On his final full day as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has deemed the Chinese Communist Party guilty of genocide and other human rights atrocities against the Uyghur population and other minority religious groups.

“After careful examination of the available facts, I have determined that since at least March 2017, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), under the direction and control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has committed crimes against humanity against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and other members of ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang,” Pompeo released in a statement. “These crimes are ongoing and include: the arbitrary imprisonmentor other severe deprivation of physical liberty of more than one million civilians, forced sterilization, torture of a large number of those arbitrarily detained, forced labor, and the imposition of draconian restrictions on freedom of religion or belief, freedom of expression, and freedom of movement. The Nuremberg Tribunals at the end of World War II prosecuted perpetrators for crimes against humanity, the same crimes being perpetrated in Xinjiang.”

“In addition, after careful examination of the available facts, I have determined that the PRC, under the direction and control of the CCP, has committed genocide against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang. I believe this genocide is ongoing, and that we are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uyghurs by the Chinese party-state,” he continued. “He governing authorities of the second most economically, militarily, and politically powerful country on earth have made clear that they are engaged in the forced assimilation and eventual erasure of a vulnerable ethnic and religious minority group, even as they simultaneously assert their country as a global leader and attempt to remold the international system in their image.”

Further, Pompeo called on on the CCP to release “all arbitrarily detained persons and abolish its system of internment, detention camps, house arrest and forced labor; cease coercive population control measures, including forced sterilizations, forced abortion, forced birth control, and the removal of children from their families; end all torture and abuse in places of detention.”

While CCP officials (abetted by American big tech companies) have worked overtime to deny the existence of the genocide and mass “reeducation” of the Uyghur population, video footage shows hundreds of blindfolded individuals being forced onto trains and taken to camps.

The CCP has also allowed a limited number of reporters into some of their reeducation schools, insisting the individuals being held prisoner are better off.

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Townhall: Pompeo Officially Deems China Guilty of Genocide

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