Ever drunk on its self-ordained power, the left has not only taken aim at election integrity, but also the greatest traditions that America the truly great nation that it is. Dr. Fauci, who appears to specialize in gloom and doom more than anything else, has now taken aim at … Christmas.

Yes, that is correct. Just when you thought the left may have finally reached a limit for the draconian measures that seem a bit out of proportion to the threat of the virus, particularly given the absence of such measures during vastly deadlier pandemics, such as Ebola, the ever-negative, always-fear mongering left has now taken aim at one of the few bright spots available to American Patriots this year: Christmas.

When making one of his nightly appearances on CNN, Dr. Fauci has decided to further depress Americans by threatening one of the brightest spots of the year: Christmas.

Even worse, Dr. Fauci effectively threatened that life will never return to normal unless virtually all Americans take a brand new vaccine based upon a virus that most people know nothing about, given its nefarious origins deep in a Wuhan laboratory.

“We have to get people to take the vaccine …

So, if we get the overwhelming majority of people taking the vaccine, and you have, on the one hand, an effective vaccine, on the other hand, a high degree of uptake of the vaccine, we could start getting things back to relative normal as we get into the second and third quarter of the year, where people can start thinking about doing things that were too dangerous just months ago …

But we have got to put all of those things together, Jake. We can’t just wish it happening. We have got to get the vaccine, it has got to be deployed …”
[Source: Breitbart]

By the way, “the year” Dr. Fauci is referring to is 2021. Just how far into the future are these leftists prepared to surrender control to China?

Apparently, CNN is willing to surrender everything, with its top fake news host, Jake Tapper, eagerly proclaiming that “Christmas is probably not going to be possible.”

What is it with the leftist desire to destroy Christmas? From last year’s total sham of an impeachment (that ironically let the horrid virus in the nation in the first place due to Democrat distraction) to this year’s threats against people celebrating in their private homes, Christmas sure seems to receive the brunt of many leftist initiatives.

Troublingly, Dr. Fauci seems to be getting especially authoritarian-happy in recent days. Not only is he threatening Christmas, but he is now proclaiming that masks and social distancing apparently must persist onwards indefinitely. Even if a vaccine is developed.

When “questioned” again on CNN (noticing a pattern here?) about the need for Americans to continue wearing masks and distancing socially after a vaccine has been developed, Dr. Fauci continued to shy away from recommending any semblance of normalcy.

Instead, he basically argued that everyone should keep living in total abnormality, with or without a vaccine.

“I would recommend that is not the case. I would recommend you have an added area of protection. Obviously, with 90 plus percent effective vaccine, you could feel much more confident, but I would recommend to people to not abandon all public health measures just because you’ve been vaccinated.” [Source: Breitbart]

So, in other words, under the “guidance” of Dr. Fauci, Americans can basically never live a “normal” life again? Businesses will continue to “exist” in a state of semi-opened status indefinitely? People will be incapable of smiling at one another due to draconian masking (and fining) policies? Hugging or shaking hands are permanently unwelcome gestures?

Wow, what a promising reality under the left. And this is what they’re saying in 2020. Just imagine the nonsense they may come up with in 2021.

Of course, the massive elephant in the room that none of the fake news networks are discussing is the fact that hordes upon hordes of mask-less Biden supporters (including arch-leftist mayors) gathering closely together and celebrating in the street over a stolen election, apparently with no “super spreader” events emerging from any of these unsanitary gatherings.

Perhaps these leftists have some magical aura that they can turn off and on when needed? Kind of like the magic money tree of the federal government that can apparently pay “quadrillions” in reparations? Or are reparations even a topic of discussion anymore, now that the election has been “won” by the media?

Fortunately, states still have their autonomy, much to the dismay of the central authoritarianism that constitutes the left, which means that not all of them will bow down to the insanity demanded (and rarely practiced) by the anti-American leftists implementing it.

As time passes, states’ autonomy will be of paramount importance for offsetting leftist shenanigans, including imminent threats to the sanctity of the private home and people’s constitutional right to celebrate holidays with families, free of government interference.

At this point in time, leftists do not have the total authoritarian power they clearly crave, which is why Americans will bind together during the holidays, demonstrating private unity in the face of deliberately orchestrated public division.

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