Biden was inaugurated barely three weeks ago, and he has now passed 52 executive orders. In other words, an average of over 17 executive orders per week. And what goodies has Biden had in store with these executive orders, as he came out swinging hard left on Day 1.

For instance, his fourth executive order highlighted his focus on “equity” (as equality is apparently so passé now, along with any semblance of personal accountability in the leftist camp). Another executive order pertained to “staying the World Health Organization” after Trump pulled out. However, it is no surprise that Beijing Biden reaffirmed his commitment to one of China’s many tentacles.

And let’s not forget all the other orders relating to illegal immigrants, transgender teenagers, and cancelled American jobs. To see the full list of 52 horrors, feel free to browse here.

To be fair, Biden did follow through on a dreadful campaign promise:

“If I’m elected and this passes, I’m going to go down as one of the most progressive presidents in American history.” [Source: Fox News]

You don’t say, Mr. Biden. Too bad “progressive” seems more like “regressive,” as in back to the days where no liberty existed.

Thus several dozen executive orders clearly run run counter to the “unity” promised by Biden during his inauguration, the sheer number of orders, including highly controversial orders regarding transgender teenagers and illegal immigrants, these executive orders become even more absurd when considering Biden’s past commentary on Trump’s supposed despotism (everything has to be extreme for leftists).

In addition, Mr. Biden, Trump had a tendency to put America first whereas you … put America last. In cahoots with his supposedly brilliant son, of course.

While Mr. Hunter is undeniably brilliant in terms of accruing more grandchildren for Biden, it remains unclear what else he is brilliant at, given his rather unsavory dealings in China and the Ukraine.

Fortunately, South Dakota has had enough of Biden’s malarkey, and a House Rep, Aaron Aylward (R) suggested legislation that would help keep Biden’s maniacal executive orders in check, in particular those that infringe upon states’ rights and issues that states would concern themselves with.

Rep. Aylward aims for South Dakota to be able to “nullify” executive orders if they are found to be “unconstitutional.” In addition, the proposed legislation provides a bullet point list that empowers the state attorney general to also block unconstitutional executive orders from taking hold in South Dakota.

“The proposed bill would also allow the attorney general to block implementation of any order deemed unconstitutional if the order refers to:

  • A pandemic or other public health emergency
  • The regulation of natural resources
  • The regulation of the agricultural industry
  • The regulation of land use
  • The regulation of the financial sector through the imposition of environmental, social, or governance standards
  • The regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

[Source: Breitbart]

In addition, Rep. Aylward also added, “this isn’t just a President [Joe] Biden issue but rather an overall executive overreach issue that we’ve been experiencing for a long time.”

Unsurprisingly, South Dakota has been at the brunt of many attacks from leftists, in particular the governor of Iowa, Kristi Noem, who refused to embrace completely draconian, unconstitutional measures.

In other words, she stands in strong contrast to Newsome, Cuomo, Whitmer, and many more mini-tyrants, and she has held her ground over the past several months despite a barrage of fake news media criticism.

Perhaps Facebook and Twitter may decide to ban Governor Noem permanently after “inciting” a virus, despite the highest death tolls occurring leftist states, in particular New York. And even with the “official” numbers released from New York, it turns out that the real death rate is even higher. As in 50 percent higher.

Precisely why Mr. Cuomo is under investigation now, though the fake news media is barely covering what would ordinarily be a huge story in ordinary times.

Regardless, fearless leaders in highly conservative states are a breath of fresh air relative to the leftist madness dominating the news today, and one can only hope that they can hold their own until the 2022 midterms.

Assuming an honest, transparent election, that is …

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