At last, some real feedback on the Democrats’ absurd coronavirus bailout package. And the feedback could not be clearer: the “bailout” package is little more than guaranteed unemployment for the American workers that constitute the real backbone of this country, both ethically and economically.

Which is precisely why U.S. Rep, Jason Smith of Missouri, has shredded the Democrats’ COVID relief package for exactly what it is: Nonsense. Job-killing nonsense.

As if the attack on the Keystone XL pipeline isn’t bad enough.

“Democrats are rushing to pass a nearly $2 trillion spending bill that will enact bailouts for state governments that lock down their citizens and radical policies that will destroy jobs and raise the cost of living for working-class Americans …

But this is clearly where any sort of urgency on their part ends … This is all just further proof that COVID-19 is more the pretext than the purpose behind what Democrats are proposing. Their approach is the wrong plan, at the wrong time, for all the wrong reasons.” [Source: Fox News]

Exactly. Triple wrongs, and the Democrats will likely multiply those wrongs well into the future. Just consider Biden’s response to the COVID bailout package, which buggers belief.

“We need Congress to pass my American rescue plan that deals with the immediate crisis, the urgency … Now critics say my plan is too big. That it costs $1.9 trillion. That’s too much. Let me ask them: What would they have me cut?” [Source: Fox News]

What would Americans have you cut? Well, for starters, significant fudning could be cut for schools that refuse to remain open. Instead, billions upon billions are promised to schools, with zero accountability on the schools’ part.

If the teachers unions refuse to send teachers back to work, then who exactly is holding up this “urgency” in responding to the COVID crisis? It surely isn’t the GOP … in fact, maybe teachers unions would get a clue if Biden were to actually stand up to them.

And Psaki predictably offered word salad instead of real commentary on schools. Just a bunch of typical platitudes, as well as the reiteration of some goal of opening schools again by April (yeah, sure).

“That’s our goal. That’s our objective. That’s our plan … And, but what we need and what the President said at the time we need, is funding. That’s why he’s proposed $130 billion in the American Rescue Plan, because many schools across the country don’t have the resources to be able to invest in improving facilities on hiring more bus drivers, on hiring more temporary teachers so we can have smaller class sizes.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

So, in other words, COVID relief is held up over school buses that aren’t even running, as well as “temporary” teachers who aren’t even teaching, as teachers refuse to return back to school. As if repeating leftist, Marxist party lines is so difficult, though it does require getting out of bed in the morning, apparently a real challenge for leftists these days.

Psaki was also asked if reopening schools depended upon the funding in the COVID relief bill, which was especially clear when she replied that schools’ reopening is not “contingent” upon receiving funding.

“That’s not a contingency that we’re putting in, that we’re recommending to go in the bill or in legislation … I think what he believes is that school districts working with our Secretary of Education, who we certainly hope will be confirmed this week, need to make a determination about what works best for them based on the CDC guidelines.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

In other words, no strings funding given to public education, if only to torpedo it to even lower levels than before.
Meanwhile, not only do Americans have schools not reopening to look forward to, but they also have Biden’s ever gloomy commentary to contend with.

“I believe we’ll be approaching normalcy by the end of this year … God willing, this Christmas will be different than last, but I can’t make that commitment to you.” [Source: Fox News]

Right. What exactly can Biden make a “commitment” on?

Apparently, not much … aside from a commitment to job killing.

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