In Florida, the city of Frostproof declared February’s first week to be “Donald J. Trump Week” to honor the former president, a highly popular figure in the area.

According to Jon Albert, the Mayor of Frostproof, former President Trump “was overwhelmingly supported” in the Frostproof precinct. Albert also added that Trump won the entire state of Florida, as well as more votes than any other incumbent in history.

The proclamation provided gratitude towards Trump for his job-creating record, notably 1.2 million jobs in construction and manufacturing, as well as his foreign policy, which eschewed engagement in any new wars. On the contrary, the Trump administration brought several troops home.

From February 1 to 6, Donald J. Trump week will run.

In addition, Anthony Sabatini, a State Rep., has suggested renaming U.S. Route 27 as the “President Donald J. Trump Highway” as an additional support to the proclamation, referring to this suggestion as “a great initiative.”

In a Facebook post, he proudly announced that Frostproof is the nation’s first city to do so.

Some critics disapproved of the timing of Donald J. Trump week, claiming that it overshadowed Black History Month.

One resident indicated she voted for Trump, though she felt holding the week during Black History Month was “stirring the pot” and “unacceptable.”

On the other hand, James Ring, a local GOP official, observed that it was unfair to turn Donald J. Trump week “into a race issue” and that he does not believe the City Council had “any ill intent.”

Furthermore, it is not unusual to honor previous presidents in February, given that the third Monday of each February is dedicated to Presidents Day.

Past presidents born during the month of February include Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Harrison, and George Washington.

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