As unreliable and unethical as the fake news media is, it can almost always be depended on to obscure the most important information about Trump, even though that comes at the detriment of Americans. It can also be counted on to spread straight up lies about Trump when they cannot find any material to twist grossly out of context.

And that’s precisely what happened when Rudy Giuliani held a press conference on Thursday, explicitly stated serious instances of fraud in several states, including Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

For instance, Giuliani cites how the Trump legal team has discovered “more than double the number of votes needed to overturn the election, in terms of provable, illegal ballots” across multiple key states, which would have been more than sufficient to turn the states improbably towards Biden.

In addition, he also detailed a deeply disturbing incident that occurred in the middle of night in Michigan, the state that was firmly in Trump camp on Election Night, yet suddenly in favor of Biden just mere hours later.

An unmarked, large truck pulled up to Detroit Center, where it was mistaken to be a food truck. However, as the truck was unloaded, it soon became very clear what the truck was really carrying.

“The people thought [the truck] was food, so they all ran to the truck. It wasn’t food. It was thousands and thousands of ballots, and the ballots were in garbage cans, they were in paper bags, they were in cardboard boxes, and they were taken into the center …” [Source: Breitbart]

Within the center, the not very astute liberals assumed they were the only ones present, failing to take into account the ongoing presence of two GOP inspectors and one Dominion employee.

And what a sight these individuals saw.

“Every ballot that they could see, everything they could hear, these were ballots for Biden … When they saw a ballot, these were ballots only for Biden, meaning there was no down ticket. Just Biden. Many of them didn’t have anything on the outer envelope because these ballots were produced very quickly, very swiftly.” [Source: Breitbart]

While American Patriots have long feared this type of completely brazen corruption, hearing this exact corruption recounted in such chilling detail really illuminates just how conniving and unethical Biden supporters truly can be.

During the press conference, Giuliani also excoriated the fake news media for failing to report the truth and choosing to report complete lies instead. He also made it clear that their pathological hatred of President Trump, who clearly surpasses their preferred Obama in every single way, is precisely what prevents journalists from failing to do their jobs.

“Under any other circumstances [this would] would have been on the front page of all your newspapers if it didn’t involve the hatred that you have, the irritation — pathological hatred — that you have for the president.” [Source: Breitbart]

Absolutely correct, Mr. Giuliani.

Out of all the lies, the most persistent and the most damaging is that Trump has “no evidence” for his claims of election fraud.

That’s interesting. Apparently hundreds of people are lying for no apparent reason, at the risk of legal self-endangerment if they were lying. Not to mention the thousands of “accidentally” uncounted ballots that turned up in Georgia. Or GOP poll watchers being forced to stand 15-100+ feet away from ballot counting tables in Pennsylvania.

Even more interestingly, all of these little “glitches” and “mistakes” just happened to impact ballots related strictly to Biden, which of course begs the question: Is it statistically possible for a series of similar questionable or fraudulent events unfolding across multiple states to impact only Trump?

Possible? Potentially. Probable? Highly unlikely.

Ignoring the Million MAGA March alone was an abominable move, particularly when showering lavish attention on Biden’s vastly smaller gatherings in the streets, which did not bother to socially distance as they celebrated blatant election fraud.

Now, however, when the future of fair and free elections in America’s future, in which no doubt exists regarding the true victor, the fake news media has gotten even more silent about the very real evidence and sworn affidavits that must be taken into account.

Instead, the likes of Twitter simply slap 23 warning signs (and counting) on Trump’s posts. Of course, ultra-leftists advocating violence never receive such “special treatment” from Twitter, given that they will always serve as the most useful idiots to the Democratic regime.

Nonetheless, the fake news media can fail to report real news, but they cannot yet fail to stop real legal proceedings that extend far beyond Trump’s re-election bid. They are symbolic of the direction that future elections in America may take, if the Democrats have their way.

That said, Trump will continue to fight for as long as feasibly possible to ensure the Democrats do not get to fulfill their dream of destroying America.

Stay tuned for more developments emerging from Trump’s legal team.

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