Well, well, well. Another apparently woke billionaire just got a dose of hard, cold reality from the NBA after his attempts to denigrate the national anthem.

Mark Cuban, the rather vocal owner of the Dallas Mavericks, apparently decided to take BLM mania to the extreme by eliminating the national anthem altogether before major games. Apparently, Cuban feels the national anthem does not represent some of the NBA players.

One would also wonder why NBA players so opposed to the United States will happily accept millions of dollars per year from the same nation, but that would be a level of logic that has long escaped the increasingly woke regime.

Needless to say, Cuban’s views were not exactly shared on a wide scale.
For instance, Sports Illustrated remarked upon Cuban’s rather brazen decision to eliminate the national anthem, which to date has been completely unprecedented.

“This is believed to be the first instance of a professional team getting rid of the U.S. national anthem from the pre-game, according to the Athletic. Major League Soccer did not play the anthem during a tournament in 2020 in Orlando that did not have fans present, but teams have since started playing it prior to their home games.” [Source: The Blaze]

Cuban’s views were also not shared by the NBA, which may seem surprising at first, though not terribly surprising upon further reflection.

Apparently, the NBA has finally caught on to the fact that bashing the United States it not exactly the greatest way to promote high ratings. On the contrary, ratings have tanked ever since BLM has infested itself into virtually all professional sports, much to the dismay of numerous Americans understandably put off by the group’s violent tactics.

As a result, the NBA recently released a statement regarding the national anthem, promptly squashing Cuban’s rather unpatriotic approach to the national anthem.

“With NBA teams now in the process of welcoming fans back into their arenas, all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with longstanding league policy.” [Source: Fox News]

At last. “Longstanding league policy.” Now, the NBA could improve itself even more by ridding itself of short-standing league policy, namely the policies that apparently require BLM to be painted across gigantic basketball courts and the gamers to wear social messages of their choosing on their jerseys (provided they have nothing to do with Hong Kong, of course, further underscoring China’s grip on an American professional sports league).

Even more interestingly, the NBA’s statement runs directly counter to comments made by Tim Frank, an NBA spokesman.

“Under the unique circumstances of this season, teams are permitted to run their pregame operations as they see fit.” [Source: Fox News]

Apparently, Cuban believed that not having the national anthem at all was apparently the best way to run his pregame operations, though that little scheme has now been promptly crushed by the NBA itself.

Like a typical leftist, Cuban attempted to backtrack after the NBA announcement, clearly in an effort to distance himself from rather justified accusations of Cuban being unpatriotic and announcing that the Mavericks would play the national anthem in the team’s next game.

He issued a statement detailing his supposed love and respect of the national anthem, which frankly falls flat compared to the entirety of his speech.

“We respect and always have respect the passion people have for the anthem and our country … I have always stood for the anthem with the hand over my heart – no matter where I hear it played.” [Source: Fox News]

May sound reasonable, but as it turns out, it is more reasonably insincere than anything else. Because Cuban just couldn’t resist throwing more woke sentiment into what would have been an otherwise reasonable message.

“But we also hear the voices of those who do not feel the anthem represents them. We feel they also need to be respected and heard, because they have not been heard. The hope is that those who feel passionate about the anthem being played will be just as passionate in listening to those who do not feel it represents them.”

Eh, Mr. Cuban? Americans have now been “hearing the voices” of BLM and Antifa for quite some time now. Not to mention feeling the impacts of arson, looting, shooting, and a number of other pleasant, apparently all-American activities (per Democrats, that is).

Needless to say, one can be thankful that the NBA finally made a reasonable decision, if only to conserve those revenues …

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