Malcolm Nance, an MSNBC analyst, claimed that jokes regarding Biden’s tripping while climbing up into Air Force One could encourage a potential assassination attempt on Biden’s life.

Biden infamously tripped three times on camera while boarding Air Force One this past Friday. The White House cited the wind as the reason behind Biden’s fall.

Nonetheless, memes and Internet jokes quickly proliferated online afterwards.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of former President Trump, posted a joking video that depicted his father hitting a golf ball that struck Biden in the head, illustrating that “it wasn’t the wind” that knocked Biden down.

MSNBC then claimed that Trump Jr.’s tweet caused potential danger to Biden because it could serve as an inspiration for “bad actors” to cause injury the president.

For instance, Nance alleged that the video posted by Trump Jr. is “dangerous” because it “makes light of the potential of injury” to people during an appearance on Dean Obeidallah’s radio show.

Nance also stated that various firearms forums members may observe the video posted by Trump Jr. and subsequently contemplate utilizing their own “long-range shooting skills” in order to harm Biden.

Nance stated that he often monitors right-wing “extremists’ internal communications,” including their telegram channels, Parler tweets, chats, and other forms that they are “very prevalent on.”

Nance noted that these forums include gun forums, which he insists are “some seething hotbeds of violence,” or “potential violence,” and he added that many members had long range shooting skills. Nance also noted that forum members may start discussing whether or not to “use a .338 Lapua or whether they use .50 caliber BMG to get that shot.”

Nance also noted that Trump Jr’.s video is suggestive of murder jokes, even though it does not directly state or suggest murder.

“The point is … [the video] mainstreams the potential for danger,” Nance concluded.

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