If you’ve ever suffered the misfortune of being trapped into watching CNN, whether at the gym, airport, or some other public location in which televisions are not easy to escape from, chances are excellent you’ve seen the rather smug faces of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo.

Don Lemon apparently detests the nation that made him rather wealthy through his rather comfy, not terribly challenging professional career on fake news media, where his primary responsibilities for the past few years included tasks such as following Trump’s Twitter account (groundbreaking research, really … not).

Chris Cuomo, on the other hand … is the brother of Andrew Cuomo, otherwise known as the governor that refuses to step down from his position despite open calls from other Democrats to do so. So, not much else can be said about Chris Cuomo … or can it?

In an era when Democrats are openly attacking people for appropriating anything remotely black, including charcoal face masks, it is apparently A-OK for Chris Cuomo to claim on public air that he’s “black on the inside.”

In a bizarre exchange with Don Lemon, where both men apparently talked about everything but current events, Chris Cuomo reminisced upon a television show, “Good Times,” which apparently constituted the bulk of the conversation.

And, as part of this conversation, Cuomo made the ultimate “triggering” declaration:

“You know I’m black on the inside.” [Source: Breitbart]

The horror! Cue the riots and protests! Oh, wait … fake news said it, so it must be ok.

Never mind individuals like Trump actually creating jobs and making a difference in minorities’ lives … Instead, overpaid jokesters on fake news networks can get away with saying just about anything they want, whereas Trump has to fight just to have his own words even properly represented, not only within context, but also within facts.

Plus, Chris Cuomo has already landed in technical hot water for refusing to portray the truth about his own brother, and he’s also managed to hurl cold water on top of the Democrat mantra of “Believe women” through his ridiculous defense of his brother despite rather glaring evidence to the contrary.

Yes, believe women until they accuse a liberal, that is. Then watch what happens … it isn’t pretty.

Which is probably why Chris Cuomo issued some absurd statement a few days ago, claiming he cannot discuss the scandal because Andrew Cuomo is his “brother.” Though, come to think of it, Chris Cuomo refused to even say something remotely negative, like “scandal.”

Instead, he opted for the following commentary a few days ago.

“Obviously, I am aware of what is going on with my brother. And obviously, I cannot cover it because he is my brother … Now, of course CNN has to cover it … They have covered it extensively, and they will continue to do so …

I have always cared very deeply about these issues, and profoundly so. I just wanted to tell you that … There’s a lot of news going on that matters also, so let’s get after that.” [Source: The Huffington Post]

“It?” “These issues?” Way to be more vague, Cuomo 2.0 …

Besides, it appears Mr. Chris Cuomo didn’t really cover any news of importance since this time, given that the next time he made headlines occurred when chatting with Don Lemon about television shows. Right, really critical “news” Americans need.

Plus, as far as that claim that “a lot of news going on that matters also?” What would that news be? CNN’s nonstop bashing of Trump? CNN’s altogether fake stories about not only Trump, but also his millions upon millions of supporters?

In addition, how “deeply” could Mr. Chris Cuomo care about “these issues” by refusing to even acknowledge the scandal surrounding his brother, only referring to the scandal as “it?”

Wow! How powerfully persuasive.

In the meantime, the likes of Chris Cuomo and other arch-liberal reporters would undoubtedly feel zero qualms over assailing the women who have dared to come forward on “Governor Cuomo,” considering how roundly dismissed Biden accuser Tara Reade was … despite having more evidence than Christine Blasey Ford.

One can only see what ends up happening with “Governor” Cuomo, though, if it’s anything like what will happen with “CNN” Chris Cuomo, that means both Cuomo brothers will likely face … nothing.

Hopefully, Americans will recall all these little leftist discrepancies by 2022 … and vote accordingly.

Assuming, of course, that transparent elections still exist.

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