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A bicycle shop in Austin, Texas, owned by Lance Armstrong says it is terminating a contract with the local police department.

“In the context of the current evaluation of community policing in Austin, we have decided to no longer purchase, re-sell and service police-issue Trek bikes and accessories under a City of Austin RFP [Request For Proposal] the shop was previously awarded,” Armstong’s Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop said in a series of social media posts this week.

The shop was awarded a contract worth more than $300,000 in 2019 by the city to provide bikes to the police department for officer use.

Officers have used bicycles while performing crowd control during recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the city.

The bike shop, which Armstrong opened in 2008, wanted to stop doing business with the police because officers were using their products during the demonstrations, local television station KXAN reported.

“Businesses can no longer be non-participants in the communities they serve,” an account with the same name as an Austin police officer whose name is on the contract with the shop, the station reported. “We chose what we think will do the most to suture these divides and place our community on the right side of history.”

Late last month, a man was shot and killed in Austin near a Black Lives Matter protest.

Author: Dominick Mastrangelo

Source: Washington Examiner: Lance Armstrong’s bike shop scraps deal with police department following Black Lives Matter protest

Seattle police said a search warrant served on a van that was seen near rioting in the city over the weekend revealed that the vehicle contained smoke bombs and other explosives.

Chief Carmen Best told reporters during a news conference on Wednesday that amid that officers observed a van following a group of protesters on Saturday before stopping near the department’s East Precinct. Shortly thereafter, explosions began going off in the area.

Best said police impounded the van and obtained a search warrant. Inside, authorities found firework pyrotechnics, smoke bombs, stun guns, bear and pepper spray, makeshift spike strips, and gas masks.

Best said these findings are “evidence that not everyone who comes to these protests are peaceful. Peaceful protesters do not show up in a van full of … explosives.”

Dozens of officers were injured during rioting that broke out during protests in the city over the weekend.

Mayor Jenny Durkan has pledged support for “peaceful protesters,” but on Wednesday, she condemned violence from people who are “well-organized with this kind of destructive power.”

President Trump has criticized Durkan for not doing more to quell civil unrest in the city, threatening to deploy federal forces to the area to get the situation under control.

Author: Dominick Mastrangelo

Source: Washington Examiner: Not ‘peaceful protesters’: Seattle police find van full of explosives and other weapons

Rep. Louie Gohmert would like to see the House of Representatives ban the Democratic Party and urged party leaders to change the name of the caucus because the party once supported slavery.

“A great portion of the history of the Democratic Party is filled with racism and hatred,” Gohmert said. “Since people are demanding we rid ourselves of the entities, symbols, and reminders of the repugnant aspects of our past, then the time has come for Democrats to acknowledge their party’s loathsome and bigoted past and consider changing their party name to something that isn’t so blatantly and offensively tied to slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination, and the Ku Klux Klan.”

On Wednesday, the House voted to take down the statue of former Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee as well as 15 other figures on display inside the U.S. Capitol, deeming them insensitive to racial minorities in America.

“For those of us who are sons of the South, those of us who have endured hardship, discrimination, and a lot of things that are very difficult to even talk about, for this moment in time where we are today, where we are going to start the process of healing and setting the record straight as it relates to the real history of this country, it is fitting and proper that those individuals who fought to keep many of our ancestors enslaved should not have to be recognized in a place where people who do good expect to be recognized,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat.

Gohmert, a Republican, introduced a resolution Thursday that would ban any “names, symbolizes or mentions any political organization or party that has ever held a public position that supported slavery or the Confederacy.”

The Texas congressman included in his resolution more than a dozen instances of Democrats either standing in the way of civil rights reform or promoting racist policies.

These included Woodrow Wilson’s segregation policies in 1912, the Ku Klux Klan’s presence at the 1924 Democratic National Convention, and the prominence of Sen. Robert Byrd, who was one of the country’s most racist lawmakers.

“To avoid triggering innocent bystanders by the racist past of the Democratic Party, I would suggest they change their name,” Gohmert said. “That is the standard to which they are holding everyone else, so the name change needs to occur.”

Gohmert’s resolution was co-sponsored by Reps. Andy Biggs, Jody Hice, Rand Weber, and Andy Harris.

Author: Dominick Mastrangelo

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Filled with racism and hatred’: Louie Gohmert introduces legislation banning Democratic Party from Congress

A couple in Kentucky is threatening to sue the local government after health department officials visited their home with sheriff’s deputies and placed ankle monitors on them after the wife tested positive for the coronavirus.

Elizabeth Linscott tested positive for COVID-19 last week. The Hardin County Health Department contacted her a few days later and requested she sign papers limiting her traveling anywhere unless she calls the health department first, WKYT reported.

Linscott declined to sign the documents.

“My part was if I have to go to the ER, if I have to go to the hospital, I’m not going to wait to get the approval to go,” she told the station.

A few days later, Linscott said officials with the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department arrived at her home.

“I open up the door and there’s like eight different people,” Linscott’s husband Isaiah said. “Five different cars and I’m like what the heck’s going on? This guy’s in a suit with a mask, it’s the health department guy and he has three different papers for us. For me, her and my daughter.”

Elizabeth Linscott, who is asymptomatic, said just because she did not sign the Self-isolation and Controlled Movement Agreed Order does not mean she is not willing to quarantine until she recovers.

“That’s exactly what the director of the public health department told the judge, that I was refusing to self-quarantine because of this and that was not the case at all,” Linscott said. “I never said that.”

The ankle monitors will alert authorities if they travel more than 200 feet from their home. The couple told the station they are seeking legal counsel regarding the situation.

Author: Dominick Mastrangelo

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘What the heck’s going on?’: Kentucky couple slapped with ankle monitors after wife tests positive for coronavirus

More than half of Mexican nationals are not sympathetic to migrants traveling through the country on their journey to the United States and support the deportation of unauthorized persons waiting to gain entry to America, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by the Washington Post and Mexican newspaper Reforma, found “more than 6 in 10 Mexicans say migrants are a burden on their country because they take jobs and benefits that should belong to Mexicans.”

Additionally, more than half of the those same Mexican citizens are in favor of deporting migrants living in the country illegally.

“The Post-Reforma survey finds 7 percent of Mexicans say their country should offer residency to Central American immigrants traveling through Mexico and trying to enter the United States,” the report said. “Another 33 percent support allowing them to stay temporarily while the United States decides whether to admit them. But a 55 percent majority say they should be deported to their home countries.”

Since the beginning of the year, hundreds of thousands of people have been traveling from Central America by route of Mexico in an attempt to gain entry to the U.S. and seek asylum.

Border Patrol officials said they encountered a record 144,000 undocumented immigrants in May alone.

This week, President Trump’s administration moved to tighten restrictions on migrants seeking to enter the U.S.

One of the new mandates requires migrants to apply for asylum in another country before reaching the U.S.

Trump has threatened to close the southern border with Mexico if the country did not do more to curb illegal immigration into the U.S.

Author: Dominick Mastrangelo

Source: Washington Examiner: Majority of Mexicans favor deporting migrants waiting to enter US

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