Over the past several days, the fake news media has been gloating to a remarkable degree, demonstrating rather troubling confidence in its prechosen victor, Biden. Despite multiple, highly justified legal challenges pending, along with hundreds of thousands of ballots in question, Biden is all but guaranteed the presidency. Per the media.

The courts, on the other hand, who act with a bit more judiciously, not to mention presciently, have other ideas. The kind of ideas backed up by the Constitution, laws, and other aspects of the United States that Democrats apparently detest (they do want to defund the police, after all).

Georgia, one of a few states called a bit erroneously for Biden, has just announced that it will launch an official recount of the state ballots, given the small margin of “victory” Biden currently has over Trump.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger issued an official announcement on Wednesday, underscoring the fact that the recount would take place by hand, not by machine.

“At 1 p.m. today, I will make the official designation of which race will be the subject of the RLA [risk-limiting audit]. At that time, I will designate that the RLA will be the presidential race … With the margin being so close, it will require a full, by-hand recount in each county. This will help build confidence …

It will be a heavy lift, but we will work with the counties to get this done in time for our state certification … We have all worked hard to bring fair and accurate counts to ensure that the will of the voters is reflected in the final count and that every voter will have confidence in the outcome whether their candidate won or lost.” [Source: Breitbart]

In other words, Raffensberger granted the highly justified request of Doug Collins, a GOP Representative of the state.

If only Pennsylvania had the same respect for integrity. Along with a few others.

Georgia has 16 electoral votes, which would be significant for President Trump. Furthermore, a look at Georgia’s county breakdown reveals a massive sea of red, with the glaring exception of a couple of major urban areas. The most problematic area is Atlanta, which is part of Fulton County.

Fulton County, coincidentally, happened to be the area of Georgia that was engaging in questionable ballot counting processes, which apparently seem to plague urban centers in key swing states.

Hilariously, U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg, an Obama-era nominee, was warning strongly of possible “dysfunctions” in Fulton County before the election, arguing the following:

“The Court recognizes the major challenges facing the Secretary of State’s Office in rapidly implementing a new statewide voting system,” Totenberg wrote in a 147-page ruling. “Yet the vital issues identified in this case will not disappear or be appropriately addressed without focused State attention, resources, ongoing serious evaluation by independent cybersecurity experts, and open-mindedness.” [Source: The Hill]


All of the sudden, the Democrats’ concern for “independent cybersecurity experts” and “ongoing serious evaluation” are no longer such critical concerns. Even more ironically, these concerns are the exact same issues raised by the Trump administration in its multiple lawsuits, which the fake news media has widely ridiculed.

Where was the ridicule for an Obama darling?

Los Angeles, rather unsurprisingly, was able to announce results the night of the election, even with all the sanctuary city illegal immigrants scrawling out their all but guaranteed vote for the Democrat Party.

Then again, for anyone watching closely on election night, they will also recall that California, Oregon, and Washington were all called for Biden with exactly 0 precincts reporting. Must be nice to have such “guarantees,” illustrating the degree to which Democrats have frighteningly consolidated their power.

Even worse, they aren’t satisfied with dominating part of the nation; they won’t stop until they effectively squash any and all Republican opposition. From the open ballot harvesting in states such as Texas and Minnesota, not to mention the open interference of billionaires like Bloomberg in key swing states, a clear assault on conservatives has continued to grow in strength and rancor over the years.

Which is precisely why the recount in Georgia is so crucial. Not only might it subtract 16 electoral votes from Biden, but also serve as an example to other states resistant to ensuring election integrity (Pennsylvania representing one of the most glaring, and pathetically obvious, examples).

In the meantime, American Patriots can take comfort in the fact that this election is far from over. In fact, the most important parts of the election process, above all ensuring integrity, have just begun.

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