Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment. Reportedly he suggested a game of “strip poker” with his female aide. The New York Governor has denied the allegations.

He is not however being held to task over the allegations by liberal #MeToo leaders. Take the instance of Sen. Gillibrand, who relentlessly attacked her colleague in Senate, Al Franken over allegations of misconduct back in 2018. She was unwilling to give comment to the media regarding Cuomo’s situation.

Cuomo has been accused in the past by Morgan Pehme, a journalist who claims his career was threatened. There’s also Karen Hinton, a former spokesperson who accused Cuomo as well as Bill de Blasio of asserting his “gender domination” over women.

The Sexual Harassment Working Group issued a statement claiming that Cuomo should be subjected to an “independent investigation” regarding his “workplace behavior.” The statement also stresses that the investigation should be performed by a person or group who is not subject to Cuomo’s “appointment or supervisory powers.”

Long time allies of Cuomo, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi also failed to respond to a media request for comment. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not respond to a comment request either.

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