Remember this date: March 19.

That date is when Candace Owens, one of the youngest, brightest conservatives in the nation today, not to mention a staunch supporter of President Trump, will debut her highly anticipated show on The Daily Wire, titled simply “Candace.”

At last, the week has taken a bright turn, all courtesy of one of the most lovely conservative commentators out there today.

Candace routinely deals with multiple assaults from the fake news media, ultra-leftists, and anyone else who absolutely hates the fact that more than one individual knows exactly what the Democrat Party is all about.

And these individuals aren’t afraid to hide it.

Which is precisely why Candace allied herself with President Trump and took several bold measures on behalf of conservatives, including making a greater voice for conservatives in the media mainstream. And, given Ms. Owens’ recent announcement, that space for conservatives is about to grow even larger, with her highly anticipated show set to debut on The Daily Wire entertainment platform on March 19.

Candace is extremely excited about the show, especially since it will invoke humor, light-heartedness, and hope, not to mention a massive dose of common sense politics.

“Conservatives want to feel heard in the culture … Candace is going to be funny, it’s going to be light-hearted, but most importantly it’s going to be hopeful. I am intimately involved in the production of the show, and I am incredibly excited to bring it to audiences.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Thank you, Candace. And thank you for having the stamina to square off to fake news media and other leftist tyrants, who certainly do not make your job easy.

Candace, however, is no stranger to challenges, and she is also eager to embrace opportunities, as she explained her connection to The Daily Wire in particular.

“Working with the Daily Wire to me felt like it was the right move for a lot of reasons … But I think the biggest one is that seeing conservative voices being kicked out of culture, you’re not allowed to be funny, you’re not allowed to be likable in the media if you are a conservative, something so simple, and it wasn’t like this 10 years ago.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Absolutely. “Cancel culture” didn’t even exist (widely) during the Obama years, yet Biden and all of his supporters have magically advanced this insane culture, all with the help of fake news media and arrogant tech giants.

The Daily Wire Co-Founder, Jeremy Boreing, definitely sees the need for voices like Candace’s, which is precisely why he is also thrilled about her presence on the media network.

“It’s going to be unlike anything that’s happened at The Daily Wire. I think, truly, different in kind from anything that’s happened in conservative new media …

When Candace Owens speaks, people listen, which is what makes her one of the most provocative and exciting cultural commentators of our time … We’re thrilled to be working with Candace and look forward to introducing a different side of her to America.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Absolutely. Many Americans listen to Candace for very good reasons, including her logic, intelligence, and strong ideals, not to mention her enviable poise and impressive professionalism.
In other words, all the characteristics that out of control BLM rioters and Antifa thugs routinely fail to possess. They do, however, excel at embodying all the opposite traits, much like their “representatives” in the swamp.

Speaking of the swamp, Candace’s show is perfectly timed for yet another reason: She clearly shows that conservatives are here to stay. In other words, conservatives will not apologize for their views, nor will they ever kowtow to the leftist vigilante mob.

“The timing right now is really crucial to stand up on a platform and to say, I’m here, I’m a conservative, I’m not apologizing.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Absolutely. And tens of millions of Americans, not to mention a larger global audience, is behind you, Candace …

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