Everyone knew that Kamala bailing out violent BLM thugs and Biden openly calling for investigations into the police (without mentioning any accountability whatsoever on the criminals’ parts) would be a very bad idea. After all, what worse way to achieve “unity” than to directly or indirectly applaud BLM, which has absolutely zero interest in unity of any kind?

For that matter, zero interest in the United States of any kind, considering that the militant movement, along with Antifa, are clearly fixated on turning the United States into a completely unrecognizable nation.

Starting with the continuous establishment of “autonomous zones,” where police are banned and crime flourishes. Recalling the disaster of Seattle’s CHOP zone last year, wherein a teenager tragically died (and the Mayor of Seattle couldn’t be deigned to contact the family of the victim, though Trump himself did).

However, it looks like the leftists are gearing up for another even more volatile “autonomous zone”: One that is conveniently set up just in time for the officers facing various charges over the passing of George Floyd last spring.

Branter Smith, a retired Sergeant and current spokeswoman for the National Police Association has detailed the autonomous zone that has now sprung up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just in time for the beginning stages of the trial for the officers involved with George Floyd.

“George Floyd Square is now an autonomous zone. They just had a homicide there … There are businesses especially near the Third Precinct — that was allowed to burn down — that get robbed by the same people two to three times a week. There are citizens who just can’t get police service.” [Source: Fox News]

Apparently, this six block area also has a “no White people” allowed rule, which hardly sounds like unity but frankly sounds even more like dangerous discord and serious violence.

And, on top of the “no White people” rule, police are apparently totally barred from entering as well, which means that they will be unable to help someone in true need of assistance, even if the individual is literally dying.

Smith highlights the grim reality of those unfortunately trapped in living within this autonomous zone, as they did not exactly get a vote either.

“The police are literally barricaded from going in there … It’s very frustrating because it’s already a very disadvantaged area to begin with. Then, of course, last May and into the summer, there were the riots that further decimated it, and now you have this area where the police — who are already short-staffed — aren’t allowed to go in.” [Source: Fox News]

It is not only very frustrating, but it is also incredibly dangerous to public safety. After all, Minneapolis, the city council of which idiotically voted to defund police last year (while retaining private security for themselves), is already a powder keg due to the upcoming trial of the police officers.

And, like the classic, havoc-loving leftists they are, BLM and Antifa are chomping at the bit to create even more havoc for the law-abiding citizens who still remain in Minneapolis. Plus, crime has been on the rise in Minnesota ever since the political representatives thought it would be a great idea to defund police.

Until a brief last year shattered that police-free utopia that politicians dreamed up.

“Without the adequate number of police officers as the police force, the current Minneapolis public safety crisis will continue to no one’s benefit.”
[Source: Fox News]

Uh, yeah. That could be determined without some massive formal study. Nonetheless, it’s at least nice to see some sanity in writing, as opposed to all the gibberish over defunding the police.

Biden and Kamala, of course, have the opportunity to send in the National Guard to Minneapolis, which would frankly be a much better use of National Guard members than the ones lolling around D.C., but that seems to be an unlikely possibility, given that both of them all but openly supported violent riots last year.

Let’s see what they do this year … But don’t count on the National Guard becoming activated. Would be borderline miraculous if it were …

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