GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz has long been a staunch ally of President Trump, who is missed more and more on a daily basis, and his latest commentary regarding the utter sham of an impeachment trial further cements his position as a true Patriot.

In fact, Gaetz believes so strongly in Trump that he is willing to resign his position in Congress in order to serve on Trump’s legal defense team.

“I only regret that I have but one political career to give to my president …

I view this cancellation of the Trump presidency and the Trump movement as one of the biggest threats … I’m here to win, to win so much I get tired of it because that’s what was promised.” [Source: Fox News]

Attention, Biden: Now that is what a real promise kept looks like.

Rep. Gaetz also added that “When ethics advised that sitting House members couldn’t [legally defend Trump], the conversations ceased,” which is why Rep. Gaetz began contemplating resigning his seat to defend Trump.

Before his commentary on Fox News, Rep. Gaetz first contemplated a resignation on a podcast, wherein he remarked, “I would leave my House seat, I would leave my home.”

Now that is not only loyalty, that is also real action. A foreign concept to Democrats and RINOS.

Speaking of RINOS, McConnell continues to drag the GOP down the drain as he effectively cozies up to Democrats to worm himself back into the swamp’s graces.

In sharp contrast to Rep. Gaetz, ever-sneaky McConnell has dug himself even more deeply into the swamp, striking a terrible deal with Chuck Schumer that gives the Democrats even more power in their continued quest to destroy America.

McConnell had initially made demands that would help offset Democrat control, namely by not getting rid of the legislative filibuster, but he’s now even backed down from that demand.

As a result, Chuck Schumer is rather gleeful about the Democrats controlling the Senate, especially since their communist comrade, Kamala Harris, will serve as the “tie breaking” vote.

And Schumer was sure to emphasize one of the Democrats’ greatest priorities: climate change, which offers far more job-killing measures than sensible recommendations.

“I’ve already instructed the incoming Democratic chairs of all relevant committees to begin holding hearings on the climate crisis in preparation for enacting President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ agenda …

I’m confident that our members are ready to hit the ground running on the most important issues that face our country.” [Source: Fox News]

Yeah, sure, Schumer. “Biden’s” plan. Sounds more like AOC’s insane plan, which most Democrats (publicly) distanced themselves from. Now that they illegitimately control the Senate and the presidency, they suddenly aren’t so eager to distance themselves anymore.

On top of that, of course all the leftists are “ready to hit the ground running,” as they’ve got a nation to destroy, not to mention a significant percentage of the population, namely Trump supporters, to “deprogram.”

God help us all over the next four years, unless a miracle takes place in the 2022 midterms. Even then, two years remains a very long wait when contextualized against what Biden has done in two weeks.

Fortunately, Rep. Gaetz offers a ray of hope, which is that a conviction of Trump remains highly unlikely. That also means Trump’s ability to become involved in politics remains highly likely, and Americans desperately need Trump again like never before.

Without leaders like Trump, the most exceptional nation in the world faces a serious threat of unraveling completely, particularly with increasing aggression from China and Russia and their enemies on the inside: Democrats.

Per a chilling recent report, nuclear war is now a distinct “possibility” with both nations, and Hunter still has not divested his stake in a suspect Chinese equities company. Something suggests that a different report may have been released under the leadership of Trump.

What more could possibly go wrong with this current fiasco in chief? Probably a lot more.

Bring back MAGA!

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