Even in a literally blockbuster snowstorm, Antifa/BLM just can’t resist terrorizing the police. In fact, they exploited the snowstorm to do so in Seattle.

“Antifa goons blocked the exit of the East Precinct with a pile of snow tonight, in an effort to stop vehicles from responding to emergency calls.”
[Source: Fox News]

Of course, since Seattle abounds with violent “progressives,” which is why it is not surprising that other observers described Antifa/BLM’s vicious exploitation of a snow storm as “a friendly snowball fight here at the East Precinct.”

Yeah. Sure. Wonder what nonsense of a description the same out-to-lunch liberals would have about CHOP, a rather unsuccessful “autonomous zone” that succeeded in nothing aside from the tragic passing of a teenager.

On top of that, the Mayor of Seattle apparently couldn’t be bothered to phone the family of the victim, whereas President Trump made the time to reach out to a heartbroken family, whose loss falls completely and indisputably upon the Democrats’ shoulders.

And Democrats have the nerve to claim Trump “incites” violence.
Hilariously, Antifa/BLM embodied their complete lack of ability during an epic snowstorm even further by raging over the police for daring to clear the snow, and, apparently, threaten to arrest them if they were to repeat the same behavior.

In other words, Antifa/BLM already got a pass for a clearly illegal act, though apparently they believe they are completely untouchable. After all, their reply to the police was fairly remarkable, in light of what they had literally just done.

“Cops are being aggressive and violating people’s rights.” [Source: The Daily Mail]

Wow. How is it possible for Antifa/BLM to say so much wrong with so few words.

First off, cops are “being aggressive” by shoveling away snow in order to help people in serious trouble? Secondly, by verbally threatening to make an arrest (while not even arresting a single individual, out of understandable fear), cops are also “being aggressive?”

Try the same tactics in China, Turkey, Uganda, or, pretty much anywhere else in the world that isn’t a bastion of snowflake-ism (which would be the majority of the planet). If cops are “aggressive” in Seattle, then no word exists to describe how they would be in other nations.

Then again, Antifa/BLM likely would not be around to complain so openly either after pulling a stunt like that.

And, as for “violating people’s rights?” Exactly whose rights were violated, aside from people trapped in perilous conditions in a snowstorm? People who were unable to receive immediate help, courtesy of Antifa/BLM’s merciless, thuggish behavior, which clearly targets cops and totally disregards any and all innocent people?

As stunning as this utter lack of accountability is, not to mention how illiterate their nonsense over “rights,” the Antifa/BLM/leftist mantra wasn’t born out of nowhere.

After all, the current Biden administration did bail them out over the summer, so the absence of responsibility is not entirely illogical. In fact, in another not-so-brilliant stroke of Biden, the incompetency is so bad that apparently a violent rioter was freed twice, courtesy of Kamala, only to wind up in trouble again in 2021.

As noted by the Hennepin County Attorney, located in Minnesota, the 29-year-old violent snowflake just can’t stay out of jail.

“In the two previously mentioned cases … the Defendant was able to secure unconditional release after the Minnesota Freedom Fund posted $5,000 cash in addition to a bond that had been previously secured. In a third now-pending case, the Defendant was then charged with Riot in the Second Degree from an event that occurred on December 31, 2020.” [Source: Fox News]

Yeah. The “Freedom Fund.” After all, these anti-society types needed to be free at least long enough to vote in the 2020 election. Wonder if Mr. Moseley will be bailed out once more, though his momentary purpose has likely already been served in 2020.

And, courtesy of the new administration, loads more south of the border are ready to fill Mr. Moseley’s shoes, which are not terribly difficult to fill. Just be senselessly violent and vote Democrat.

Thanks, Harris-Biden. If this “freedom fund” isn’t “inciting” violence, exactly what is?

Oh, that’s right … Trump’s peaceful speech on peacefully protesting. Which was apparently so inciteful that the United States endured a total sham of an impeachment trial … again.

Guess peace would equate to violence in upside down leftist land.

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