Pamela Anderson, model, actress, and animal rights activist, says she’s breaking up with social media for good.

Anderson said Tuesday that she’s finally giving up her platforms because she’s too concerned that Big Tech is set to control everything — including people’s minds.

She also said that she’s in a healthy and positive place in her life, and apparently has no room for social media — or what she refers to as distractions and “wasted time.”

What are the details?
In a Tuesday Instagram post, Anderson wrote, “This will be my last post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I’ve never been interested in social media and now that I’m settled into the life I’m genuinely inspired by reading and being in nature. I am free.”

Anderson continued her post by wishing her followers and fans her best, and by encouraging them to follow their own life’s purpose.

“Thanks for the love. Blessings to you all. Lets [sic] hope you find the strength and inspiration to follow your purpose and try not to be seduced by wasted time,” she wrote.

She then went on to point the finger at Big Tech, which she says is only interested in making money.

“Thats [sic] what THEY want and can use to make money,” the 53-year-old former Playboy model concluded. “Control over your brain.”
The former “Baywatch” actress accompanied the note with a throwback photo of herself from what appears to have been taken in the ’90s.

She also shared the announcement to her Twitter page, which pointed to her Instagram post, and read, “Goodbye Social Media.”

The actress did not indicate whether she would leave her pages active, or she would deactivate them in addition to abandoning them.

Anything else?
In 2020, Anderson announced that she was named the creative director of a new social platform at directed toward communications with lifestyle influencers.

At the time, she appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and said that she “[loved] the concept.”

“I love the idea of trying to connect people,” she said. “I feel like it’s one of those things where users and influencers can talk about anything and it’s direct communication looking into somebody’s eyes. I kind of take social media to another level.”

Author: Sarah Taylor

Source: The Blaze: Pamela Anderson dumps all social media, says Big Tech is bent on ‘control over your brain’

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