How much damage can a president do in just two weeks, provided that checks and balances are followed? As it turns out, when checks and balances are largely disregarded in favor of nearly 50 executive orders now, a president can do quite a bit of damage.

For comparison, Trump signed only one executive order on his first day in office. Yet he is the “dictator” per the fake news media?

Just take a look at Biden, who was apparently so popular with the people that he requires thousands upon thousands of National Guard members to protect him. Not to mention the Democrats’ apparent support of a wall built around Capitol Hill.

Clearly, walls are just fine for protecting Democrats, whereas walls to protect everyday Americans (who do not benefit from personal security) are apparently “racist.”

Welcome to Biden’s America, and, for that matter, welcome to Biden’s disastrous foreign policies, which have achieved nothing aside from emboldening China even further.
You know, the same nation that has effectively put the U.S. in lockdown for nearly a year. A Democrat’s ultimate fantasy.

Several China analysts, such as Gordon Chang, have observed Biden’s bizarre decisions in the past couple of weeks, notably those that would make China quite happy.

“Well, Biden right now — the Chinese are testing him, but they don’t really have to lift a finger to do this, because he’s giving them everything that they want …

We have seen this, for instance, with joining the Paris accord, rejoining the World Health Organization, his January 26 memorandum on xenophobic attacks, which he blamed President Trump for xenophobia in the United States … The list goes on and on. And we have really got to be concerned, because China is looking right now and thinking it’s going to get everything.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Dr. Jonathan Ward also chimed in, illuminating the serious threat posed by China.

“I think the thing is, they think that they’re going to beat us in this new Cold War, or whatever we want to call it. The contest with China is one that they believe that they will win …

They believe that COVID-19 has put them in an advantageous position. They have said for a long time that they’re going to turn crisis into an opportunity, strengthen their position in the world economy.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Of course, recalling the infamous 10 percent for “the big guy” in Hunter’s extremely dangerous overseas shenanigans, it is not surprising that Biden may have a softer approach to China.

After all, Biden’s essentially unemployed son’s multimillion-dollar lifestyle, not to mention all his new grandchildren, need to get money from somewhere, and the last place it will originate from would be Hunter’s “work ethic.”

On top of the despicable subservience to China, Biden’s various “picks” continue to wax on poetically about the evils of “white supremacy”, with some of his official picks going as far as accusing the police of genocide.

In 2016, the current State Department “Spokeswoman” Jalina Porter, published incendiary Facebook posts wherein she accused the police of genocide and demanded that people “rise up” in response.

“The largest threat to U.S. national security are U.S. cops … Not ISIS, not Russian hackers, not anyone or anything else …

If ya’ll don’t wake up and rise up to this truth, the genocide against Blacks in America will continue until we are near extinct.” [Source: Fox News]

Ladies and gentlemen, the official spokeswoman for the State Department has spoken. May she not speak again anytime soon.

Hey, Facebook, is Ms. Porter’s post not an “incitement” of violence against law enforcement officers? Did she ever even go to “Facebook Jail” for such a posting?

Given that the 2016 post is still available in 2021, it is safe to say that Facebook was just fine with violence against the police, as long as King Biden, who is presumably being depended upon for ushering in communism, remains untouchable.

All in all, great policies for people that hate America. Horrible policies for people that love America.

It is going to be a very long two years, and an even longer four years …

Bring back Trump!

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