Conservative radio host Mark Levin thanked his Twitter followers for helping make his Fox News show the highest rated in cable news on Sunday.

“Thanks to you, Life, Liberty & Levin had the highest ratings of any cable news show on Sunday,” Levin tweeted Tuesday. “Again. If I don’t mention it no one will. Thank you!”

Life, Liberty & Levin led all of cable news on Sunday with almost 3 million viewers, according to TVNewser.

Overall for the day, CNN led both Fox News and MSNBC, although Fox News took the top ratings spot during primetime.

The day before, the first Saturday since the election, Fox News finished in third place in ratings, behind CNN and MSNBC. However, Fox News was by far the most-watched network on election night.

On Sunday’s show, Levin addressed the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 presidential election, talking with experts, including the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky and former independent counsel Ken Starr, about voter fraud allegations made by the president.

Life, Liberty & Levin has been a ratings juggernaut for Fox News, placing No. 1 in viewership on many occasions since debuting in February 2018.

Levin, who has been an outspoken critic of the censorship of conservatives on Twitter and Facebook, said last week that he sees himself as “part of the new resistance” if President Trump does not win the election.

“Let me tell you something, I’m part of the new resistance, God forbid, if our president doesn’t win,” Levin told Sean Hannity. “They didn’t give this man one minute of peace when he was president. Not one minute. State criminal investigations, federal criminal investigations, congressional investigations, phony impeachment, coup attempts, the Obama-Biden administration with the FBI spies, and all the rest. At no time during the last four years did Joe Biden say, ‘Let’s unite around our president.'”

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: Mark Levin thanks followers for making Life, Liberty & Levin highest rated cable news show Sunday

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