Elise Stefanik, a GOP Rep. from New York, introduced an amendment that targets higher education institutions that have ties to the CCP, or Chinese Communist Party. Per Stefanik, one of the largest adversaries facing the United States is China, a nation whose regime is “antithetical to our values.”

Stefanik notes that the U.S. must “counter this dangerous regime,” noting that higher learning institutes routinely engage in various collaborations affiliated with the CCP, effectively “ignoring genocidal acts in favor of monetary gain.”

Stefanik also reiterated that the CCP regime represents neither Americans nor American values.

The proposed amendment would have stripped funding from institutions that work with the CCP, arguing that such institutions would be ineligible to receive funding allocations if they meet certain criteria. The first criteria pertains to whether or not higher learning institutes are  “owned or controlled, directly or indirectly” by the CCP, while the second criteria alludes to whether or not the institutes of higher learning are “organized under the laws” of the CCP.

Ultimately, Democrat representatives rejected Stefanik’s proposed amendment, electing to continue funding to institutions that continue having connections to the CCP.

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