After Joe Biden assumed his new position in the Oval Office, his family spared no time in exploiting Biden’s new position for their own personal gain. 

For instance, Frank Biden, Joe’s brother, has begun prominently announcing his connection to the president in his law firm advertisements.

Per various reports, Frank was told to “tread carefully” by Biden, and Biden also warned Frank not to “get sucked into something that would, first of all, hurt you.” 

Biden’s tone towards his brother was “serious and jocular” per a source, given that Frank’s business ties already threaten to undermine a White House that has portrayed itself as one that will “restore integrity.”

Aside from Frank, Biden’s son, Hunter, is also getting in on the action, receiving a rich book deal despite remaining under federal investigation for several sinister foreign dealings.

According to Gallery Books, Hunter’s proposed memoir, Beautiful Things, will apparently focus on Hunter’s long history of substance abuse.

Gallery Books, which is an imprint of Simon & Schuster, reports that the book deal was finalized this past fall, and it remained “kept under wraps” even as Trump zeroed in on Biden’s varied business dealings and the Justice Department zeroed in on Hunter’s financial matters.

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