What do the founding fathers statutes, Aunt Jemima products, and Dr. Seuss books have in common? Hint: In the eyes of ultra-liberal leftists, all of them are the embodiment of racism and must be immediately cancelled.

Apparently, the Biden administration is in agreement.

The original trigger for this mania began in the Loudoun County Public Schools District, one of the largest districts in Virginia. This rather leftist school distract cancelled Dr. Seuss’s appearance in the “Read Across America Day” celebrations, claiming that the beloved children’s series is supposedly rife with a mass array of racial “undertones.”

According to the “wisdom” of an ultra-left public school district, Dr. Seuss books apparently are not “inclusive and diverse and reflective of [its] student community.”

Wayde B. Byard, a “spokesman” for the school district made the following, rather inflammatory proclamation regarding Dr. Seuss, which, frankly, borders on character defamation.

“[There are] strong racial undertones in many books written/illustrated by Dr. Seuss … Given this research, and LCPS’ focus on equity and culturally responsive instruction, LCPS has provided guidance to schools in the past couple of years to not connect Read Across America Day with Dr. Seuss’ birthday exclusively.” [Source: Breitbart]

As for specific examples of “strong racial undertones,” apparently Asian characters with chopsticks and long braided hair can be considered a “jarring racial stereotype.”

Frankly, the school district’s position on Dr. Seuss is far more “jarring,” especially when controlling what people can and cannot read is frighteningly reminiscent of a truly dystopian national environment.

After all, the German Student Union (sound familiar) in Nazi Germany spent significant time purging and burning books that were considered subversive or contrary to the insane ideologies that ground Nazism.

In fact, one of Hitler’s leading spokesman, the infamous Goebbels, loudly proclaimed the importance of burning books, which sounds chillingly similar to Democrats’ commentary today.

“The future German man will not just be a man of books, but a man of character. It is to this end that we want to educate you. As a young person, to already have the courage to face the pitiless glare, to overcome the fear of death, and to regain respect for death – this is the task of this young generation. And thus you do well in this midnight hour to commit to the flames the evil spirit of the past.” [Source: History Place]

Unsurprisingly, Melania was a large proponent of Dr. Seuss, highlighting the numerous characteristics that the beloved children’s series instilled into its audience.

“Dr. Seuss has brought so much joy, laughter and enchantment into children’s lives all around the globe for generations … Through his captivating rhymes, Dr. Seuss has delighted and inspired children while teaching them to read, to dream, and to care.” [Source: Fox News]

For the above reasons, Melania selected Dr. Seuss for celebrating Read Across America Day in 2017.

Ironically, Obama himself endorsed Dr. Seuss in 2015, along with his rather public wife Michelle, which makes the latest cancellation all the more ironic … and horrific.

“The works of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known to us as Dr. Seuss, have sparked a love for reading in generations of students … His whimsical wordplay and curious characters inspire children to dream big and remind readers of all ages that ‘a person’s a person no matter how small.” [Source: Fox News]

Thank you, Obama, for an actually sane comment made 5+ years ago. Wish you’d weigh in now on your former VP in that case, but Americans certainly won’t hold their breaths, particularly given Obama’s recent (politically expedient) ranting about racial relations.

Nonetheless, Obama’s 2015 statement highlights just how rapidly the nation has started to descend into a full on assault of anything and everything American. After all, between 2015 and 2021 Dr. Seuss somehow went from being an inspiration to children of all ages to something … racist.

Exactly what isn’t racist in the United States these days? What’s next on the chopping block, vanilla ice cream? Blonde hair? White clothing?

Heck, Biden just might end up painting the White House black before he leaves (which may well be before the 2024 presidential elections …) just to prove how “progressive” his administration was.

If stoking up the greatest racial tension the United States has ever seen in recent memory could even be considered an example of “progress” anyway.

The truth is, recalling Mr. Obama’s rather clear commentary on the “inspiring” nature of Dr. Seuss is most likely the real reason the beloved children’s author is being cancelled.

After all, God forbid America’s youth are “inspired” to think differently, outside of the increasingly Marxist educational box …

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