By now, everyone has likely heard that the Democrats rammed through the $1.9T COVID “relief” bill, which strangely provides more relief for vested stakeholders than hardworking Americans. Which is precisely why the bill was passed with exactly 0 support from the GOP.

However, other news that flew a bit lower than the radar also emerged regarding Biden’s latest actions, including, yet again, a rather bold executive order, notoriously known as “H. R. 1.”

The kicker with this particular executive order? It targets voter registration. Irony of ironies …

Biden decided to honor “Bloody Sunday,” which led to the eventual passing of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, by targeting voter registration with an executive order while simultaneously claiming that states are rapidly disenfranchising their voters.

“During this current legislative session, elected officials in 43 states have already introduced over 250 bills to make it harder to vote … We cannot let them succeed …

This is a landmark piece of legislation that is urgently needed … I hope the Senate does its work so I can sign it into law.” [Source: Fox News]

Care to elaborate on any specific examples, Biden? Apparently not, considering he appeared to throw out the rather bold phrase “250 bills,” without providing a single example of how disenfranchisement has occurred.

Or, even better, what Biden most likely defines as disenfranchisement is more likely laws designed to increase voter accountability and election integrity, particularly when taking into account actions that Georgia took early in 2021.

Specifically, Georgia apparently realized that corruption can occur with essentially nonstop absentee ballots, especially when tedious little things like verifying voter signatures and other rather important elements of election integrity are ignored.

Which is precisely why GOP Georgia State Senator Burt Jones supports the movement towards reforming election laws to ensure voter integrity.

“When you don’t have a secure chain of custody, particularly with drop boxes, there’s no reason for that to be in the process … You’ve got three weeks of early voting and Saturday voting. You’ve given ample time and opportunities for people to get the effort to go in to vote.” [Source: AJC]


On top of that, imagine the entirety of Atlanta supposedly having to stop counting votes as the result of a broken water pipe in one facility. Given the gigantic metropolis that Atlanta is, that excuse frankly comes across as lamer than “the dog ate my homework.”

However, since Democrats are apparently allergic to accountability, never mind the truth, they immediately began spouting off about Georgia’s movements towards greater election integrity. One such individual includes James Beverly, the House Minority Leader in Georgia, an (unsurprising) Democrat.

“They lost, and now they want to change the rules to give themselves a competitive advantage … The pendulum swings, and people can see through this foolishness in the truest sense of suppression and disenfranchisement.”
[Source: AJC]

Right, Mr. Beverly. Could you potentially be referring to the Democrats’ mindset in 2016? As their tantrum lasted near-indefinitely, complete with two jokes of an impeachment and a whole lot of international shenanigans, particularly with the current administration’s family.

On top of that, only Democrats could compare election integrity with voter disenfranchisement and apparently believe the “foolishness” they are spewing.

Furthermore, speaking of “changing the rules” to obtain “a competitive advantage,” well, another question definitely comes to mind …

So, eh, Biden and Co., how about those hundreds of millions of mail-in ballots sent to Americans over the course of the past several months? Didn’t look like much, if any, “voter registration” was required to receive those particular gems, otherwise known as the Democrats’ insurance policy for victory.

Which is precisely why Rep. Steve Scalise called out Biden’s nonsense for exactly what it is.

“Every single American should be outraged … Democrats just voted to ban voter ID nationwide and force every state to permanently expand mail-in voting.” [Source: Breitbart]

In other words, Democrats angled to provide themselves with a permanent competitive advantage …

The question is, how can this unlawful competitive advantage be reversed?

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