Another day, another episode of liberal hate. In fact, the latest leftists ideas for “public school” actually make one long for Psaki’s “bold and ambitious” one day per week school reopening plan. Unfortunately, it turns out that Psaki actually was called out for “miscommunication” from Biden himself.

To be fair, BLM is not exactly the most coherent entity in the world, so Biden may as well own up to the fact he didn’t fully understand what “they” wanted in terms of public schools reopening.

And, just in case that statement seems too extreme, consider the commentary from the leftist school districts themselves. Apparently, even though students have had limited, if any, access to math, reading, writing, and pretty much every other vital skill or knowledge (forget history, the most offensive subject of all these days)., the Democrats apparently think these skills are worthless relative to the demands of the horrifically empowered BLM.

In other words, rather than bother with tedious skills involved in the arts and mathematics, Democrats have apparently decided that a good way for the students to finally return to school is to have their hatred of whites re-instilled even more deeply, for reasons unknown to anyone who isn’t full of hatred.

Needless to say, this “curriculum” flies in the face of the “unity” promised by Biden, though by now it is fairly clear what Biden really meant about “unity.” Just consider the below:

“Often unconsciously, white elites work to perpetuate racism through politics, law, education, and the media.” [Source: The Blaze]

Could have fooled most American Patriots, given that it appears BLM is “working to perpetuate racism” in all facets of life.

Oh, and America has apparently been “built on racism” (guess AP American history is next on the cancellation chopping block).

Needless to say, per a teacher who spoke in terrified anonymity, the new and unimproved “teacher training” involves “scoldings, guilt-trips, and demands to demean oneself simply to make another feel ’empowered.”

And at which grade level is all the hate supposed to start? Kindergarten, apparently …

It is abundantly clear that the only “unity” the left will ever promote is the united hatred against whites and apparently all values associated with “whiteness,” including hard work and family.

By the way, doesn’t the left realize that by insisting upon basic ethics as “white values,” they are automatically being “racist” towards minorities, as stating that these types of beliefs are “white” suggests that minorities don’t care about families or hard work.

No wonder so many hardworking minorities are flooding to the GOP. Unfortunately, now that the Democrats are totally drunk on their own power, it is unclear if the mass migration of hardworking, family-oriented minorities to the GOP will bring about real change by this point.

After all, millions more ballots can be manufactured, though at this point, especially with the increased calls to terminate Fox News, Newsmax, and many more, Democrats may not even need to mess with ballots anymore if they can simply control all the news networks, a la China style.

They essentially control all the networks now anyway, especially through social media, but they won’t be happy until they’re the equivalent of the CCP. Complete with Beijing Joe and his son in tow.

Please, Trump, return. Please. America needs you.

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