While the fake news media has focused almost entirely on Biden’s illegitimate “victory”, the adults in the room, such as our great President Trump, have been working to ensure that integrity prevails behind the scene. Not to mention the truth.

And what a truth that has been revealed in Georgia so far: Thousands of ballots in strong, pro-Trump counties that haven’t been counted. Oops.

Shortly after the fully legal recount was commenced, one that the fake news media laughed off (almost as if on cue), more than one discrepancy has been discovered, further validating Trump’s legitimate claims of fraud.

In fact, Trump’s claims were validated at least 2,600 times thus far, as 2,600 uncounted ballots were near-immediately discovered in Floyd County, which just happened to be from a Trump stronghold. In fact, even more curiously, the vast majority of these 2,600 ballots were pro-Trump.

Odd, how 2,600 ballots that were largely pro-Biden have yet to be discovered. Of course, state “officials” scrambled to provide their typical nonsense explanation after 2,600 uncounted ballots for Trump were found, with the Georgia Secretary of State predictably passing the blame downwards in classic Democrat style.

They want all the power, but apparently none of the additional accountability that traditionally accompanies higher levels of leadership (Pelosi, take note).
The best explanation that all the officials in Georgia could come up with was that the thousands of uncounted ballots were “concerning” but it should not be “a widespread issue.”

Curiously, “a widespread issue” must be a rather relative phrase, as 2,600 ballots is hardly insignificant in a state where Biden “leads” by the narrowest of margins. This phrase is even more relative considering the most recent discoveries in Georgia hardly demonstrate the “isolation” of the uncounted ballots incident. On the contrary, these uncounted ballots appear to be just the start.

Now, a grand total of one day after 2,600 uncounted ballots were discovered, another county, Fayette County, has admitted to “finding” 2,775 uncounted ballots, bringing Georgia’s total of “uncounted ballots” to well over 5,000, two days into the recount process.

And, surprise, surprise, a significant percentage of these 2,775 ballots were also found to be in favor of Trump.

So, if 2,600 uncounted ballots is “concerning”, wouldn’t an additional 2,775 uncounted ballots shift into straight up “alarming” territory?

Obviously, American Patriots have been alarmed ever since Pennsylvania abruptly quit counting votes on Election Night, along with other states in which Trump had an undisputed lead. And, just like magic, Trump’s lead managed to vanish overnight, with Pennsylvania representing some of the most egregious interference.

And they are likely to become more alarmed given the pathetic excuses that just “happened” to result in 5,000+ ballots not being counted. As far as the 2,600 uncounted ballots in Floyd County are concerned, apparently they were just “accidentally uncounted” (that explanation is literally it), whereas in Fayette County, there was a supposed issue with “a memory card.”

How is it that all these “issues” and “glitches” just happen to impact ballots in favor of Trump? After all, if Georgia is supposedly as replete with issues as they are admitting, it would reason that Biden should be equally impacted. But he isn’t.

And it would be nice if he remembered Al Gore’s 37-day recount in Florida, which, coincidentally, never turned up thousands of uncounted ballots for Gore.

For reference, the infamous recount debacle of Florida in 2000 was over 500-odd votes. We’re already at over 5,000 in Georgia, and the process is nowhere near finished, given that 5,000,000+ votes remain to be recounted.

Nonetheless, Georgia’s state officials are still making the outrageous claim that all of these “concerning” issues can be explained away by simple human error. In perhaps the most uninspiring explanation ever, Secretary of State “official” Gabriel Sterling appeared quick to distance the state from its rather jaw-dropping ballot fumbling.

“There were several spots, where the human beings were running it, just didn’t follow the procedure, and that’s why this happened. And that’s why you have the audit, to discover these things” [Source: The Blaze]

Ah. Ok. That “explanation” makes the whole situation better.

Of course, this absurd explanation begs the question: How could such immense “human error” take place, to the tune of several thousand ballots?

And these are just the ballots that are actually being admitted to. Imagine how many more could possibly be out there, “uncounted.”

One can only hope that Trump does get to the bottom of the greatest election fraud in modern history, yet another way to keep America great and free from the type of corruption that plagues much of the planet.


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