While the Biden administration works itself into a veritable tizzy over racial relations, they might consider listening to Black Americans themselves, many of whom are not exactly pleased with being talked down to or otherwise dismissed.

Just consider recent commentary from Rep. Burgess Owens, a Republican representative from Utah, who recently called out the Democrats for their rather blatant pandering for votes, no matter how many lies they have to tell.

Even better, Owens took everything a step further by exposing the Democrats’ greatest fear: successful Black Americans.

“Well, what we have to understand is what the real threat to the hard left and growing up in a remarkably successful segregated, but a middle-class family in the 60s and went across our country and turned his attention to the black community, the greatest threat to the left is the middle-class Black American, those who have faith, they have a family, they’re educated, and they believe in a God, and they believe in the free market …

What has happened to my community, and by the way, these — the leftist have never been our friends. They’re the ones that are anti-choice.” [Source: Breitbart]

Outstanding, outstanding commentary. Even more brilliantly, this commentary targets all the unfortunate tenets of BLM, whose beliefs ironically indicate that black lives really don’t matter, given how much BLM wants to destroy.

First: the nuclear family. Owens makes it clear that middle-class Black Americans “have a family,” and they are also “educated,” opportunities that Democrats attempt to undermine at every turn, whether it is through Planned Parenthood or poorly run schools.

Second, faith. Owens makes it very clear that many Black Americans believe in God, which contrasts strongly with the Democrats’ constant desire to shut down and silence churches. Needless to say, not many people are happy with that.

Third, the free market. Whereas Democrats are all but screeching for communism, Owens points out that the belief in free markets exists for a reason: the chance to elevate one’s self economically, through hard work and perseverance. Which strongly contrasts to handouts.

Unlike blabbering Democrats, Owens packed far more sense into a relatively brief statement than Pelosi does in rambling press conferences (whether or not she is invited).

Speaking of Pelosi, Owens also took aim at Black elitists (cough, Obama, cough) and elitists in general, clearly labeling them for exactly what they are: those who cause the greatest damage.

“Only the black elitist, those are the ones that have really done the most damage … They’re all about doing anything they can to keep the lowest, those who are trying to get to the middle-class dependent so that the elitist class gets more power …

And it doesn’t matter what color they are … Elitists are the worst threat to our nation, no matter what color and the worst of those who look like me and tell black Americans like myself, we can’t do what other Americans do because whatever — our skin color or whatever their excuse might be.” [Source: Breitbart]

Furthermore, another Black Senator, Tim Scott, praises Trump, and he illuminates all the very traits that middle-class Black Americans love about him, the same traits detailed at length by Owens.

“I still believe that President Trump is the most powerful political figure on either side … What we need is more President Trump policies that focused on an inclusive economy, focused on HBCU funding, focused on the lowest tax rates we’ve seen in a generation that led to the fastest increase in employment and in wages at the bottom faster than the top because President Trump’s policy positions literally transformed the American economy.” [Source: Breitbart]

So, Biden admin, care to weigh in on the commentary from Owens and Scott?

Waiting for it …

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