California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) officially announced his pick to replace Sen. Kamala Harris (D), since she will be leaving to be President-elect Joe Biden’s vice president in January, and some Democrats are not happy with what Newsom’s pick means for representation.

Newsom picked California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to serve out Harris’ Senate term. Padilla, a Latino, will be representing a state with one of the highest Latino populations in the country, but some Democrats are unhappy that it also means there will no longer be a black woman in the Senate.

“The sad reality is she was the only African-American woman in the Senate at this time,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed said. “And when you think about the history of this country, of the challenges that exist for African Americans, especially African-American women in the Senate, definitely this is a real blow to the African-American community, to African-American women, to women in general, and I think it’s really challenging to put it in words.”

Newsom’s decision was a no-win situation for him. No matter what he chooses, liberals and progressives are going to be upset with the pick because it was going to leave some demographic out of the picture, which is why focusing so much on skin color or gender is nonsensical. People should be getting jobs because they are qualified, not just because of one of their characteristics.

Author: Julio Rosas

Source: Town Hall: Why Democrats Are Unhappy With Newsom’s Pick to Replace Harris

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