Big Tech giants, namely Snapchat, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon Web Services, have all banned former President Donald J. Trump from their platforms. However, Jason Miller, a former senior campaign advisor for Trump, noted that Trump intends to return to social media imminently.

On Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” Miller remarked that Trump has ironically received more attention for his statements and press releases “than he ever did on Twitter before” due to being banned from social media. 

Miller also added that Trump’s statements may receive more favorable reception due to their length, which enables Trump to communicate his thoughts and beliefs in a “much more elegant” way than he could on Twitter. Furthermore, the length of Trump’s statements is also much “more presidential” relative to his prior tweets.

In addition, Miller also noted that Trump will return to social media, albeit on his own platform. The estimated time for Trump to launch his own social media platform is within the next two to three months.

Miller predicts that Trump’s platform “will be the hottest ticket in social media,” as it will completely “redefine the game.” Miller believes everyone will be watching and waiting to see exactly what Trump might do with the platform he ultimately creates.

Trump has held several meetings at Mar-a-Lago, and numerous companies have approached him, expressing interest in Trump’s social media ventures. However, Miller also stated that Trump seems to have his mind set on the exact direction that he wants.

Miller concluded by stating Trump’s platform is “going to be big,” likely drawing multiple millions of users to his new platform.

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