Republicans in Georgia have started taking failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams seriously in advance of the 2022 midterms, as they believe she may make another attempt to run for governor. As reported by Reagan, Abrams created a major voter registration effort in Georgia, and she also enjoys the support of a strong fundraising network. Consequently, Republicans are taking every measure possible to prevent “a compete left-wing takeover” of the Peach State.

However, Karl Rove, a Republican strategist, has a greater suspicion of Abrams’s political aspirations, believing she has set her sights higher than Governor of Georgia.

On Fox News, Rove reveals his “weird thought,” which is that Abrams may not just be running for governor, but that she may be angling for a presidential run. Per Rove, if Abrams perceives Biden as a one-term president, she may avoid running for governor in favor of another ally running to defeat Brian Kemp instead. Then, Abrams might decide, “I’m running for President in 2024 … I’m focused on the White House,” according to Rove.

Abrams lost the 2018 gubernatorial race by a narrow margin, and she subsequently intensified efforts to turn Georgia blue for the 2020 presidential race. In addition, she also mobilized voters to deliver two Senate victories for Democrats during the runoff elections in January.

Georgia Republicans recognize the grave threat posed by an Abrams administration, either in Georgia or elsewhere, which is why a “Stop Stacey” group was announced this past Monday, even before her own formal announcements.

As argued by Jeremy Brand, who is a senior strategist in the “Stop Stacey” campaign, “we will do whatever it takes to expose Stacey Abrams’s radical network”, as well as “highlight her dangerous agenda.”

Brand added, “there is no time to waste,” and it is important to “stand up, fight back, and stop Stacey.”

One of Abrams’s top aids commented that Abrams has made no definitive choice about her future in politics yet.

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