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Amazon Prime Video did not offer a live stream of the Republican National Convention during primetime on Monday after it livestreamed all four nights of the Democratic National Convention last week.

The RNC blackout meant that Amazon Prime subscribers couldn’t watch the first night of the convention through the Prime Video mobile app or through Fire TV devices. Breitbart News made multiple attempts to search for a primetime RNC livestream on Amazon but only found archived RNC footage from earlier in the day.

Multiple Amazon Prime subscribers took to social media to complain about the RNC blackout Monday evening. Amazon’s official customer service Twitter account said that its RNC livestream for Monday covered the period from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Searching for RNC coverage on Amazon also proved to be more difficult than searching for DNC footage. A search for the term “DNC” brought up Amazon’s livestreams from all four days of the Democratic National Convention last week, while an “RNC” search failed to return anything related to Monday’s convention.

Users had to use the full search term “Republican National Convention” to find anything RNC-related.

Amazon, which did not respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News, has had a long-standing feud with President Donald Trump over issues including taxes and the U.S. Postal Service. The commander in chief is currently warring with Amazon, accusing Jeff Bezos’ company of using the U.S. Postal Service as a cheap delivery mechanism for its packages.

Last week, President Trump tore into Amazon in an interview on Fox News.

“Amazon and other companies like it, they come and they drop all of their mail into a post office,” the president said in an interview on Fox News’ Fox & Friends. “They drop packages into the post office by the thousands and then they say, ‘Here, you deliver them.’ We lose $3 and $4 a package on average. We lose massive amounts of money.”

The company is also fighting the Trump administration over a $10 billion cloud computing Pentagon contract that the White House awarded to competitor Microsoft.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also owns the far-left Washington Post, which has positioned itself as an anti-Trump outlet.

Author: David Ng

Source: Breitbart: Amazon Livestreamed All 4 Nights of DNC, Ignores RNC Day 1

The rapper known as 2 Chainz is teaming up with Michelle Obama and her When We All Vote initiative to educate former and current prison inmates about their voting rights.

In a new video, 2 Chainz encourages prison inmates to register to vote if they can. “Basically, it just depends on what state you live in. Each state has different laws,” he said. “If you live in Maine, Vermont, or D.C., you actually never lose your rights to vote, even while being incarcerated.”

Watch below:

He said that in about 20 states, former inmates can vote once they have paid fines and fulfilled the terms of their probation. “I really feel like this election matters more than any other election in our lifetime,” he said.

“Remember, your voice does matter. We need it. We need everybody’s voice at this particular moment. So I feel like, collectively, if we come together during this time, we can get what we need to get done. I’m not here to try to sway you to vote for anybody particularly.”

Voting rights for current and former inmates has emerged as a contentious issue ahead of November 3. Iowa’s Republican Governor Kim Reynolds has upset many in her party with her plan to restore voting rights to about 60,000 convicted felons in time for the election. Gov. Reynolds signed the executive order into law on August 3.

Michelle Obama’s When We all Vote has been aggressively moving to boost voter registration among young people in time for the election. The group has also been pushing vote by mail as an alternative during the coronavirus pandemic.

Author: David Ng

Source: Breitbart: Michelle Obama Teams with Rapper 2 Chainz to Educate Prison Inmates on Voting Rights

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