Well if a conservative news report is a “one horse pony” to Biden, it would follow that conservative governors are apparently “Neanderthals.” Or, more accurately, that conservative governors follow “Neanderthal thinking.”

And why are these governors suddenly to be deemed like Neanderthals now? Oh, for daring to follow the science, the exact same science Biden was harping about for months (before he was “elected”). Unfortunately, Biden decided to disregard the science when it came to school reopening procedures, not to mention the other scientific studies (published outside the United States) that raise questions regarding the real efficacy of masks.

A number of conservative states implemented more than reasonable restriction measures, especially relative to Newsom in California, Whitmer in Michigan, and Cuomo in New York (all of whom, coincidentally, are now in trouble for their own handling of the COVID pandemic).

Unsurprisingly, the conservative states do not presently suffer from the level of unrest and unemployment that characterize the most leftist of leftist states, nor do they suffer from massive, ongoing COVID issues like the leftist states.

Now that the conservative states are also vaccinating their respective populations far more efficiently, the governors of these states have made the rather prudent decision to lift state-mandated COVID restrictions, approximately one year after the crisis began.

While one year would seem more than reasonable to most people, one has to remember that the United States is currently inhabited by a wide array of not very reasonable people (Dr. Seuss, anyone? Mr. Potato Head? Aunt Jemima? The list could go on …)

And, unfortunately for these Americans, one of those less reasonable people happens to be occupying the Oval Office now, the rather obvious result of one of the most questionable elections in recent memory.

Just consider Biden’s latest commentary on the “Neanderthals” governing conservative states.

“We’ve been able to move that all the way up to the end of May to have enough [vaccines] for every American, to get every adult American to get a shot, … The last thing we need is the Neanderthal thinking.” [Source: Fox News]

Funny. Seems that most “Neanderthal thinking” dominates other nations, such as those who believe that the entirety of a population should be subject to one major leader, one who has no business being in that position in the first place.

It was that type of “Neanderthal” thinking that inspired the Founding Fathers to seek a new land, the land now known as the United States of America, which was unequivocally formed based on the principles of constitutional and political liberty.

Clearly, Biden, Pelosi, Kamala, and too many more to count envy the royal figures that the Founding Fathers fled from, which is likely why they seem to have such unprecedented respect towards (not to mention acquiescence to) China.

And, since Biden is so intent on the “Neanderthal thinking” of governors who dare to oppose him, having a direct look at feedback from these governors is quite useful to see how “Neanderthal-like” their commentary truly is (or, more accurately, is not).

For instance, the Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves, announced a statewide lifting of all restrictions this week.

“Starting tomorrow, we are lifting all of our county mask mandates and businesses will be able to operate at full capacity without any state-imposed rules. Our hospitalizations and case numbers have plummeted, and the vaccine is being rapidly distributed. It is time!” [Source: Fox News]

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has also taken a firmly pro-liberty stance, which also takes into account public health measures.

“With the medical advancements of vaccines and antibody therapeutic drugs, Texas now has the tools to protect Texans from the virus.” [Source: Fox News]

Hm. Seems like Reeves and Abbott came up with more facts than Biden did. While Biden rambles on about the vaccine being available first in March, now in May, and who knows how long the real time frame will be, Reeves, Abbott, and others are already several steps ahead of the Biden administration (admittedly, not too challenging of a feat).

Seems like only one entity remains guilty of “Neanderthal thinking,” and that entity definitely does not include conservative governors …

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