Biden continues to act as though he were President of the United States now, with the ever-trusty helping hand that the media has all but permanently extended to him. Several statements have been quite troubling already, including the ongoing threat of a nationwide, economy-strangling, family-separating lockdown.

Fortunately, conservative, Trump-supporting governors, such Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi, completely refuse to blindly follow Biden’s wish to shut down America and further empower China.

And in a live social media appearance, he made his views on the “totally and completely beyond reasonableness” lockdowns very clear.

“We’re not going to participate in a nation-wide lockdown … We will certainly fight that if necessary.” [Source: The Hill]

Reeves’s remarks were undoubtedly inspired by statements from Dr. Osterholm, a lockdown-happy member of Biden’s COVID “task force.”

On national television, Dr. Osterholm has already openly stated that he strongly recommends locking down the United States like other nations, including authoritarian regimes that led to the catastrophe of a pandemic in the first place.

“In the first week of August, Neel Kashkari, the president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, and I wrote an op-ed piece in The New York Times that basically said we need to, in a sense, lock down to drive this infection level to a place where we can actually control it with testing and tracing and follow-up that way, just like the Asian countries have done. And I’m talking about everything from Australia to New Zealand, all the way right up through China, Japan. All of those countries have done it already.” [Source: Breitbart]

So, in other words, Biden’s task force wants the United States to mimic Australia and New Zealand, which by far have some of the harshest lockdown measures in the world. These measures are even worse than those passed in the United Kingdom and other European Union nations, which are also a frightening bellwether of what a Biden presidency might be like.

Nonetheless, restrictions in Asia and the South Pacific have garnered a global reputation of being some of the harshest in the world.

Australians physically cannot move in or out of Australia, which is precisely why a Qantas Airlines offered a “flight to nowhere” for Australians as they cannot physically fly anywhere else now. When reading about this 7-hour flight that departs from Australia and lands back in the same place Australia, which does not seem to be the most ideal holiday in the world.

Nonetheless, it sold out in 10 minutes.

A “flight to nowhere” selling out just reveals the tip of the authoritarian environment in which Australians now find themselves living.

And now Biden wants to bring the same authoritarianism here.

Even worse, the fact that a member of Biden’s COVID “task force” is even suggesting that the United States should follow China’s lead already illustrates the strong influence the nation has over Biden (and of course, Biden’s family’s “investments”).

Fortunately, the Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves, has made his position abundantly clear to Biden: The State of Mississippi will flat out refuse to lock down its citizens and rob them of their liberties, including the freedom of movement and the freedom of expression, to name just a few.

When reviewing the statements spewing from Biden’s COVID-19 task force, all of which imminently threaten the liberties characteristic of United States, it can be easy to feel a strong sense of fear as to what may come in the future under a Harris-Biden presidency.

It is safe to say that Biden is not terribly interested in American liberty, nor the American economy for that matter, as his transition team is already pitching a 4-6 week nationwide lockdown in an effort to curb the virus restrictions.

Because that’s worked out so well in other nations. Not.

Plus, the multi-week lockdowns in Europe rapidly accelerated into multi-month lockdowns, coupled with widespread economic devastation and rampant authoritarianism. In some cases, the multi-month lockdowns may very well turn into multi-year lockdowns, with the dark goal of making everyone accept “the new normal.”

Biden wasted no time in threatening America’s liberties in several different ways. He has repeatedly demanded for Trump to concede to him, despite the fact that Biden himself claimed he wanted the election certified before he accepted the results.

In addition, he has also lobbied insults at Trump for failing to concede, despite the fact that Al Gore fought over Florida for more than a month after the 2000 election. Oh, and don’t forget his calls for unity while he simultaneously aligns with China-allied BLM and stands against police with his comrade Kamala.

Biden’s nationwide lockdown threats now are surely a bellweather of other anti-democratic antics he will try in the future, which is precisely why governors such as Tate Reeves (and presidents such as Trump) are critical for fighting off forces intent on destroying the United States.

As the next few weeks come to pass, one can only hope that integrity will prevail, and that significant opposition will prevent Biden from robbing the United States of the liberties that underlie its exceptionalism.

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