While yesterday was a somber day for many, it is heartening to learn about the love and support that Trump received upon his arrival to Mar-a-Lago yesterday, where throngs of supporters lined the street to support him and welcome him home.

Many held up encouraging signs, including “Welcome home, President Trump,” “We love you, President Trump”, and “Pres Trump won”.

On his part, Trump’s motorcade slowed down to a glacial pace so that he could respond back to his throngs of supporters, waving and engaging with Americans in the same way he has done ever since campaigning five years ago.

Several supporters also directly cited their love of President Trump for attending the “Welcome Home” celebration.

For instance, Daniel Rakus was full of glowing praise for Trump.

“We want to show him he’s not alone … He did a great job. We support him.” [Source: Breitbart]

Some supporters travelled from out of state to welcome Trump home, illustrating the extent to which Trump has impacted everyday Americans’ lives. Anita Bargas, who flew in from Texas, provided a simple answer for her journey.

“We just wanted to show him how much we appreciate him.” [Source: Fox News]

Supporter Iam Henendal also indicated that it was a great honor to celebrate Trump’s return, though it was also under somber circumstances, given that a pro-America president was just replaced by an anti-America president.

“For the most part, it’s just a somber but at the same time celebratory moment for us to welcome him back home.” [Source: Fox News]

While the supporters who fervently welcomed Trump home already know his immense worth and value as the leader of the free world, other people may eventually have their eyes opened (though the ultra-leftist, undereducated celebrities are probably a lost cause).

For instance, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, already remarked, “rescinding the Keystone XL border crossing permit would damage the Canada-US bilateral relationship.”

So, in other words, of all the countries in the world, the first country Biden has managed to upset is Canada. Nice going.

It would be preferable if he had taken a rather dogged stance against China from Day 1, but that could hurt his income streams of his precious progeny, Hunter (not to mention his own, which Hunter was sure to secure for “the big guy”, otherwise known as the unfortunate President Biden).

In addition, violent protests continued breaking out on the so-called “Day of Unity”, including a violent physical attack on the ICE building in Portland.

The Portland Police Bureau reported “protestors” carrying shields, fireworks, rocks, pepper ball guns, stun guns, and more, which warranted a response from the police department.

“We have observed property damage to the building … Anyone who is involved in criminal behavior including: vandalism and graffitting is subject to arrest or citation.” [Source: Fox News]

Then again, the attack on a federal structure really isn’t surprising. After all, it would go hand in hand for Biden’s apparently endless amnesty plans for illegal immigrants, which appear even grander in comparison to the scant attention he’s paid thus far to Americans (ironically the ones needed to fund all his protectionist policies for illegal immigration).

After all, Biden apparently decided the best thing to do on the “Day of Unity” was to release a tome about all the protections he planned to offer for illegal immigrants, with scant, if any, mention to Americans.

“The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 establishes a new system to responsibly manage and secure our border, keep our [migrant] families and [border] communities safe, and better manage migration across the Hemisphere.”
[Source: Breitbart]

Biden was also sure to play up racial divisions and tensions, remarking that he plans to “defeat” what he defines as “political extremism” and “white supremacy.”

“Now the rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.” [Source: Breitbart]

Yeah. And since virtually the entire Democrat party, barring the possible exception of Tulsi Gabbard, along with much of Hollywood, has long labeled Trump supporters as “white supremacists”, it is safe to say that Biden’s little dig will not go unnoticed.

Nor will his disgusting misuse of the word “unity” (unless, of course, he refers to unity against American Patriots).

Elsewhere on the “Day of Unity”, otherwise known as Biden’s sham of an inauguration (not to mention despicable abuse of the word “unity”), violent Antifa and BLM “protestors” set commuter buses on fire while screaming, “no cops, no prisons, total abolition”.

Charming. Biden’s America …

Bring back Trump!

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