He can try all he wants, by Cuomo is unlikely to wiggle out of the latest mess that he made for himself. Unfortunately, this particular mess involves the deaths of thousands of innocent people, courtesy of Cuomo sending thousands into nursing homes with scant protection against COVID.

In fact, Cuomo is so blatantly in the wrong that even other Democrats are fleeing him. A classic case of the left eating its own, but it’s certainly a case welcome by more than one American Patriot.

Just consider Ron Kim’s commentary on Twitter, bearing in mind that Kim, like many other state and local representatives, have dealt with significant abuse from Cuomo, based upon several widely disseminated reports.

However, this time Kim took care of him.

“Cuomo abused his powers to hide life and death information from the Department of Justice that prevented lawmakers from legislating – like fully repealing corporate immunity for nursing homes. That is an impeachable offense …

The only way to protect the integrity of the co-equal branch of the state government, AKA the ‘People’s House,’ is to start impeachment.” [Source: Fox News]

Fantastic. Given how vicious Cuomo has been to Trump from the very beginning, not to mention his open support of President Trump, it would be highly ironic if Cuomo were to be impeached instead. Some may even refer to that as poetic justice.

De Blasio, routinely known for being one of the most leftist, incompetent mayors in recent times, as even weighed in on Cuomo, which is a bit startling in light of the state of New York City now. Nonetheless, his criticism of Cuomo is welcome, if only to illuminate Democrat incompetence.

“I have not spoken to [Cuomo]. No, I do not accept his explanation … There needs to be a full investigation … we need to get the whole truth and make sure nothing like this ever happens ever again.” [Source: Fox News]

“The whole truth.” What a concept. What Trump tried to do with the election results, in other words, though apparently back then Democrats did not believe in “the whole truth.”

Thus, some of the criticisms are a bit ironic, such as those of Emilia Decaudin, the Queens County Democratic District Leader from the 37th Assembly District.

“Actions have consequences. I consider it my responsibility as a representative of the Democrats in my community to hold members of our party accountable, from City Council up to the Governor … The continued wrong doing of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo must be repudiated, or else we are no better than the Republicans who fail to hold their own leaders accountable, out of fear and self-preservation.” [Source: Breitbart]

Indeed actions do have consequences. It will be wonderful when people are one day treated equally under the justice system, not to mention the fake news media.

Other Democrats just could not resist getting political, such as Patrick Nelson, a State Committee Member from the 113th Assembly District.

“Honesty, dignity, respect and the wellbeing of our state and country must always come before party allegiance. When a member of the Democratic Party does wrong, we seek to ensure that they are held accountable no matter how powerful they are, unlike in the Republican Party.” [Source: Breitbart]

Nice words, Nelson. What would be even nicer is if the Democrats actually followed through on that. And as far as “we seek to ensure that they are held accountable,” could the likes of Clinton please be explained from that perspective? Not to mention Pelosi?

What’s the most deplorable of all is the fact that Psaki and Biden lapped up Cuomo like crazy, going so far as to publicly comment that Cuomo is the “gold star” in terms of handing COVID. Clearly, that “gold star” is one of the worst attempts at a mirage, though not many expected the mirage to shatter just as spectacularly as it did.

Cuomo goes from the media’s golden boy to what he really is: Someone who was willing to openly lie about nursing home fatalities. Then, on top of that, Cuomo also found it fitting to publicly blame the nurses and others for COVID transmissions, rather than eyeballing his own deadly policies.

That said, an impeachment effort against Cuomo just might be in the news within a few weeks, particularly when taking into account the State AG’s findings regarding Cuomo and the COVID situation.

And wouldn’t it be ironic if Cuomo is impeached, after Trump escaped impeachment … twice. Poetic justice strikes again!

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