It’s taken weeks and weeks and weeks for the Democrats to finally acknowledge challenges at the border, challenges that virtually any common sense American, and for that matter, Trump, warned about ever since last year.

Unfortunately, the Democrats threw out the welcome wagon for hordes of illegal immigrants to start marching towards the border before 2020 even ended. Consequently, numerous Americans looked on in dismay to see Biden shirt-wearing migrants predictably storming towards the border in January.

While the Biden administration and “Circle Back” Psaki continued to dodge various, very relevant questions regarding the border crisis, it looks like some ultra-leftists have finally come around to the realization that they should probably acknowledge the severe challenges overwhelming the border, all due to Democrat insanity.

Too bad that when Democrats decide to recognize an issue at the border, they fail to look at the facts and instead deign to go with their feelings. Starting with one of the greatest drama queens of them all, Ms. Pelosi.

In news that is surprising, yet also unsurprising, Pelosi has decided to blame Trump for the current border crisis. Yes, she is making this claim in spite of the fact that various officials have stated that the border had been more secure under Trump than it had in decades with anyone else.

Not to mention the fact that the states actually dealing with the border crisis, like Texas, have explicitly called out Biden’s administration for the increasing chaos at the border, with State AG Ken Paxton and Governor Greg Abbott coming to mind, along with various other individuals who are decidedly unimpressed with Biden’s imaginary utopia at the border.

Then again, since Pelosi never bothers to listen to anyone but herself and her yes people anyway, she may have never bothered to even tune in to the remarks made by Paxton and Abbott.

Instead, she just goes to her predictable punching bag: Trump. Which she did with great melodrama during a recent appearance on ABC.

“The facts of these, there are more children, about 600, 700 more children, unaccompanied children coming over the border … This is a humanitarian challenge to all of us …

What the administration has inherited is a broken system at the border, and they are working to correct that in the children’s interest … I’m so pleased that the president, as a temporary measure, has sent FEMA to the border in order to help facilitate the children going from one — the 72-hour issue into where they are cared for as they are transferred into family homes or homes that are safe for them to be …

So this, again, is a transition for what was wrong before to what is right.” [Source: The Blaze]

“A transition for what is wrong before to what is right.” Is Pelosi for real? How “wrong” could Trump have been if Biden is using the exact same type of assistance that Trump did, including the so-called “cages” that are now apparently “homes” under the Biden administration.

Furthermore, Ms. Pelosi, something else “wrong” is to openly extend an invitation to Central America, welcoming an invasion of the border, and then turn around and loudly complain about a humanitarian crisis. Which is immediately blamed on Trump.

And, like the ultra-leftist she is, Pelosi couldn’t resist blaming climate change for the border crisis as well, though she paid brief passing attention to “corruption” and “violence” before spending the majority of her time railing about climate change.

“My most recent trip to the Northern Triangle, that would be Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, you saw the impact of the climate change, mind you … These people were leaving because of the drought. They couldn’t farm and they were seeking other ways to survive.” [Source: The Blaze]

Right, ok, Pelosi. That’s surely the reason all of these individuals are marching to the border … over not being able to farm. Also, way to pass judgment on the entire region of Central America, based upon one single observation of “climate change.”

For that matter, Pelosi did not bother to elaborate further on climate change she supposedly saw; people are apparently supposed to just accept “the impact” now, without even hearing some commentary about dryness, lack of rain, or any other complaint that supposedly indicates humanity has the sole power to destroy the planet.

So, between blaming Trump and blaming climate change, one can only wonder what Pelosi might blame next for the inevitable mess headed the Democrats’ way …

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