The “Equality Act” which was shot down in 2019 by Senate republicans is back for round two and it’s just passed The House of Representatives.

The act now moves on to a Democratic Senate this time, and it threatens Christian and Conservatives values. The act removes concepts of biological sex from the 1964 Civil Rights Act and replaces the language with “sexual orientation and gender identity.”

The new act would expand the definition of bigotry in the context of government and public affairs. Any gathering place of “entertainment, exhibition, amusement, exercise, recreation, public display or public gathering” would be subject to the change in ability to discern between the recognition of male and female.

The ruling will affect sports, locker rooms and bathrooms, service industry and many unthinkable areas of life which will be laid open to lawsuits from “woke” activists hoping to make a point.

If this act passes the senate, “woke” culture will have the backing of American law. A new weapon to abuse those who would seek to protect the traditions and values of our Christian freedoms, churches, families and schools.

Americans should pay close attention and contact their representatives to oppose this legislation, for it threatens the very fabric of our society.

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