartoonish jabs at the president and inside jokes about his daughter’s boyfriend, for sale on the New York State website.

On Tuesday, Cuomo traveled to Savannah, Georgia to consult and advise local leaders about how to address the rise in COVID-19 cases. But anyone interested in the reality of the disease crisis in New York saw immediately through Cuomo’s self-congratulation and pointed out that 32,000 New Yorkers died on his watch, including more than 6,000 nursing home residents forced by state policy to cohabitate with infected patients.

Georgia, Texas, and Florida, three states currently experiencing rising case numbers, have variously been excoriated by Cuomo has he toots his own horn for steering the Empire State into the safe zone. New York has counted 20,000 more deaths from COVID-19 than all three of those states combined.

To further hoist his own image as the champion of coronavirus 2020, Cuomo has issued strict quarantine orders for travelers from 31 states, more than half the country, because of political issues he has created with other state leaders and their handling of the virus. His threat to visitors from those states includes forcing airline passengers to share personal details, addresses, and itineraries. Failure to comply, he says, could result in forced quarantine. It is not yet clear how Cuomo intends to enforce the new draconian mandate.

Cuomo also claimed, without any evidence, that people from those states he has postured against in the rest of the country are flocking to New York because of its record of safety from COVID-19.

“We now have people coming to New York, fleeing the other states because it’s the ‘safe state,'” Cuomo said on Tuesday.

But even pushing aside his revisionist story about how New York has handled the virus so well, despite having more deaths and cases than any other state by an enormous margin, New York is facing multiple other crises due to social justice calls to defund the police. The state’s largest city, and most populous in the nation, is facing an unprecedented and deadly wave of violent crime.

Even though Cuomo has already claimed victory over the virus, he and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio are still exploiting their emergency pandemic tyrannical reigns to stifle the economy of the city. The suffocating shutdowns, impossibly slow rollbacks, and billions of dollars in damage caused by rioting, looting, and anarchy, have left the city’s small businesses in ruins.

A new study by The Partnership for New York City estimated that the combined damage of the lockdowns and stunning rise in violent crimes have set up nearly a third of the city’s small businesses to never again be able to open their doors. Business owners of color, the study suggests, are particularly vulnerable.

“Funds to restart, pay back rent and buy inventory are exhausted, leaving tens of thousands of entrepreneurs at risk, particularly business owners of color,” said authors Kathryn Wylde and Natasha Avanessians.

The study notes that in New York City, foot traffic was a considerable factor that determined a small business’s ability to survive while operating with narrow margins. Because of COVID-19 shutdowns, the study says, that foot traffic has been significantly diminished or eliminated altogether.

Most small businesses never had enough cash on hand to weather a prolonged shutdown, even for a few weeks, particularly in an expensive city like New York. CARES Act stimulus money and PPP loans approved by Congress were enough for some small businesses to partially open for a few months, but as shutdowns in NYC continue far longer than the residents and even Congress projected, those businesses are anticipating a fatal blow.

Further, regulations, taxes, and fees imposed on small businesses in Democrat-run cities like New York have created an impossible future any operation that is not buoyed by huge influxes of corporate money.

“Over the past decade, political forces have created a much more expensive and litigious environment for business that is no longer sustainable for those whose margins were narrow before the pandemic,” the study says of the grim future for small businesses.

So while Cuomo basks in his own faux glory, New York City and its residents are poised for a long-term economic collapse that will see the destruction of small businesses on an unprecedented scale. Perhaps he should spend less time threatening visitors who dare to stimulate the collapsed NYC economy and more time listening to the suffering people of his own state.

Author: Ellie Bufkin

Source: Town Hall: Cuomo and De Blasio Celebrate Faux Victory as NYC Businesses Crumble Around Them

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