On Wednesday, Morning Consult recently published a poll that revealed several of Biden’s executive orders, which were signed during the first weeks of his presidency, are largely unpopular due to their stance on immigration.

While the information from the poll should be taken within reason, it does provide a clear portrayal of Americans’ reactions to the polar opposite approaches that Trump and Biden have taken towards immigration.

For instance, this poll determined that nearly half of Americans oppose the expansion of the refugee cap to 125,000 per year, which was the least popular executive order.

Furthermore, approximately 45 percent of Americans support the idea of illegal immigrants being included in the census. In addition, 46 percent approve of the decision to halt Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, while slightly under 50 percent are in support of ending the travel ban that was imposed upon specific Muslim-majority nations. 

Ultimately, the only executive order related to immigration that received above 50 percent approval rates was the order regarding the cessation of the border wall construction, though only 51 percent indicated approval. Outside of immigration, Biden’s most popular executive orders pertained to mask mandates on public transportation and federal property.

The findings of this poll also reveal how Trump won in 2016, given his heavy emphasis on strict immigration laws and border security. Throughout Texas, Arizona, and California, it is clear that Biden’s policies regarding immigration have already started negatively impacting towns and states, in terms of both security and employment.

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