Over a dozen state GOP attorneys are contemplating whether or not to sue the Biden administration regarding its decision to cancel a Keystone XL pipeline permit.

At the same time, these attorneys have also called for Biden to rethink his pipeline decision, which will cause “devastating damage” to various localities and states.

For instance, Montana’s state attorneys have observed that the state will likely lost at least $58M in tax revenues, with five of the six affected counties already designated as “high poverty areas.”

The Keystone XL pipeline, which is 2,000 miles long, was intended to deliver oil from Alberta, located in Western Canada, to the Gulf Coast of Texas, where it would be refined. Over the course of its transit, oil would also pass through Nebraska, South Dakota, and Montana.

Consequently, state attorney generals observed that Biden’s decision to end the project will ultimately result in fewer funds for schools and public services, as well as “the elimination of business and job opportunities in those areas where they are most needed.”

Furthermore, the states also point out that Biden’s administration has not demonstrated how the pipeline cancellation will advance Biden’s objectives regarding carbon emissions responsible for climate change, adding that Biden is merely chasing a “symbolic act of virtue signaling to special interests and the international community.”

Austin Knudsen, the Montana AG, spearheaded the letter, and he was joined by Missouri, Mississippi, South Dakota, South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, West Virginia, Indiana, Kansas, Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama.

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