The “theater of the absurd” was an artistic phenomenon that emerged within the context of World War I and World War II, when life seemed beyond absurd and hopeless. While the current times are not on (yet) on par with the Second World War, the concept of the theater of the absurd has never been more relevant to 21st century politics as it is now.

And one of the most absurd elements Impeachment 2.0 has been the Democrats’ demand for Trump to “testify” at his own impeachment trial.

Testify about what, exactly? His right to freedom of speech? His right to peacefully assemble? After all, that’s exactly what he did. And, contrary to media rumors, he left office quietly and in a dignified manner, and he remains largely quiet in Florida.

One would think that the rabid Democrats would be thrilled with Trump being so far from DC, but apparently his absence makes their incompetence all the more obvious, which is precisely why they are desperate for a fresh wave of media coverage on Trump (CNN, coincidentally, has utterly tanked in its ratings since Trump left office. Good riddance).

Unfortunately for the Democrats in their pathetic attempt to create the ultimate theater of the absurd in political context, Trump has politely declined to engage with their shenanigans, which was rather clear in a scathing letter sent by Trump’s lawyer, David Schoen, to the “lead impeachment manager” (aka, another useless sinecure), otherwise known as Rep. Jamie Raskin.

“We are in receipt of your latest public relations stunt …

Your letter only confirms what is known to everyone: you cannot prove your allegations against the 45th President of the United States, who is now a private citizen … The use of our Constitution to bring a purported impeachment proceeding is much too serious to try to play these games.” [Source: The Blaze]

Amen. Starting with the first line. “Latest public relations stunt.” Priceless, and utterly accurate. As well as additional evidence of Democrat incompetence.

In addition, Raskin’s request does confirm what literally everyone, outside of leftist loony land, knows: Impeachment 2.0 is a total sham, and it seeks to achieve nothing remotely in accordance with the Constitution. Which is probably why the Democrats are so obsessed with destroying it.

Trump advisor Jason Miller also affirmed Schoen’s position.

“The president will not testify in any unconstitutional proceeding.”
[Source: The Blaze]

Brilliantly concise, and utterly constitutional, reply. Which probably made Democrats rage even more behind closed doors.

Wonder what the Democrats will do now. Perhaps go concoct more “evidence” with
their Chinese buddies to present at a sham of a trial. You know, the same buddies that may want to nuke the United States.

Hey, but as long as Hunter is taken care of, apparently the remainder of Americans don’t matter. Which has been reinforced repeatedly by relentless attacks on conservatives and white “supremacists.”

The impeachment of a private citizen alone defies belief, as it has never been done before in the history of the United States. Moreover, such a sham of a trial is taking place during a highly perilous time, between the increased nuclear threats from China and Russia to COVID continuing to ravage the United States.

Speaking of COVID, Biden’s continued ineptitude comes to mind. Hey, Biden, where’s your “plan” for COVID? How about all those vaccines by March? Oh, that’s right, your evasive press secretary already admitted that not all Americans will be vaccinated by March.

Furthermore, all vaccinations should ultimately be credited to Trump, who initiated Operation Warp Speed in the first place. Warp Speed, and Warp Speed alone, is responsible for the current vaccinations that Americans are receiving.

Alas, rather than receiving credit for all he did to combat COVID (certainly far more than Biden), Trump will stand “impeachment” trial again for … it’s hard to say what for.

But, if you ask Chuck Schumer, Trump is apparently on trial for inciting an “erection” against the United States. Good one, Schumer. Right up there with Biden’s “one horse pony” critique.

Alas, thankfully Team Trump told the Democrats to effectively shove it when it came to their even more absurd quest for an already absurd theater, and perhaps the one bright moment to look forward to in the coming weeks is just how profoundly idiotic the left will look with (another) impeachment trial.


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