Well, the Democrats sure know how to pick them. First, they chose Dyjuan Tatro to serve as a “senior advisor” in the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), who would be the same individual accusing Capitol Hill Police of “white supremacy.”

Such a senior White House advisor would likely support another known gangbanger, Tyree Morehead, who suggests that other gang members should be paid to not kill people.

Now, the DCCC has apparently decided it’s a great idea to bring on a CTO officer who also shares a mutual hatred for the police, Ms. Erica Joy Baker, who does not look to be overly filled with joy or love for the United States.

Just consider her past commentary on the police, including the encouragement to burn all police precincts to the ground (in her own words on her own social media accounts).

“if the cops kill me, the only way to ‘sully’ my legacy is to *not* be out in the streets … if the cops kill me, burn every cop precinct to the ground. if the cops kill me, shut down the highways and throw the teargas back at em when they try you. gtfo with that ‘sully’ shit.” [Source: Breitbart]

Quite the contrary to the pleas made by several families of minorities who succumb to law enforcement’s use of deadly force. Despite their devastation, more than one family has pled for no riots or violence in their loved one’s name, though BLM and Antifa have clearly disregarded several families’ wishes.

And Ms. Baker didn’t just stop at calling for all police precincts to be burned to the ground; she also claimed that “good cops” do not exist … anywhere.

“this part. there is no line. they will lie about any and everything bc there’s nobody to stop them. there are no good cops. the good cops, the ones who speak up, get pushed out. the bad ones, the ones who are silent about or complicit in bad behavior, get to keep their jobs.” [Source: Breitbart]

Right, because every single police officer knows exactly what every other police officer is feeling, thinking, or doing. Real logical, Ms. Baker. Not that logic was ever a hallmark of ultra-leftism.

The DCCC’s commentary on Ms. Baker?

“Erica Joy Baker is a seasoned Engineering Leader who has worked in the tech industry at companies including Google, Slack, and Microsoft, and was most recently a Director of Engineering at GitHub. In addition, Erica has been on several advisory boards and councils such as the Code.org Diversity Council and the Barbie Global Advisory Board. As the child of Air Force parents, Erica has had the opportunity to live all over the United States, from Florida to Alaska, and is currently based in Oakland, California.” [Source: DCCC]

So, the child of Air Force parents hates the police. Great.

And, in the spirit of Mr. Tatro, Baker also levied accusations of racism against the Capitol Hill Police; the only difference was that Tatro referred to them as “white supremacists” whereas Baker refers to them as “white nationalists.”

“I wonder if this will kick off an investigation into how deeply white nationalists have infiltrated capitol police, which will spur similar investigations into other PDs.” [Source: Breitbart]

Clearly, both definitions embody hatred of the police. And clearly, these new “Democrat” advisors hardly signal any form of unity, much to the chagrin of Jim Clyburn, the Democrat House Majority Whip from South Carolina.

“[If] we are going to run on Medicare for All, defund the police, socialized medicine, we’re not going to win.” [Source: Breitbart]

Well, it’s nice to know that Clyburn is primarily concerned with “not winning” over Americans, though the truth is everyone will lose under advisors like this.

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