Trump plans to return with a bang, which is quite clear from his highly anticipated, ongoing commentary associated with the CPAC.

Even better, the CPAC will be taking place in Trump’s home state: Florida. The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has attracted the ire of fake news media for daring to have reasonable COVID restrictions and vastly more freedom than the likes of California and New York.

Ironically, California and New York have more COVID cases, and Nevada is also rather lockdown happy. Which is why the American Conservative Union President, Matt Schlapp, made the “very intentional decision to go to Florida.”

“We considered other states, Tennessee, Georgia Florida, Texas … Florida just seems like the obvious place … You know, the city of Orlando obviously has got the infrastructure to take a big conference. I mean, Las Vegas would have too, but … the governor there just makes it impossible, is basically making it impossible for any business to be open, whereas the governor of Florida is doing just the opposite.” [Source: Fox News]

Which, conveniently for Trump, means that he can not only enjoy the greatest presence at the CPAC, but also do so within his beloved home state.

And Trump’s presence is extremely clear given that any potential GOP hopeful would be advised to align with Trump, or align with the high unlikelihood of being elected. Which Schlapp also made clear.

“I think all the ones that are seriously considering running — and obviously Donald Trump is the big [one], is looming over all those decisions the most … And look, you’re not going to get the Republican nomination being a never-Trumper. You’re not going to get the Republican nomination if you’re not a strong conservative. So all of that kind of courting, it’s appropriate that it starts at CPAC.” [Source: Fox News]

The CPAC Conference is critical for the GOP to get back on track, especially since they have finally come around to the fact that Trump has left an indelible impact on the party. GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida made the stakes beyond clear to the audience.

“We are in a battle for the soul of the Republican party and I intend to win it … You can help me. You can help me break a corrupt system. You can send a representative who actually represents you and you can send Liz Cheney home — back home to Washington, D.C.” [Source: Fox News]

A battle for the soul indeed. Which cannot come soon enough, giving the ongoing leftist onslaught on liberties, not to mention the most basic tenets of national security.

Fortunately, with Trump on board, logic and sanity are guaranteed, starting with the very no-nonsense policies that got Trump elected in the first place.

“We’re going to go through the real stuff. Not the imagined charges, not the fantastical charges. Just the real stuff … All of the globalists tell us that we should be going along with the globe. Well, the globe tells us this is the wrong way to vote. You vote in person. That’s what you do in these other democracies. You vote once and there’s a lot of security around it. So much security that the American government often helps pay for that security.” [Source: Fox News]

The “real stuff” cannot come soon enough. In particular security.

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