For those about to tear their hair out with frustration at the Biden administration, which went hard left on Day 1, hope has steadily arisen in the shadows, courtesy of the most America-centered president in decades: Donald J. Trump.

Trump, who quietly left DC and has remained largely quiet, in part due to social media’s utterly anti-liberty block of his accounts, has taken advantage of the quiet to work behind the scenes.

Apparently, big tech isn’t bright enough to realize that they cannot physically control Trump. Moreover, big tech also isn’t bright enough to realize that Trump was very successful before any of the essentially prepubescent big tech CEOs were even born, which means that he does not need to depend on big tech to continue that success.

Even better, now he can do so more quietly and perhaps even more effectively, judging from the meeting that has ensued between him and McCarthy. McCarthy, if you recall, was one of the few Republicans that castigated Trump for Capitol Hill.

However, since Trump isn’t like AOC, who is now in trouble for her rather absurd response to Ted Cruz, he has already moved on and is working with McCarthy to help take America back, at least in part, in 2022.

Save America, an appropriately named PAC that is unsurprisingly aligned with Trump, provided more insight into this meeting.

“President Trump has agreed to work with Leader McCarthy on helping the Republican Party to become a majority in the House … They worked very well together in the last election and picked up at least 15 seats when most predicted it would be the opposite. They will do so again, and the work has already started.” [Source: Fox News]

McCarthy, who is now realizing the error in his ways, has also expressed gratitude for the help Trump may provide the GOP in 2022.

“For the sake of our country, the radical Democrat agenda must be stopped … A united conservative movement will strengthen the bonds of our citizens and uphold the freedoms our country was founded on.” [Source: Fox News]

Fortunately for McCarthy, Trump is no AOC. In fact, an aide aware of the meeting gave a more cryptic reply, while indicating that both are in the same camp once more (or, more accurately, McCarthy came back to Trump’s camp).

“They are catching up as McCarthy will be in the neighborhood … They’ve been on good terms for a while, and that will be important for the party moving forward.” [Source: Fox News]

This meeting cannot come soon enough, given the chaos that the swamp had already plunged America into. From stripping its energy independence to killing thousands of jobs, all with one fell swoop of Biden’s pen, the country has already been turned upside down in under two weeks.

And, on top of that, no matter how much the swamp tries to cover up the stench of its misdeeds, that marvelous scent just keeps drifting out.

Curiously, the same scents originate from some of the most anti-Trump career politicians, such as “Governor” Cuomo, infamously known for his disdain towards the police and his abject hatred of Trump. To the extent he publicly announced he really wanted to “deck” Trump (hey, isn’t that “incitement of violence” against the President?)

Well, the apparently wannabe mafia boss Mr. Cuomo might opt for being more silent in light of even more dark news spilling from his botched COVID coverup, wherein who knows how many elderly in nursing home were effectively sentenced to die under his “leadership.”

In fact, the number may never be known, as a new report reveals that the data may have been tampered with, which is precisely why Cuomo now finds himself under potential investigation.

New York Attorney General Letitia James recently released a report that declared that the state of New York could have “undercounted” COVID deaths by as many as 50 percent.

Rep. Elsa Stefanik quickly commented on the report, remarking upon the rather apparent coverup scheme.

“[The report indicates a] massive corruption and coverup scandal at the highest level of New York State Government, implicating the Governor, Secretary of the Governor, the New York State Health Commissioner, and the Governor’s staff.” [Source: Fox News]

Tragic. Nothing short of tragic for who knows how many families who will never get an honest answer.

Of course, given this scandal with data in New York, one can only wonder how many ballots for Trump may have also been “undercounted” in other leftist states, or, more accurately, Democrat-“led” urban centers that are disproportionally more violent than the rest of the nation.

The irony, of course, is that Mr. Cuomo and his ilk will be the same ones shrieking that all the votes for Biden were lawful, while they literally cover up real deaths in their own state.

Kind of difficult to claim transparency and honesty with ballots when they can apparently hide data regarding entire bodies.

One can only hope that a formal reckoning will come in 2022, and a massive one in 2024.


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