The 2020 presidential election has fraud cases that remain active in the court system. Per official data, 18 of the 83 fraud cases filed regarding the 2020 election remain active. Nonetheless, the vast majority of inactive cases were not examined by the courts.

21 of the 83 cases were merit-based, and the GOP and former President Trump won 14 of these. The active lawsuits are taking place across 11 states, with the majority of them taking place in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

This news arrived after the Supreme Court declined to hear numerous lawsuits related tot he election in February, which emerged from potential election fraud in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. However, the high court declined to provide justification for why it rejected the more controversial cases filed by Sidney Powell, a U.S. attorney, in Pennsylvania.

Powell remarked that evidence regarding the electronic manipulation of ballots was available, which led to thousands of ballots remaining uncounted across multiple states.

Powell explained that by conducting “forensic evaluations of the machines” and examining “all of the paper ballots,” it becomes clear that the numbers will not align.

She alleges that the same counterfeit ballot was run through the same counting machine repeatedly, which means, “you’re going to get the same result,” Powell continued.

Per the Heritage Foundation, over 1,300 cases of proven voter fraud, including more than 1,100 convictions, have occurred in recent years.

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